Thursday, November 25, 2010

14.11.10 -Practicing his piano! :)

Mary had a little lamb with single hand

Mary had a little lamb with both hands

13.11.10 - Gathering at Da Yi's place

To keep the kids occupied ... Swimming!

look at kor kor having so much fun in the water.

I enjoyed too although I still need some helping hands!

My Handsome Kor Kor!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

11.11.10 - Auntie Sandie's wedding

Daddy and Mummy decided to bring us along to Auntie Sandy's Wedding...

We took some pictures at the reception for Fun! :)

I had fun taking pictures and making funny faces at mummy while kor kor played with his ds lite!

Mummy and me! :)

Daddy and me! :)

A nice pic of our Handsome Boys!

I borrowed this flower from the counter and returned in after use.

I asked mummy "why can't I marry kor kor when I grow up." Mummy say it's because he is kor kor mah! :) remembering kor kor saying that if he cannot marry mummy when he grow up because she is daddy's wife , he too say he wanna marry Me! :)

Look at me having lots of fun with the photo taking session. The wedding dinner is too dry for the already full Me! :)

In the toilet ... the things we do!

Kor kor made a new friend!

Daddy and US!

Nice! :)

We enjoyed our wedding dinner with daddy and mummy and congrats to Auntie Sandie! :) She was so pretty!

Mummy say "Woman are the prettiest on their wedding day! "

10.11.10 - Mummy's second order for Hair clips!

Auntie Afiza needs mummy to help her customise some hair clips for their year end concert and here they are ! :) Nice?
Mummy is really happy that there is someone out there that like her clips as much as I DO! :)
And Me agreeing to be her model , made her more delighted! :)
Happy happy hazel and happy happy mummy!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

09.11.10 - Hula Hoops

I try and I try ... And I Suceed! :)

08.11.10 - English and chinese spelling on fri (Stress!)

English and chinese spelling crash together because 5th Nov was a holiday! :(

Mummy had some much difficultity teaching kor kor both , so she gave up teaching him the chinese and let YingQi teacher teach me instead.


Full marks for English and 3/6 for chinese ... Mummy's teaching does HELP! :)

06.11.10 - Megamind with Jiu jiu and Jie jie

We went for late night movie with Jiu Jiu and Jie Jie and mummy today ...

We went to watch MegaMind - the new show that everyone is talking about ( ) we watched it in 3D!

We had popcorn ... we had coke and we had fun! Too bad I was too tired and fell asleep half way thou the movie but kor kor sure enjoyed the movie ...

When is our next late night movie .... JIU JIU?!

05.11.10 - art and craft (finger painting)

Today is a holiday and we are stuck at home coz i am down with chicken pox. :(

Kor kor enjoy his morning , playing with his PS3 ... while I just watch him play.

Xiao yi came over to see us before going round singapore to send her wedding invitation cards. :)

After nap , we had our art and craft time.

We need :

drawing paper

First mummy drew fishes on cardboard and she cut them out .

then we get to arrange where we wanted our fishes to be ...

mummy even had bubbles for the fishes.

Next is the FUN Part. We get to dirty our hands and finger paint all over the paper! :)

See me having fun!

Kor kor painted the surrounding of the fishes first

And this is his end results! :) "Happy!"

This is how mine looks. Mummy thinks this is so fun too. When are we having another round of finger paint mummy? :)

04.11.10 - art and craft (sand art)

The things we do when Mummy is at home early.

Now that we are older ... we get to choose which picture we want ,

take out the stickers of the places we wanna add color too , decides which color on which area ...

We are solely the decision maker and we are happy about that! :) We can have 45 mins of fun with minimum help from mummy. :) Kor kor usually do two pieces of sandart , while I finish 1 piece using the same time. :)

The end results - nice or not ... we would love it! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

02.11.10 - reading

Mummy had starting to read with Hazel and she is doing just fine.

Monday, November 1, 2010

31.10.10 - chicken pox

I am Officially down with Chicken Pox!!!! :( I am given 2 weeks MC and Stay at home I have to be! :(

It was so bad , I had poxs EVERYWHERE!!!! Even on my head!
Things that I cant eat
1. anything with dark soya sauce - dark scars
2. chicken and eggs - bad breathe
3. no sea food
Things to eat
1. fruits like watermelon
2. sugar cane and water chestnut drink
Things I cant do
1. no fan
2. no sleeveless clothings
3. no going out of the house
4. no school
5. no playground! :(
6 no bathing
7. no soap , no shampoo!

Medicine every 4 times a day , ka ka applied cream on my chicken pox many many times a day ...
Aircon was my only comfort , mummy and ka ka tries their best to distract me from the itch.

Just cant wait to go back to school!

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