Monday, July 26, 2010

25.07.10 - Unmanageable Keith! :(

He is getting a little out of hands nowadays.

. He chooses his own clothings and would wear the "Same" thing every week to berries on Saturday and Phonics on wednesday! :(

. He would vent his anger whenever his hair cant be combed and gel the way he wanted too.

. Cry and refuse to learn his spelling. :(

Yesterday , he cried for hours just before mei mei "won" the race home . He is very afraid to lose and was really sore about it. He wanted to ask mei mei to wake up to let him "Win".

I explained to him nicely , he vent his anger by screaming and crying loudly , I caned him and he "Went crazy!" He was totally OUT OF CONTROL! He cried to sleep and he woke up crying again. It went on like forever until before dinner .

After he calmed down and probably forgot about the incident , he was back to his normal self! It was rather scary how stubborn a little boy!

Very Worried!

24.07.10 - Megan's Birthday

It was Megan's birthday today and the theme was "Princesses!" so Kor kor and me were dressed as Prince and Princess outfit.

Me missed "Despiciable" again this week and hopefully we can make it next week! :(

A Pic of us and Xiao yi mummy before reaching Megan's place!

Me with the princess poster , Megan was still sleeping when we took this picture. We were the first guest there.

Some nice pic of us and xiao yi mummy!

With the second guest , Caden ! :) hehe Caden had to leave early for classes and I even gave him a hug and a kiss on his cheek! *Blush*

Kor kor with Jiu Jiu and Regina Jie jie ...

We had our hands on some finger food, There were chicken wings , nuggets , fishballs and fries!

Home made cupcakes , all done by Da yi! Well DONE!

Our brave boy - Enzo! :) Not camera shy and very sporting!

Our Cutie pie - Summer Meimei . Mummy took her while she was having her fries. Mummy had some small talks with her before taking this pic. :) She is such an angel!

The Handsome Brothers - When ask who was more handsome , they were pointing fingers at each other. How cute can that be! :)

We are the new "Maids" of the day! :)

A very Sporting Boy which was ever ready to pose for mummy!

Thanks Enzo for Jumping for the camera! :) Well Done!

Alonzo - Our little Busy bee. (Very challanging to take pics of him)

It's all done! I am happy with the cleaniness of the room! (Wahaha)

Our Pretty Birthday Gal!

The Brothers! Samuel and Kenneth!

This pair of sibling - very well behaved! "Thumbs Up!"

Our Handsome ,Charming Boy! Ethan

Aunt Felice and Me!

Ice Princess - Janelle

Close ups of the beautifully done cupcakes!

The beautiful cake and the girls

Auntie Karen's daughters and us and the Babies!

A Pic of me and the birthday girl

The kids!

Hmmm ... all the kids are looking at the cakes

Cake with all the princesses!

All the big kids!

Xiao yi and kor kor! (Caught with a Hugh Candy)

Da yi and her closest girl friends! Too bad Queky left before this pic was taken

His smiley! :)

A pic with Yi Zhang after he gave me this nice balloon! :) hehe
Lastly : Happy Birthday Megan!

Friday, July 23, 2010

22.07.10 - New school bags

For Keith

For Hazel
The zips on Keith's bag gave way , Handles of Hazel's bag also broke , so new bags for them as mummy doesnt like the idea of keith carrying his trolley bag 3 levels up and down in school. :( It is also dangerous for Hazel to drag her Trolley bag down the stairs.

21.07.10 - Before and after and Hazel's Jokes

Before my haircut ....

After! :)
Mummy had been trying to keep my hair long as I look more girl girl with my long hair but teacher Emily says that it was getting a little too untidy so mummy took me to crop off my long hair and she thinks I look like a baby once more! :) hehe
Jokes ;
1. Hazel : Mummy , u say u wanna bring me go speaker money and u never
Mummy : What speaker Money?
Hazel : Speaker money lar , u lied!
Mummy was Puzzled and ask kor kor for help.
Kor kor : what did u say , mei mei?
Hazel : Speaker money
Kor kor : Oh ... Mummy she say she wanna watch " Despicable ME! "
2. Hazel : You naughty , I call Police huh?
kor kor : You dont know what's the number to call police
Hazel : I know ok? It's 999
3. Hazel : I wan to red zam
Mummy : what's that?
Hazel : can u take for me ?
Mummy : bring mummy to take can? ( no idea what she was talking)
Hazel : I want to put my face
Mummy : Finally .... mummy realised it was Zam-Buk! when was it Red?

20.07.10 - We have great neighbours

We have great neighbours , Auntie Helen and family are one of them . We kids loves to go over to their house to play with Kimi , his toys and his baby sister , Claire. We really treat them like family and we enjoy going over in the evening to play with Kimi!
I am waiting for Claire to grow up , so that I have someone to play dolls and dress up with! :) hehe. Just can't wait!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

19.07.10 - 3 days of MC

Mummy had a bad infection and had 3 days of MC . She rested and slept most of the time in the afternoon so as to rest her tired eyes. The pain was really intense and kept her up all night. :(

But she could also spent time teaching kor kor his spelling , finish his berries world homework , revise with him his phonics and teach him some grammers and vocabulary ....

She could revise my alphabets with me , do some colouring with me and finish a few revisions worksheets ...
We had fun spending time with her.

We had a new additional in the house since 15.07.10. He is as white as snow , he is small and furly , he is like a carpet when he lies down.

He's Keith's best friend! :) "Prince"

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