Sunday, July 27, 2008

27.07.08 - We are Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

Mei En Jie jie woke up early so we reach the Zoo at 12pm. We went for breakfast first and also bought bread , sweets , biscults and Ribina to the Zoo. The snacks were more than enough for kor kor.

We rent the Little Tikes Explorer from the zoo at $15 for the whole day . As Mei En Jie jie was happier in the wagon , Mummy carried me most of the time! :)

Kor kor is also in the wagon most of the time. Luckily , mummy doesnt have to carry him and me! :)

Look at kor kor's sweet smile! :) Da yi helped to take all these pics , as there was something wrong with mummy's camera settings and all pics turn out WHITE! :(
First two pics was from mummy's camera and the last one from Da yi s camera! :)
Kor kor is the wagon and posing for mummy! :)

Wat are you looking for Jie jie?

See , I like the wagon too! :)

Drink more water k , whether hot ... hehe and my favourite milk time on the run! :)

Mummy and kor kor looking at orang utan ... kor ko's smile look abit like them . haha

Our only famil pic. Difficult to get both of them to be attentive. :(

I am driving the tram .. haha Where is the driver? The keys were still in the truck . Dangerous! :( kor kor didnt dare to take a quick pic coz he says "uncle will scold")
Playing with water , kor kor and jie jie's favorite! :)

Ka ka Divina and My Ka ka Rowena with the girffee
Mummy and kor kor !

We took pics with the late Ah meng! :)

Kor kor molested him! :) AIYO!

Me resting in the pram for 2 mins .... then cry for attention!

Everyone else in the car is sleeping but me! :)


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