Thursday, July 31, 2008

31.07.08 - The three of us!

Today mummy and kor kor rook the train home . Although the journey is really very difficult for mummy but it's also the fastest transport.

They reached home at 7pm and mummy gets to play with Mei en jie jie for a while.

Mummy love Mei en jie jie's smile. So sweet!

That's me ... passing the flash cards on the floor to kor kor , one by one!

The three of us does create a mess for ka ka rowena and divina to clean up sometimes. hehe but the bottom line is " We love to play together"

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

30.07.08 - usual day!

Xiao Yi tied my hair for me and when mummy let it go , I looked like a Rooster . haha

Mummy tells me everything that I am getting cuter and cuter . More Beautiful too! :) hehe "Do you think so?"

Kor kor and mummy is switching to private bus on friday (1st Aug) as train rides had been very hard on mummy's arms. ( after carrying kor kor)

On good Mrt days , kor kor will get a seat and he will play with his toy cars. :) On bad days , mummy and kor kor have to stand or kor kor will make fuses even when sitting down. :(

Some faces of kor kor ...

1. Handsome , smily boy
2. Camera Shy Boy
3. Moody Boy
4. Sneezing Boy! :(
Mummy's tea-break!

1. D24 Durian as Filling? Cool - Durian Donut
2. Pics of all the other donut
3. Auntie Karen's favourite! :)
Kor kor did Art and craft today in school and painted some of his hair green too! :)
Today at school teacher complain to mummy that kor kor played with water , giving the excuse he wanted to wash his hands. He wet his clothings twice and so when mummy picked him up , his clothes were still wet. He was trying to look for clothings to change himself.
When Mummy ask him why did he play with water , kor kor say it was his friend that splash water at him. But the teacher did not mention that he was playing with his friends. :( Mummy's mind run wild ... thinking why is it always "my friend" and not a name . Is "my friend" an imaginary friend?
Mummy will need to talk to his teacher tomolo.
Mummy and kor kor took bus 70 to change bus 80 today. Stated on SBS website , journey is 34 mins but it took mummy more than 1 hour to reach kovan and so they decide to change to the mrt instead. :(

Kor kor's very heavy Thomas the train school bag!

Kor kor enjoying his bus ride.

Looking at the cars from the rear of the bus.
When we reach home after dinner at ah ma's place , mummy and kor kor learnt Phonics online together! :)
This website is helpful :

kor kor and me sleeping on our bed.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

29.07.08- Hazel is Allegic to eggs! :(

Da yi and kaka gave me eggs on sunday and I had rashes all over my mouth , Da yi says it's an allegy ... mummy decide to give the egg issue another try. Mummy ask Ah ma to give me eggs again today. And sure enough the rashes came 5 minutes later! :(

As mummy knows :

I need my MMR jab when I am 15 months old and If I am allegic to eggs , I need to have the jab in hospital coz Egg allegy can KILL! :( This sound so scary ) This is making mummy worry! :( She can't find much online ... )

Sunday, July 27, 2008

27.07.08 - We are Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

Mei En Jie jie woke up early so we reach the Zoo at 12pm. We went for breakfast first and also bought bread , sweets , biscults and Ribina to the Zoo. The snacks were more than enough for kor kor.

We rent the Little Tikes Explorer from the zoo at $15 for the whole day . As Mei En Jie jie was happier in the wagon , Mummy carried me most of the time! :)

Kor kor is also in the wagon most of the time. Luckily , mummy doesnt have to carry him and me! :)

Look at kor kor's sweet smile! :) Da yi helped to take all these pics , as there was something wrong with mummy's camera settings and all pics turn out WHITE! :(
First two pics was from mummy's camera and the last one from Da yi s camera! :)
Kor kor is the wagon and posing for mummy! :)

Wat are you looking for Jie jie?

See , I like the wagon too! :)

Drink more water k , whether hot ... hehe and my favourite milk time on the run! :)

Mummy and kor kor looking at orang utan ... kor ko's smile look abit like them . haha

Our only famil pic. Difficult to get both of them to be attentive. :(

I am driving the tram .. haha Where is the driver? The keys were still in the truck . Dangerous! :( kor kor didnt dare to take a quick pic coz he says "uncle will scold")
Playing with water , kor kor and jie jie's favorite! :)

Ka ka Divina and My Ka ka Rowena with the girffee
Mummy and kor kor !

We took pics with the late Ah meng! :)

Kor kor molested him! :) AIYO!

Me resting in the pram for 2 mins .... then cry for attention!

Everyone else in the car is sleeping but me! :)

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