Tuesday, November 24, 2009

23.11.09 - Keith is a BIG Boy Now?

Daddy punished Hazel coz she pissed on the floor again and when asked to say sorry she just cry! :(

Daddy : Say sorry and don't do that again , Hazel

Hazel : NO!

Daddy was so angry with her , he took out a cane!

Keith was playing with his Ben10 Puzzle ....

Keith : "Don't Beat her lar , daddy!" " She is only a little gal! ... she dun understand"

Mummy heard and so much felt like laughing! wahahha

He speaks like the adult sometimes. My silly boy!

Monday, November 23, 2009

22.11.09 - I Dont wan to go for the excursion! :(

Excusion is tomolo , so we were busy trying to pack their bags .

Keith : I dun wan to go to the excursion , dun pack my bag. I am not going to school

Mummy : why not , keith? You said you wanna go so mummy paid for u and hazel and u will have macdonal's for lunch today! It's going to be fun!

Keith : (taking out all the clothings and towel that mummy packed for him and throwing them on ka ka's bed)

Mummy : Mei mei will be going too , u should go to protect and look after her as a kor kor.

Keith : I dun wanna go ( with tears in his eyes and screaming loudly)

Mummy was so angry with him and caned him twice.

Keith : Got people bully me , I dun like school , I dont wanna go! :(

Mummy : (took his class photo and ask him who bully him)

Keith : he pointed out 2 boys and say they always fight and he doesnt like them to fight

when asked if he join them in fighting , his answer was "No"

Mummy told him to daddy will speak to teacher Emily about the two kids and he doesnt have to go near them.

He was still chanting that he doesnt wanna go to the excusion.

Mummy and Daddy were both worried as our baby Keith has never been so against something , his big reaction to this scares us.

Logical explaination is he is still disturbed by the fall at Uncle Leon's place.

21.11.09 - Rain rain go away


But all thanks to the rain again , we stayed at home for the sat , doing some craft and learn counting and numbers with mummy! :)

The beach outing was cancelled and replace by bubbles time! Not too bad after all and we did go to fetch daddy off work and spend some time with him ! :)

On our way to fetch daddy. My new rose Jeans which daddy and mummy bought for me last year. I can finally fit into them Now! :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

19.11.09 - Keith's accident , Was it mummy's fault?

We went to ToyRus to get the bubbles mummy promised so daddy drove us there to meet up with mummy!
At ToyRus , we bought bubbles and kor kor bought a Ben10 watch , I had a new pair of silver shoes. ( *hint* mummy's brnging me to uncle Zhijing's wedding on the 13th Dec. Kor kor will be attending Auntie Zenn's wedding on the 11th Dec and both of us will go for Auntie Yingjie's wedding on 19th and Uncle Ronggui's wedding on the 17th of dec. :) It's a wedding month for us!

We went to take some rides before going over to Sim Lim Square to pick up uncle zhiwei .

Kor kor like this bat mobile!

some nice pics of kor kor with daddy and mummy.
I played with baby when we reach uncle Leon's place. It was a long journey there and a longer journey back. He stayed at the far end of jurong! :(
I like the baby alot. I gentle touch the baby and sayang him like my doll. :)

Kor kor played wth another kor kor and was running around alot.
They were having fun and making alot of noise , mummy asked him to stop for awhile but he didnt until ....
Kor kor fell down , mummy hurried to pick him up and when he turned around , all she could see is "BLOOD" on his mouth!!
Daddy saw everything and said when keith wanted to stop playing , the boy grab him from behind and throw him on the floor ! :(
Mummy brought him to the kitchen to apply some sugar on his mouth , that was when she saw blood coming out from his "nose" , it scared mummy so badly ...
Bleeding stop in kor kor's nose and on mouth , but not mummy's heart. She knows there bound to be accidents but if she stop him earlier this will not happen.
Hazel and keith had nightmares that night and it hit both of them pretty hard. Hazel saw what daddy saw as she was with him when the incident happened. Poor babies! :(

Monday, November 16, 2009

16.11.09 - Xmas Cartoon Character shows at shopping malls!

1) Date: 13 -18 Nov

Event: Bakugan Competition and Meet & Greet
Venue: Takashimaya
Timing: 1 pm & 6pm

2) Date: 13 -18 Nov

Event: Power Rangers – Jungle Fury Meet & Greet
Venue: Takashimaya
Timing: 3pm & 7pm

3) Date: 20 - 29 Nov

Event: Mr Men meet & greet only
Venue: Takashimaya
Timing: 1 pm, 4pm, 7pm *1pm on 20 Nov for Takashimaya members only, no shows on 23 Nov

4) Date: 21 Nov- 7 Dec

Event: Winx Club show
Venue: Marina Square, Central Atrium
Timing: 1pm & 7pm (Tues to Thurs), 1pm, 4pm & 7pm (Fri to Sun)

5) Date: 2 – 14 December

Event: Barney & friends show Mon - Fri, 2pm & 7pm (No shows on Tuesdays) Sat & Sun, 2pm, 5pm & 7pm

Venue: United Square, Main Atrium, Basement 1 ***Be the first 50 shoppers to spend a minimum of $30* in a single receipt to Meet and Greet Barney & Friends after each show. Passes will be issued 1 hour before each show.

6) Date: 3 - 13 Dec

Event: Hi-5 Meet & greet only
Timing: 1 pm, 4pm, 7pm *1pm on 3 Dec for Takashimaya members only, no shows on 6 Dec 1pm & whole of 7 Dec Venue: Takashimaya

7) Date: 5-12 Dec

Event: Spongebob Square pants Musical show
Venue:Suntec City, Tropics Atrium
Timing: *To be confirmed

8 ) Date: 5-13 Dec

Event: Bob the builder
Venue: Jurong Point, JP1 Centrestage
Timing: Tue – Fri, 1pm and 7pm Sat and Sun, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm

9) Event: Watch & Meet friends from Sesame Street, 20 mins performance, followed by a 10 mins "Meet & Greet".

Show at 1pm, 4pm, 7pm
Date: As follows
Yew Tee Point - 20/11 to 22/11

(Meet & Greet only) Compass Point - 24/11 to 29/11 + Causeway Point - 1/12 to 6/12 Northpoint - 8/12 to 13/12 The Centrepoint - 15/12 to 20/12 + (24/11, 1pm show reserve for children from Minds)

10 ) Date : 4 – 14 Dec 2009 (except 10 Dec 2009)

Event: Disney Classical Christmas Meet-and-Greet with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Chip & Dale Venue: Vivo City
Time : 2pm and 3.30pm at Central Court, Level 1 6pm and 7.30pm at Amphitheatre, Level 3 **** Note: Spend $100* (maximum of 3 combined same-day receipts) between 27 Nov and 14 Dec 2009 to redeem a pass to attend one of the Disney Meet-and-Greet sessions. OCBC Credit Cardmembers only need to charge $80 to qualify. Each pass admits a maximum of 6 persons and limited to 1 group photo only. Redemption is limited to 1 pass per shopper per day, on a first-come, first-served and while stocks last basis.

11) Event: Hello Kitty's Christmas Wish

Showtimes : 4 & 11 Dec :7.30pm 5, 6, 12 & 13 Dec : 3pm & 6pm
Venue : The Great Hall, Millenia Walk

12)Event: Care Bear Musical Show

Date: 1 - 6 Dec Showtimes : 1pm, 5pm, 7pm Venue : Plaza Singapura

13) Date: 22 Nov - 25 Dec (Weekends and Public Holidays Only) Additional show on 21 November at 12.30pm.

Event: Mini Musical Live Show by the Looney Tunes Showtimes : 6pm - 6.30pm Venue : Downtown East Event Square

14) Date: 20 Nov – 6 Dec (Except Mondays)

Event: Barbie “I can be” Live show
Venue: Raffles City 1pm , 4pm, 7pm Date: 7 –20 Dec

Event: Barbie & The Three Musketeers Meet and Greet
Venue: Raffles City, 1pm , 4pm, 7pm

15) Event: Christmas Rocks with Tom & Jerry!

Venue: West Mall Date: 11-20 Dec 2009, 1pm & 7pm Interactive song and dance ***Spend $50* to redeem pass for exclusive photo session after each show. UOB cardmembers need only spend $20* to qualify. *max. 3 combined same-day receipts. Each pass admits one child only. Limited to 30 passes per session, one pass per child. Passes are available on a 1st-come-1st-served basis.

16) Date:21 -29 Nov (except Monday)

Event: Astroboy Live Venue: Liang Court
Time: 2pm, 5pm & 7.30pm (Sat & Sun) 5.30pm &7.30pm (Tue to Fri) *** Meet & Greet: Spend $50 in a single receipt to get a Meet & Greet Pass. Limited to 30 passes each show time & 4 pax per pass.

17) Christmas Orchard

CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS IN SINGAPOREOne Christmas One HopeVarious venues in Orchard Road area & in front of Plaza SingapuraNightly performances featuring mimes, plays, musicals & a Floats Parade, starting from 7pm to 11pm

Click HERE for more details.

18) SNOW!


Daily:Avalanche*: 7.30pm - 7.45pm & 8.30pm - 8.45pm
Snow*: 7.45pm - 8.00pm & 8.45pm - 9.00pm*subject to weather conditions

16.11.09 - Skating with Megan!

We must agree that Kids are fast in learning! :) My dear kor kor is skating already. He managed some 20 steps without help. Well done and Way to go! Bro! hehe

We are also having fun with our kiddie skate , we could also glide with it le!

Having fun , running around ,making funny faces , that's how me enjoy our Sunday

Hazel running away from the camera.

See how much Hazel has grown!

15.11.09 - morning with Megan

When the kids are not fighting and making fuse , they are the nicest cousins we would know. Hugging and kissing each other , holding hand , taking pictures together.
I bet they will grow up close as they are spenting lots of childhood time together as for now till Megan goes to school in January! :(

After macdonal's breakfase , we went over to Da yi's place on the Lrt for lunch at Da yi's! :) The kids have fun on short journey on public transports! :)

They can use their training chopsticks already! The new Skill learnt! :) hehe

Friday, November 13, 2009

12.11.09 - First day for Ka ka Bellalyn

She is doing really well with the kids.

Keith allowed her to carry him when we went to Macdonals for food, Hazel allowed her to hold her hands on the way back to the car.

Hazel wanted to sleep with her! :) Both of them shows liking for her.

Shs also woke up early to do the chores as told and she is rather tidy and fast. Keeping our finger cross that she will be good for 2 years! :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11.10.09 - Mini crisis!

Mummy Forgot to top up milk powder and brought an empty bottle to SCHOOL!

What a crisis for OUR MILK QUEEN! :)

Ah ma came to the rescue by cycling to school to hand over the powder to teacher Nancy !

*** Ah ma SAVES the day! ***

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

09.11.09 - School closed for the day! :(

Wat a headache to have the school closed today!

Wanted to bring to yi po's place but afraid that hazel will make a big fuse , Ah ma's place can't have the 3 monkeys running around with 2 adult!

So we bought over to Gu ma's place.

It was a day of fun and mess up time for the kids ... there were fights and cries when mummy called in the afternoon , keith didnt sleep for the whole day , hazel pissed in her pants and there were torn paper everywhere. No one kept the toys and Hazel had her soup lying down!

Wat a sight for mummy! :(

But Gu ma's explaination was always kids or kids - forget it. Mummy's worries would always be if u allow them to behave wrongly , it will be hard to correct them later , if he torn up daddy's important documents then how? what will we do then??

Different Concept with things!

08.11.09 - Day 2 without Rowena / to the beach

Today seems easy and enjoyable in the morning!

Mummy woke up early , spent some quality time with us , Bath us , brush our teeth , change us and had breakfast ... Some things she didnt do with us much as there was always Kaka to look into things.
We also did happy things like sand art and drawing , watching tv and falling asleep together. Of coz when we slept , mummy quickly packed our bags and washed the clothings , clean up Cookie's mess and tidy things here and there.
Mummy also planned beach with Da yi and Megan again!
This time we were equiped with bicycles so that we can cycle at ECP. It wasnt easy to look for a lot , hold our hands , our bicycles and our bags all at the same time. It was tough to do things alone! wahaha
Luckily Da Yi and Yi Zhang was there. Keith got to play Soccer with a coconut husk and fly a kite with yi zhangwhile da yi and mummy accompanied Me while I play with sand and the chit chat!

After late lunch , we cycled and played bubbles with another group of kids. It was Fun!

07.11.09 - Rowena goes home / First night without her

A not so happy hazel in the middle of Megan and Keith

Look how much these two have grown!

First night without Ka ka meant that mummy had to bath us , change us , bol water , prepare pjs and milk bottles , entertain us and put us to bed all by herself . On top of everything , she had to handle Hazel which total miss Kaka already. Crying in her sleep and told kor kor she wants to take aeroplane to find ka ka and she doesnt wan any kaka but HER kaka.

Wat a night!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

05.11.09 - Makeup

Hazel opened the cover of mummy's blusher and put some on her face and leaving almost 1/4 of the blusher ON THE FLOOR AND DRESSING TABLE!!!!!

You should know how cross mummy was when she saw the mess she made ! :( She cleaned her face and chase her out of the room as mummy was already late for work! :)

Keith to Hazel : Why you make my mummy so angry? :(

Pretty crossed with Hazel lately as she is crying and crying over nothing and she loves to snatch things from kor kor and cry when she doesnt get her way! :(

Really hope this passing phrase will pass Soon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

03.11.09 - Rowena ka ka is going home and new ka ka is on the way

Our Ka ka for 2 years is heading home for good on saturday 07.11.09. She has been telling the kids that she is leaving and things like "will u miss ka ka?" " ka ka will miss u" .

Keith would comfort her and say " on my birthday , I will buy air ticket for u to come to singapore" He is taking this rather easily!

Hazel on the other hand isnt really good at it. She seems to have nightmares and she would say " I want ka ka " in her dreams ....

Mummy is sad that she has to put us thou this but hopefully with the arrival of our next maid , things will be better and our house will be cleaner and our car will be washed weekly! :)

We were too good to our current ka ka and she was not too appreciative and we seriously have to consider what we do wrong!

02.11.09 - Skates for hazel

Mummy Managed to get Hazel a pair of Skates!!!!

2nd hand to learn the skill first but finally she can join in the fun with Magan Jie jie and Keith Kor kor! :)

01.11.09 - Beach and Roller Skates

Both of our Ka ka went on leave today so where should we go to keep us entertained?

Off to the BEACH we Went!

Making myself all confortable in the sand before Megan and Da yi arrive! :)

Free Advertisment for Macdonals. Having our lunch before playing!

We love the sun , the sand and the water! ;)

Kor kor and Megan also love bullying little Hazel ! They threw sand all over my poor silly gal. Now Yi zhang is her Hero that came to her rescue! :) wahaha

A walk in the water before bathing in COLD Water under a running tap! :)

After that we played with Megan's skates and kor kor loved it so much that mummy bought him a pair of Inline skates and all protective gears and Helmet too! :)

31.10.09 - Who is Prettier?

Mummy was talking to hazel about anything under the moon as usual ...

Mummy : Hazel , who is prettier ? Hazel or Mummy?

Hazel : Hazel pretty pretty , Mummy pretty!

Mummy *Fainted*

Mummy is taking all the time she has after work when she reach home , lets say about 30 mins a day to speak to hazel in chinese and teaching her body parts starting from her face. She knows nose, eyes, ears , eyebrown , head , hair , face in chinese ...

Slowly but surely she is adapting to chinese

28-30.10.09 - Mummy is down with sore throat

Almost voiceless , mummy was forced to stay at home as she can't possiblily work as a receptionist answering phone calls or attending customer with her so terrible voice!

3 days at home , she rest her voice as much as she can and drink honey and all that can make her voice come back but till monday the voice was still not fully back ... I guess this is a real bad infection of the throat!

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