Wednesday, April 28, 2010

27.04.10 - Learning spelling and Writing of abc

Keith's spelling words

1. Cashier
2. Florist
3. Waiter
4. Carpenter
5. Teacher
6. Cobbler

Mummy had been having headaches teacher kor kor since Monday. 2 words a day!

- she tried asking kor kor to repeatly write the words again and again on an exercise book
- she tried using phonics sound to help him
- she tried asking him to spell out loud
- she tried breaking up the words ...

But none of them work. It always end up with kor kor in tears and mummy on fire.

Any one knows how to make learning spelling a more pleasure task to do?

Hazel :

Mummy's baby Hazel is no longer a baby anymore. She wrote a , b , c and d in dots on monday and e , f , g and h on tuesday! :) Well done!

When it comes to writing and learning , Hazel seems to be slightly faster.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

26.04.10 - I miss school and friends already

Keith and hazel woke up early today and the first thing keith said when he saw daddy was :

" Daddy , can u hurry up? I miss my friends already!"

daddy : Who do you miss?
Keith : All
daddy : Who is ur best friend , which u miss most?
Keith : Dont have , I miss them ALL!

He also urged mummy to develop the photos soon so he can show them to his friends. I am so glad they love school!

25.04.10 - Last day of fun at genting

We went to the acrade before checking out of the hotel at 10.45 am. We took the early coach back to Singapore today.

Some funny pics taken by daddy!

Mummy liked the silly looking turtle!
We had our breakfast (fried noodles) at the bus station while waiting for the bus and we packed waffles up to the bus!
Mummy had sour plums with her as she would always have dizzy spells down to hill.
We sat with daddy and ah ma while she slept.
Hazel vomited twice as she was also having dizzy spells. But ah ma was well prepared with plastic bags. We also had extra clothings in the bag. :)
We reached singapore at 6.300pm and gong gong came to pick us up! We had fun and sure look forward to our June trip to Hongkong disneyland!

24.04.10 - Day 2 at Genting

We woke up at 9am and had breakfast dian xin at chinese restaurant near genting resort casino. Nice and not expensive! :)

After that we went to the outdoor theme park . Cost us $178 Ringgit for 3 adults and 2 children. :) during peak period.

Kor kor loves this ride! He took it twice!

1. Spinner

It's a whirlwind adventure that'll take you to breathtaking new heights of excitement! So hop on and get ready for the spin of your life!

48 individual seats
Oscillates and tilts
Rides can rise up to 8 feet
Minimum Height Requirement: 107cm

2. Double Deck Carousel

Ride a proud white charger, a fiery black stallion or even a mystical chariot in this magical 11-metre marvel that's in the Guinness Book of Records for the most number of coloured lights! With a patented design that includes an incredible horizontal steam engine and organ, the Double Deck Carousel is a sight to behold!

We accompanied Hazel on the slower rides too! :)

Our Ka ka , she has been doing really well for the 6 months she has been with us. We loved her alot.

We couldnt go onto these rides as we wasnt tall enough : Min height 122cm

Kor kor loved his tail.

We loved the clowns that made nice balloon flowers and sword for us. Kor kor even fight with daddy with his sword!

Rodeo Rider

Take a ride on the Rodeo Rider and experience the wild wild west!

Minimum Height Requirement: 76cmMaximum Height Requirement: 122cm

Hazel was tall enough for this ride but she was too afraid to try. So kor kor went on it himself!

Kor kor loves cars!
We had fun at the following rides too. Mummy loved the Dumbo ride with kor kor best
Flying Jumbo - mummy took with kor kor , while hazel took with ka ka
Astro Fighter - daddy took with kor kor , while hazel sat with mummy
Tea Cup - kor kor was so dizzy after daddy spin him round and fast. we sat in another tea cup with kaka and mummy
Pirate Train - kor kor went in with ka ka after a long queue!
Boating - kor kor went with daddy as hazel was still too short for this ride.

Wat were they doing? Feeding the fishes. A packet of fish food at $3 ringgit! :)

Kor kor loves to swing with mummy!

If you enjoy archery, you should visit Genting Archery Range, located next to Motion Master. Test your archery skills at 6,000 feet above sea level.
Location: Next to 4D Motion Master, entrance to Outdoor Theme Park from First World Plaza.
Operation Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm

Normal Bows
RM7 - 10 arrows
RM18 - 30 arrows
RM28 - 50 arrows
RM50 - 100 arrows

Daddy and mummy had their chance of 9 arrows each. Leaving 2 arrows for kor kor to try.

I think he look cool and handsome here. wahaha

How does a lemon taste? Sour ?

Confirmed! Very Sour indeed! hehe

We had dinner at the japan restaurant. Food expensive and not nice. Not recommended. :(
After dinner , all of us including ah ma went to snow city , We had so much fun throw "snow" at each other and building snow castles ... slides and the adults went on the snow slide. ( A MUST TRY!)

Very much frozen , we sat down and watch while mummy and daddy attempt to climb the "Wall"

Mummy made it up to 4 and a half squares which is not too bad for a first timer.

Daddy made it to the 8th square and blame it on not having shoes that stop him from reaching the top. :( hehe try again next time!
We had an early night after all these activities!

Monday, April 26, 2010

23.04.10 - First day at Genting!

We booked a hotel room for 22nd Apr , so we could check in immediately and catch up with some sleep before waking up at 9am!

They kids were excited!

This is the way keith tries to wake Daddy UP!

My big baby is still drinking from the bottle ...
A nice pic with mummy after she put on her makeup!

The kids drew while waiting for daddy to wash up and get ready. Some pencils and papers are a must to bring along when going on a trip with the kids.

Naughty kid took some pics of ah ma while she is sleeping ...

It's breakfast time at Marybrown fast food. The kids had porriage ( Too salty) , ka ka have a egg burger ( not too bad) , Mummy had Nasi lemak ( not nice) and daddy had 2 piece chicken ( best choice coz their chicken is Nice) hehe

We bought our tickets for indoor theme park. 3 adults and 2 kids . There is a 20% discount if you has genting "World card" . Kids below 76cm doesnt need a ticket for the rides too. :) Too bad hazel is 90 cm now!

Kor kor took this pic and mummy thinks it so nicely taken! Well Done!

Our favourite ride. We took this 10 times at least and we love to change cars after every ride! Without to Day pass , it's $8 Ringgit per ride.

When mummy was younger like us , she didnt go on the merry go round before and now we can go on it and yet we found it "Boring"

Some pics of us and our beloved daddy!


Hazel and her funny face. We had Waffles for tea time ( Kaka had kaya , mummy and kor kor had peanut butter and chocolate - which is nice and daddy and hazel had chicken floss and mayo - not bad) we also got to eat ice-cream - mango (nice) and Chocolate ( daddy and kor kor's favourite)

We sat on most of the rides and had fun. Kor kor 's favourite ride is still the bumper car. Hazel doesnt like the bumper car and cried for the 2nd time since the last trip we were there last year.

Kor kor was brave enough to take a pic with our scare friend after mummy and daddy explain that all the red on his face was makeup!

The haunted house and Ridley belive it or not are two nice place you might wanna consider to go if you have older kids. For keith and hazel they were too afraid to go into the haunted house and we didnt have time for ridley so we missed both this time round.

Keith was excited when he saw clowns at our hotel lobby so he ran to them and ask me to take photo for him! :) He wanna show his friends!
Where to swim in a cold weather?

In the Bath tub! :) hehe some fun the kids love.

We would look for hotels with swimming pools when we are overseas like hongkong or macau but in the cold genting , bath tub works well to adding a smile on their face!
We had dinner at Wong Kok Restaurant located on the 3rd floor of first world hotel. The food there was nice. Kor kor and hazel had fish ho fan (nice) , ka ka and ah ma had pork chop rice ( nice) and serving is big , Mummy had pork chop baked rice with white sauce ( very nice and kor kor ate almost 1/3 of it) and daddy had dumpling noodles soup. ( alittle blend.)
Overall , not too bad. :) about $100 ++ for all of all!

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