Sunday, June 28, 2009

28.06.09 - reading and learn to recognise words can be so much fun

Mummy bought alot of chinese books yesterday and used the chinese flash cards she bought long time ago to re-enforce some words in the book when reading to kor kor keith today.

不, 上,小, 开,妈,身,牙,头,手,口,眼,

11 words to begin with . 5 from the books and 6 body words! We start from finding words in the books and then mummy draw a pictures of a human and pasted the words body , tooth , head , hand, mouth and eye and them. kor kor had fun and the very first word he learn today is ....


How delighted can mummy be!

1 word a day , hopefully he can recognise words soon!

A very good start!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

27.06.09 - ABC and 123 ...

Capital Letters that kor kor knows! :)

A , B , C , F , H , K , M , O , R , T , W , X , Y , Z.


1 - 11 - write
1 - 20 - recognise

Mummy is very very worried. :(

I guess mummy was to into right brain training and creative mind and forgot about the most important thing when it comes to kor kor ... He loves anything creative but when it comes to writing and language , he tends to lose out to other kids his age ...

Now she hopes all is not too late! :(

26.06.09 - What will you do in exchange for a toy?

Keith unless Hazel is alot less adventurous when it comes to spicy food. Hazel would request to try our food and when it's spicy , she would gurp a few mouth of water and come right back to us for more. She also takes chilli instead of tomato sauce in Macdonal and KFC for her fries ... She welcomes New Food! Keith on the other hand is very picky when it comes to food. Dun like meat ... and hates to chew , doesnt dare to try New stuffs.

Yesterday ... daddy put kor kor to a small test at dinner. He wants to know would he take up a challenge he was afraid of. He dare kor kor to a spoon of asam curry in exchange of a new toy car! :)

Kor kor thot for a while as he was afraid kor kor would lie to him and after much consideration , he took a sip and when probe to drink it all , he DID IT! Although mummy disagree with reward system , she thinks it was very Brave of her little Warrior! :)

He got a New Green Remote control car and Hazel got a new make up kit toy set! Two happy kids and happy parents too! Money well spent! :)

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25.06.09 - Fooling around!

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It was sleeping time so the three of us in the room - playing and having fun! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

22.06.09 - New Haircut!

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Kaka cut my hair for me but it wasnt very straight so mummy took me to the hair stylist! It's a NEW Look Now! :)

Kor kor loves to eat biscults and so mummy took a few photos of him and his favourite biscults!

21.06.09 - Self Feed

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Mummy's little gal loves to self feed even if it meant that she will be a dirty little kitten. hehe She is doing a great job at 21 months and I love her to bits!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

20.06.09 - Photos ALL Gone ! :(

Mummy's sad sad day. All the photos she took of me and kor kor in the morning when i was eating my cereal and the photos that kor kor are playing at the cage ... rugby and tennis ... how he listens to instructions and how he strike his first tennis ball are all gone. :( Her SD Card got corrupted! :(

Sad things aside ... our plan still had to continue. hehe We went to the library and kor kor made his first library card and borrowed 3 books home!

We shopped for daddy's father's day cake and kor kor chose Breadtalk Chocolate cake - $32.80 !

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We gave daddy a surprise at his office with cake and a home made card with one page drawn by me and another by kor kor .... we also had photos we took with daddy in it. :) We cut the cake at Gu ma's place and we enjoyed ourselves!


18.06.09 - Confirmed place in Amazing Star!

Finally 1 week of wait and our place in Amazing star is confirmed ! As kor kor needs to give PFC a month's notice ... We will start school in Aug! :) The school fees will be $450 for Playground for Hazel and $400 coz of Sibling discount for Nusery 2 for Keith! Total Damage would be $850 every month but hopefully we will see a hugh improvement for keith and hazel.

We are going on a holiday to Genting real soon! 5th July we depart at 11pm and we will be back on 8th July afternoon! Kor kor , Me , Daddy , Mummy , Ka ka , Ah Gong and Ah Ma will be enjoying ourselves in the cold cold weather! Simply cant wait.

Mummy is praying we behave and survive the bus ride without fuses and cries. Kor kor will have a seat of his own and I will be sharing with kaka ... We will be equip with drawing boards , laptops , titbits and some mazes for keith . :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

17.06.09 - Swensen Dinner!

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We had fun playing at the playground before having good dinner and ice-cream @ Swensen! It's also so enjoyable to have good food together as we can aways feel that everyone love the food! :) Seeing kor kor keith eats makes everything seems so delicious!

We hope to go there again real soon! Mummy will be getting a cake for daddy this father's day! So what should we buy? Keith says Chocolate!

Monday, June 15, 2009

15.06.09 - My Gal!

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Mummy was trying to take some photos of me and I was trying to cover her camera with the cap. :) hehe My smile is always so bright when I do cheeky things. Mummy loves taking photos of me and kor kor but we are not so much of a camera person , we just entertain her at times with a smile!

12.06.09 - The games we play!

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We spends alot of our time together as siblings... Especially it's kor kor's school holiday now. We spent the whole afternoon playing toys together , thomas the train , building blocks , bingo , board games ... going to the playground ... and many more activities! :)

We quarrel , we fight over toys ... but we kiss and hug and make up as fast as we start a fight! :) hehe

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

09.06.09 - board game with mummy!

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Mummy and kor kor loves playing mazes , handicrafts , fun thinkers , logico and their new found love is board games.

Mummy is also going to make a habit to go to the library onces a week , starting with getting kor kor his very own library card.

She is also very worried about his ABCs and 123s writing. So we are doing more excercise on handwriting now!

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08.06.09 - Keith and Hazel to start full day childcare in Amazing stars!

Mummy had always been disappointed with PCF as In Nursery , they have yet to teach ABC and is not active in teaching them to write. Kor kor can only recite 1 - 20 with 1 or 2 mistakes , can't really remember his ABC ... :( Kids his age could write already. He can only recognise ABCD,H,K and T. :(

Mummy has decided to enrol keith and hazel into Amazing Stars Formerly known as Gingerbread house. As mummy is rather eager to change keith's school, she will also start Hazel at the same time.

They will be in school from 7am to 7pm from monday to friday and really hope they benefit from there.

Ka ka will spend the rest of her 4 months helping ah ma with her chores and cleaning up our house and cooking for us. She will be going home in Nov 09. Mummy might not employ another maid le , just a part time one i think.

Monday, June 8, 2009

05.05.09 - Uncle William's Wedding

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We woke up early for uncle william's wedding ceremony in the morning as kor kor keith has to open the bridal car door for them. :)

All dressed up for the event with his shirt and tie , me too dressed up in my gown for fun!

After the tea ceremony , we all went home to have a nice nap before rushing to pick Gu mas . We ran around and had fun while mummy were busy taking our photos. Ah xin jie jie slim down alot! :p

It was a busy day for us but we sure had fun! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

31.05.09 - Keith feeds Hazel

Kor kor loves to feed me ad he can really be very lovng at times! :)

I love my Kor kor keith!

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