Thursday, May 29, 2008

29.05.08 - Getting Ready For MMI Robinson in July 1st

Things needed :
1. Entry Form - Filled!
2. Copy of Child's Birth Cert - Printed!
3. Copy of Child's Immunisation Record - Printed!
4. CPF Statement - Printed!
5. Copy of Father's I/C - Printed!
6. Copy of Mother's I/C - Printed!
7. 5 Passport Sized Photograph of child
All done but 5 passport photos. Mummy brought kor kor to the shop but he is not at all co-operative. So uncle ask mummy to go home to try taking some pictures with white background!
Not easy at all! :(
1. I wan my Bao Bao ... Smiling kor kor .
2. mummy ask him to stand against the wall and kor kor *Yawned*

1. Trying hard with his hand still holding to his Bao Bao.
2. Smile... Stand straight , head straight!
3. Body alittle offside ...
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... Kor kor , one more , one more!

Totally no mood to take anymore pictures ... he just sat there... :(
Mummy Gave up!

Ah ma say : come on , he is just a boy , let you take so many , enough le lar. just choose one from those you take lor. How perfect you need the picture. He is only 2.5 years old. The teachers will understand! :)
Then mummy went over to take a few pictures of ME!
I am rather used to the camera. I can't even be borthered to look at it. " continue doing my own thing"

Pulling and pushing the chair had became my favourite! then the second pix shows me crying after hiting my head on the chair. Mummy say : " see , told you not to play like that le! "

Ah ma ask ka ka to rock me to sleep as it was still early. But they gave up after a while. I just love to play!

Cheeky kor kor with lots of sweets in his pocket! :) haha

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

27.05.08 - morning!

Kor kor playing with his sweater ... looking at him here , he does knows alittle like a gal and I do look like the chumbier him! :)

Kor kor in his "Bee movie pyjamas" and his sweater over his head!

and kor kor playing with him. He is trying to unbuckle me , so he can carry me! haha kor kor , you must eat more in order to be able to carry me ah!

26.05.08 - Mummy on MC

Mummy had cramps today and so she was on MC . She went to kor kor's school today and took the redrawal form from his teacher. Mummy is really serious about bringing kor kor on the train with her every morning! :( All I can say is " Brave desicion" ) She think so that. haha

Look at me playing with my toys on the playpen. I can sit her and self entertain for 30 mins! No joke!

Mei En Jie Jie can sit very well and also stand when holding on the table or someone! Very clever 10 months old!

I eat my pacifier now as my gum and teeth is very itchy ... always feel like biting everything in my way!

Kor kor posing for mummy ...
1 . shy smile
2. tongue
3. Big smile!

Me playing on mummy's bed just before bedtime!

Ka Ka tied my hair , cute? As Mummy always say , I am teething and so everything goes into my mouth!

Look at me sit! :) I am indeed learning more and more each and every day!

Monday, May 26, 2008

25.05.08 - Our Visitors ! :)

Kor kor's favourite egg tart. He can always eat two pieces of egg tarts!
Kor kor is enjoying every bit of his egg tart!

Kor kor's cars , nicely kept in a box.
New toy! :) Solid City , Gas Station! Selling at $11.90 and kor kor liked it , so mummy bought for him . I had a toy too ... a rattle ball costing $7.90
Yi Po , Xiao Pia Yi , Da Pia yi and Lau ku ku came to our house today to collect their deskttop back. Daddy is their computer man for a while le.

Kor kor loves to play with Xiao Pia yi!

He show her how to play with his new toy!

From the smile on his face , you can see he is enjoying himself!
1. A Group picture!
2. Snap shot
3. and again!
Baby Me also wanna take photo! :) haha

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School : Amazing Star Montessori House

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