Tuesday, March 31, 2009

31.03.09 - Mummy says cannot

Daddy , Mummy and Keith went to Ikea for some shopping after dinner.

After shopping for 2 hours , kor kor was all drained out and wanted a drink and needed to go to the toilet. He patiently waited for mummy and daddy to finish pickg up the things they wanted to buy and pay for the items before hopping to the counter to get 2 sets of drink and hotdog set.

While eating the hotdog , daddy whispered to keith : " You wan ice-crean?"
Keith : "Ya Ya"and nod with delight!
Mummy : "Keith , no ice-cream ya? cold drinks are bad and you are thinking of ice-cream?"
Daddy : " so in for ce-cream keith?"

To mummy and daddy's surprise , this was his answer : "My Mummy say cannot!!"

Wow ! was mummy touched by his words? Indeed!

Mummy and daddy bought :

1. A computer table to change the one in the balcony now.
2. 2 small chairs for keith and hazel ( blue and pink)
3. A chalk and marker board for us
4. A magnetic board for the computer room
5. chalks and markers too

Keith helped out in the carrying of the items - heavy and light ones. The trip was truely a very enjoyable one.

Back home , keith helped daddy fixed hazel's and his chair and also helped hm with the table. (Good father and so bonding!)

Monday, March 30, 2009

29.03.09 - Zoo Trip!

All ready waiting for cousin Megan dowstairs her house and Xiao Yi po and Da Biao Yi and Xiao Biao Yi. :) So it's photo taking time!

Mummy's wearing my hairband ... hehe and we are all in Yellow!

A nicce group photo together , taken by the zoo attentant.
We had lots of fun at the zoo and we went for the sealion and elephant shows and we had homemade bread , chips and ice cool water. We also had KFC and played at the children splash pool!
We were so tired , I fell asleep straight after I went into the car and kor kor slept soon after! We truely enjoyed the trip to the zoo.

27.03.09 - The art of Playing together

We have 3 little devils at Ah ma's place once almost every weekend ... Keith , the big kor kor ( 3.5 Years old) , Megan (20 months old) and Hazel ( 18 months old) . They will quarrel , beat , fight , snatch , cry with each other and also laugh , hug and kiss each other in apolgise almost immediately ! :)
They brighten our days with the jokes the made and I love all three of them to bits. :) Love capturing their smiles on camera !
I beleive the art of playing has to be implant into them from young. Keith and hazel are taught to share their toys and after any fight to hud and say sorry ... Kids are still kids - they still have their fair share of quarrels and fights but it always ends up a happy ending. No Hard Feelings!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

25.03.09 - When self feed become destruction!

Headache starts!

Monday, March 23, 2009

23.03.09 - Growing up into terrible two!

She has always be the sweetest thing that happened to mummy and she is a very sensible , non attention seeking kid. She is rather independent for her age. She is the apple of daddy's eye!

HAZEL - Mummy always call her " GOD's Gift or God Sent!" She is a very smart gal with many expression! Mummy and Daddy Simple Adore her.
BUT ...
Recently , shortly after she turn 18 months and went thou a week long coughing spells
1. She cries at the slightest things
2. She throw her toys when angry
3. She hit kor kor on his head
4. She doesn't like porridge
5. She slim down heaps
6. Always asking for sweets ! :(
Is she going into terrible 2? Is it just a passing phrase? There are many excuses mummy is trying to find for her sudden change ...as she cant really take the fact that her little angel is turning into a little devil. :(

Saturday, March 21, 2009

21.03.09 - Botanic Garden with friends dated 21 years back!

We were friends from primary 1 or secondary school for Mel and Stephanie. Wow , How many can still be friends 21 years later? We have different jobs , lifestyles , Jinny now stays in Australia after marrying her handsome australia boyfriend. :) Can't wait till she has kids - Ang Mo Kids! :)

From the Left : Stephanie , Chun Min , Jinny , Mel Bong , Me , Joyce Peck and Elise!

Now , some of us has upgraded to people's wives and mummies ... Jinny is married , Mel a mother of 2 wonderful kids , Ally 8 years old and Miggy 6 years old ... Elise has 2 boys Caius and kor kor Markus I think. I really wonder how this gal find so much energy to play and run around with her two boys! Wonder mummy she is! Guilty me! :(

This is a nice pic of the kids as you all know it's never easy to get the kids to co- operate! :(

This relationship I really wish to treasure and hold close to me till we all grow old . Maybe by then when we meet we will have to bring along our grand children. wahaha

Friday, March 20, 2009

Vegetable Flash Card

Something to share ! :)

Flash cards on vegetables. Do dropby more often as I will share more flash cards with my mummy friends!

We found a new friend , it's my neighbour Kimi! We love hanging out together ! :) and maybe we will be going to school together in June!

19.03.09 - Learn though marketing!

A Simple shopping list

1. cooking oil
2. rice
3. salt
4. bread
5. eggs
6. softener for clothings
7. marble floor liquid
8. dish washing liquid

A shopping trip to NTUC.

kor kor gets to be in charge of getting the things need for our house. He got
1. oil
2. rice
3. bread and
4. eggs correct.

Not too bad for a first timer! We will do this more often as a training for memory and recognising products and soon we will let him try counting money and handling them! It will be fun. Let ur kids try too! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

17.03.09 - Eating my greens

When it comes to eating our greens , mummy never have problems getting kor kor to finish his vegetables . Kor kor would also encourage me to eat my greens , he would say : " eat ur vegetables hazel , then u can grow tall and strong and muscles! " wahaha!

The vegetable boy kor kor , Keith!

Monday, March 16, 2009

16.03.09 - KK A & E

We hurried down to KK A & E as I vomitted my milk again this morning. Mummy always look at me as a super strong gal but she cant bear to see me vomit and worries at my dropping weight.

At the hospital , nurse ask about the stratch on my face ...

Nurse : She stratch herself?
Mummy : No , they fight and kor kor stratched her.
Hazel : Kor kor Beat! (fiercely)

haha like trying to say it's not fight but kor kor beat her. Wahaha she looked so cute u know.

Doctor asked us to go for an x-ray and a blood test to be double sure I am fine. I cried so badly when they draw my blood. :( That really broke mummy's heart. She hugged me so tight . :)

The result was good with mild bronchitis so no admission , home we go !

As mummy took childcare leave and we had the car , we went with gong gong and ah ma for dinner at compasspoint! :)
We enjoyed ourselves! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

15.03.09 - Wat a day

I woke up at 530am crying for milk but I vomit all my milk after I drank it. It was a terrible mess . Mummy changed me and my bed sheet. "(

I said " book " "book" and so mummy read to me at 530am! Then we tried to on Barney but failed ... mummy put me back to sleep.

At 730am , ka ka came running to the room to complain about my rashes on my legs and neck and stomahe! We rush down to see a doctor , the rash wasn't worrying but we were redirected to Kk hospital as he think I might have broncitis from my bad cough! :(
Mummy decides to drag till tomolo for the appointment at KK as she knew it wasnt anything serious if I was still so active. The Rashes also subsided after a while.
Mummy and daddy rush for the PC Show at Suntec and there were alot of hiccups along the way but the day went well and mummy sold quite a fair bit. :)
After a long tired week and only reaching home to see us sleep , mummy hope she doesnt have to go thou such busy week again. She misses us so much.
This is the way my kor kor sleeps ...

And this is the way I sleep. Mummy always says when I sleep , I move like a clock ...

14.03.09 - Guilty! :(

Kor kor stratched me on my face today , Yes we fight again! :(

Mummy had been feeling very guilty not having enough time with us. It's all work work work this week! :(

Tue : Launch of Passat CC ( 8.30am - 10pm)
Wed : off day accompany us till 5pm and 2nd day of Launch (6 - 10pm)
Thur : last day of launch (8.30am - 10 pm)
Fri : IT Show reached home at 12 plus , saw my stratched and was guilty til now! :( I am also down with fever and flu! :( mummy slept at 4am and went to work for launch at showroom at 830am on saturday! :(

Another 2 long day and mummy say we will have more activities next week as kor kor is having school holiday next week!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

11.03.09 - NO WAY ! PAIN YOU KNOW!

Mummy :

My Little gal is saying sentenses of 2 to 3 words lately and she loves to parrot whatever her kor kor says but only the last word of his sentense. eg : Kor kor says : " Hazel , you are so naughty! " she will say "Ti" , it can be so funny at times when kor kor is already super angry with her and she still parrot after him making him even more angry.

She can even speak the Gu Ma on the phone already.
Gu Ma : Hazel , where is mummy?
Hazel : Work
Gu Ma : Where is daddy?
Hazel : Work
Gu Ma : Where is kor kor?
Hazel : Sleep! ( which is all correct!) whahaha

She use to say no to us

Kor kor : Can I kiss u?
Hazel : No! (with laughter)

Nowadays she would say

Kor kor : Can I kiss u?
Hazel : NO WAY! (running away!)

And when kor kor push or beat her , she will protest and say : " PAIN YOU KNOW!" trust me she looks so cute when she says that , I could die laughing every time she says that to kor kor! :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

09.03.09 -self feed

I am a Big gal now ! I want to do anything and everything myself!

Self feeding in top of the list!

Mummy's new cap from Adidas Liverpool overseas and she loves it's quality and value! :)

08.03.09 - Mummy and Photography!

Canon 450D

The EOS 450D features:

12.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor
Canon’s EOS Integrated Cleaning System
3.5 frames per second
3.0” LCD with Live View shooting
9-point wide-area AF system with f/2.8 cross-type centre point
Picture Style image processing parameters
DIGIC III image processor
Digital Photo Professional RAW processing software1
Compact and Lightweight body
Fully compatible with all Canon EF and EF-S lenses and EX-series Speedlites

The EOS quality advantage

With all key components developed and manufactured in-house, EOS offers photographers a unique quality advantage. The EOS 450D’s specially designed 12.2 Megapixel sensor employs Canon’s high-sensitivity, low-noise CMOS technology to produce richly detailed images with minimal grain. The DIGIC III processor ensures superior image rendering and rapid response times, with an almost instant 0.1 start up. Image data is processed at 14 bits for Delivering a burst rate of 3.5 frames per second, the DIGIC III processor works with the image buffer to handle up to 53 JPEGs (6 in RAW) without interruption.
Built for better photos

The EOS 450D is designed to make photography a fluid experience for photographers of all levels and experience. Housed in a compact body that weighs less than 475 grams, the camera features an improved grip design that provides a natural, ergonomic fit with the user’s hands. A large, bright viewfinder makes image composition clearer and more comfortable. The menu system inherited from professional EOS cameras uses a simplified tab structure that does away with scrolling. It includes a user-defined My Menu tab for instant access to frequently used settings.

Several custom functions are available to optimise the quality of photos captured in a range of situations. Highlight Tone Priority boosts the dynamic range at the highlight end, providing better tonal detail from wedding dresses, cloudy skies and other bright objects. The new Auto Lighting Optimiser corrects brightness and contrast during image processing, while improving skin tones in portraits by ensuring correct exposure for faces. Photographers can also enable additional noise reduction for shots captured at high ISO speeds.

Live View

Available for the first time on a Canon consumer D-SLR, Live View mode makes it easier to shoot from awkward angles, such as ground-level macro shots or when shooting from a tripod. The image from the Live View mode is displayed as a smooth, 30fps video feed on the 3.0” LCD, which is 50% brighter than the screen of the EOS 400D. A grid line display and live histogram can be selected to help with shot composition and exposure. While focusing, the photographer can zoom in on specific details with up to 10x magnification of the image displayed on the LCD screen. Two types of auto focus are available: Quick AF flips the camera mirror momentarily to engage the AF sensor; Live AF uses the image contrast data to focus - a method familiar to anyone upgrading from a compact digital camera.

For studio environments, remote Live View lets the photographer compose, adjust settings and capture the shot from a PC using the supplied EOS utility software.

Other improvements

The EOS 450D complements its headline features with a host of smaller improvements that enhance the photographic experience. The viewfinder now displays all key exposure information including ISO speed. The addition of spot metering (4% of viewfinder) allows for greater control over exposure in tricky lighting conditions. PictBridge functionality has been expanded so that photographers can correct horizons and add picture effects before printing. A new high capacity battery extends shooting time on a single charge to a maximum of 500 shots.

The EOS 450D is supplied with a comprehensive software suite that provides everything the photograph needs to manage and process images. This includes Digital Photo Professional (DPP), a powerful RAW converter that provides complete RAW image processing control. DPP also integrates with camera features such as Dust Delete Data and Picture Styles. The supplied Picture Style Editor software can be used to create custom Picture Styles for fine control over colour display. The camera also comes with EOS Utility, Image/Zoom Browser and Photostitch.

Daddy did a very detailed research before getting this for mummy last christmas. Mummy love taking photos with us and loved the quality of the pictures we are taking now.

So clear , so sharp!

Fast enough to capture our smile! That's the most important point of all!

07.03.09 - Getting together

When the three of us meets , it normally equals to fun! Today , mummy brought us down to the playground so Ah ma can cook for all of us! Magan has always been a "ah ma's" gal. She sticks to her like "SUPER GLUE".

We love playing and running around the playground , it was so fun! Great workout for everyone!
After Lunch , mummy brought us home to have a nap while she head down to auntie zenn's Birthday party.

Some crazy pics to mark this day!

05.03.09 - Pizza time

Today is daddy's and mummy's off day and we really wanna spend some time with them so daddy suggest dinner at pizza hut (kor kor's favourite!)

To Daddy and kor kor , daddy's only off day of the week is precious and very well spent with each other.

Loving each other and showing affection is very much important to us as mummy stress hugging and kissing is simple ways of showing love!

It is never weird to see me and kor kor holding hands , kissing each other , hugging when sorry or show a helping hand when the other fell.

Daddy and kor kor are like friends! :) Daddy is never strict to us. He really leaves the discipline part to mummy (which is the fiercer one)!

We love playing a fool infront of the camera. hehe! :) We had so much fun at pizza hut. Kor kor sure enjoyed the food. "cream of mushroom " - a bowl to himself and 2 slices of pizza! WOW!

I ate 1 slice of pizza and some mouth full from ka ka's soup. I must say I enjoyed the food and company alot!

Friday, March 6, 2009

04.02.09 - Learning of mobile skills

Mummy has always wanted to drag the period of putting me in childcare as she is working alternate days and she thinks highly of home teaching. She wouldnt wan me to go to school to get germs or spread germs. wahaha! :)

So she does alot with me and she perfer I learn from play.

Looking after baby and taking her for a stroll is no problem for me.

I love putting coins into the coin bank too! :)

Other things that mummy encourage would be "cooking" , doodle on paper, play pretend and watch vcd is my own favourite.

Cooking :

We would play cooking the same colour items or the same shapes to learn and play at the same time. When I serve food to mummy , mummy will pretend it's hot and I will blow it for her , or she would want desserts or drinks to go with it. :)

Doodle :

At my age of 18 months ... tracing of circles would be good for me . But I am not at all interested. I prefer to just doodle on paper. :)

Play pretend :

I would push baby for a stroll and do what mummy do or push a shopping cart and go marketing. :)

Watching of tv:

Daddy dislike this idea but mummy thinks it's okie if she chooses the right shows for us.

I love to watch :

1. Barney
2. wheels of the bus
3. singing with actions
4. tweedle wink flash cards

which are good learning vcds/dvds. :) *Wink*

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

03.03.09 - new ways to make learning fun!

Mummy had finally work out a time-table for me and kor kor , she is also starting the reward system on us. For now there is 2 reward list to follow

1. Good boy/girl list

. if we follow our timetable = +1 sticker
. if never follow = -1 sticker
. if we never fight = +1 sticker
. if fight = -1 sticker

2. reading list

. If we read our books for the day = +1 sticker

when we get 10 stickers , we will get a small gift surprise!

Hope this works for us in the long run!

As for the time-table for kor kor , the activities are

1. Logico board
2. memory board
3. pairing games
4. mazes
5.counting activities
6. Bingo kids
7. chopstick activities
8. reading
9. Flashcards
10. playdoh
11. classifying items
12. linking memory

and mummy is still cracking her brains for more ideas. thinking to add a) painting b) origami and more to next week's time-table.

She is also constantly looking for new games for him

1) fun thinkers
2) Road Block
3) Smart driver

Smart Driver IQ 机灵车手*小红

Bumper to bumper excitement that's jam-packed with challenge...4 big rig trucks, 11 compact cars. Your speedy red sports car stuck in the gridlock.Your desire to do anything else comes to a screeching halt when you attempt to unsnarl the traffic challenges in Smart Driver and make your "full speed ahead" escape.A flashy red sports car, (that's you-naturally), is stuck in a meddle of 4 big rig trucks and 11 compact cars. Do you curse, break into a sweat, give up, give in to the pressure? Noooo Waayyyy!! Sliding colorful blocks-you rev cars & trucks forward, backward. Shifting the vehicle positions and weakening the gridlock...until Phheww! Freedom on the open road! ( and IF you're in a brain jam...hopelessly halted, there will be no citing for traffic violations - just dump out the pieces and start again!)Better than a brain teaser, Smart Driver is a premier sliding block puzzle designed to challenge your sequential thinking skills. Start simple with Level 1 puzzles and by the time you hit Level 4, you'll be hitting the high road with handling expertise in problem solving. Paving the way for whole family fun, this set includes 40 challenge cards from Beginner to Expert (Smart Driver is designed to challenge all skill levels.) 16 Cars, 1 Grid Tray for play with a neat pull-out tray for easy storage.Keep Smart Driver tucked under your coffee table and you'll keep a freeway of fun at everyone's fingertips.

As for me , I get to take over all his toys later but for now ... it's mainly reading, classifying items , flash cards , pairing , linking memory ...

Mummy is also thinking to enrole me into PCF Childcare so I can learn to play and share toys with other children. Interact with them and learn. Daddy thinks we should wait till July before deciding on anything. So we will wait and see ...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

01.03.09 - How can he be so terrible and sweet at the same time?

Mummy is the only one kor kor love and bully at the same time.

He can :

1. frst thing he wakes up is to disturb mummy until she wakes up , no matter what time is it.

2. He would cry and cry out "mummy ... mummy..." His excuse would be anything ... " mummy i wan milk , I wan water , I wan to go toilet , can u hold my hand and today is I wan my watch. He would repeat it 1000 times until you do it for him.

3. die die wants mummy to carry him everywhere even if mummy say she is tired. He will cry and cry until he gets his way.

4. beat , push , bite mei mei.

5. Uses his mouth to take things : " Hankie ... Hankie" ... "watch ... watch" , "water ... water" ... "maze book ..."

but ...

1. He would also protect mummy
daddy : " I beat mummy okie?"
kor kor : "cannot! " and stand in front of mummy to block daddy from beating mummy and try to beat daddy instead or scold him fiercely to protect her.

2. hazel jumping on mummy's back
mummy : "I dying le hazel , stop "
hazel : continue jumping
kor kor : "mei mei jump on me lar , don't jump on mummy"

3. Mummy say pain , he will hug and kiss her.

4. He will say : " mummy , don't kiss me alot , kiss me little bit"
Daddy : " mummy , dun kiss him lar , kiss me alot !"
Kor kor : "dun kiss daddy, kiss me!"

Really dun understand!

**Mummy and kor kor were playing with logic game and mazes ... then we saw monkeys ... **

Then he started singing

3 silly monkeys jumping on the bed
1 fell down and knock his head
mummy call the doctor and
the doctor say :
"no silly monkeys jumping on the bed"

mummy laughed!

Craft time is always behave time for kor kor and he loves painting and drawing.


1. A piece of cardboard
2. A pair of scissor
3. paint
4. a pair of craft eyes

1. cut a hole in the middle of a rectangle cardboard.
2. paint with ur hands or a brush - design the cardboard
3. paste the eyes to add on the our monster "theme"
The outcome!

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