Sunday, May 31, 2009

30.05.09 - Mummy fell off the chair! / Ju Jiu's 21st Birthday

Something funny happened when I was trying to film kor kor today, I fell off the chair and look at kor kor's reaction. So funny

There are things that I dun even know kor kor is capable to do. He can do 6, 7, 8 and 9 pieces of puzzles by himself. I am really getting very proud of him!

He loves to play with

1. Playdoh
2. Puzzles

3. Mazes
4. Play computer games

He doesnt like to
1. write

2. learn his ABC

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Some photos from jiu jiu's 21st Birthday. We had fun swimming and playing! :)

29.05.09 - Singing and dancing

Wake up wake up ,wash your face and make a bumper shake

Shake to the left and shake to the right

Point to the east and point to the west

Point to the one whom you like best!

Mummy: Twinkle twinkle little

Hazel : STAR

Mummy : How i wonder what u

Hazel : Are

Mummy : Up above the world so

Hazel : High

Mummy : Little a damond in the

Hazel : Sky

Mummy : Twinkle twinkle little

Hazel : star !

Thursday, May 28, 2009

28.05.09 - School report

Today was "meet the parents day" Mummy and me when to kor kor's school to see his progress .

Overall , teacher say he is creative , love arts , good in language but doesnt really like dances and song

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This is a video of me in school!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

23.05.09 - Gu Ma Marian's Bday

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Gu Po was having holiday in singapore and so she celebrated her birthday with us ths year. We had fun and we hope she had fun too!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

19.05.09 - Secret agent no more. Name cards , lanyards to be done. Sengkang HDB Specialist?

Mummy and daddy are SECRET AGENTS NO MORE. They had their name cards and lanyard and necessary stuffs done up today!

Wishing them success , more family time and HOLIDAYS!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

16.05.09 - Exam in the morning and Soccer with kor kor in the night!

Mummy vomited 5 times due to her intensive margrain ... It was killing her slowly. But she went for her exam from propnex property today with daddy in the morning before heading home to rest for the whole day!

Daddy promised keith to bring him along to his soccer training the next time and so keith asked and begged mummy to give him there. "The Cage" a indoor place to play soccer!

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It's hard for mummy ( A WOMAN) to understand why we love to have8 people running over a small ball , get injured and kicked at , perspire like crazy and stink after the game and still say it's a great game ! Good workout! Normally after a 2 hour Game , they wl go for a fattening supper right after it. So where was the workout? haha ... Any way as long as the 2 men are happy!

15.05.09 - No Work for mummy . Headache to the max! :(

Woke up with a maximum headache , mummy called in to say she will be on MC today. The pain was so bad , her vision was alittle blur and her hand and face was numb for awhile.

She woke daddy up and they rush to see a doctor. Doctor warned mummy to breathe though her nose and not her mouth was she was almost breathless or going to KK Hospital!

She was restless for the whole day and all she could do was rest in pain and sleep. :( A very terrible experience!

14.05.09 - New Little Tikes For ME! :)

Kor kor and I had been fighting increasingly due to our little tikes car , Or shd I say rightfully kor kor's little tikes police car. He doesnt allow me to even go near his car , let alone let me sit in it. Kor kor would push and bite me to prevent me from going near and I will push him back. :(

So mummy think "Enough is Enough" No more fighting!

That was how I got my very own Tikes car! :)

12.05.09 - Study Study All Week

Beause it's a crush course , there was classes alost every night. Week one was Mon , Wed and fri ... Week two was Mon,Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat! It was always a mad mad rush after work ...

Hope mummy and daddy can hurry get their licences to kill and skills to start! Three cheers for more family time , more self time and more spending cash! :) JIA YOU! JIA YOU! JIA YOU!

Course will end in June and they will start their CEHA Course , by then they will be more experience agents already! Hope for better , brighter future!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

11.05.09 - Mother's Day Celebration 2

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It's most disappointint to wake up at 9am , changed and all ready to jump into the wet water after our nice Macdonal breakfast to find out at the enterance of Wild wild wet that it operates at 1pm to 7pm on weekday! :(

Instead of going back to the chalet , we went to sign up as a explorer kids. As mummy and daddy are union members , they can sign ka ka in for free too. We played a flat rate of $4 for the whole day's play on weekdays and $4 per hour on weekends till we are 12 years old! :) Daddy say this will be our new hangout on his off days. hehe

We stayed there till 12 plus and we head down to wild wld wet. We had so much fun playing in the pool and slides. We had to leave at 4 plus to pack up as mummy and daddy had to rush to fetch us home and make it on time for their property course at 7pm in Toa Payoh. :)

We were tred but we enjoyed ourselves. We will be coming back again on the 30th of May as Jiu Jiu will be celebrating his 21 years birthday here! :) Looking forward to it already!

10.05.09 - Mother's Day Celebration

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Lunch at ah ma's place was great. We had a quick nap and off we went to the chalet at pasir ris downtown east! We were all prepared to stay there for a night. Our swimming costumes and pjs , our milk powder , my booster and kor kor's Mr bean's bear also went along with us . We bought many goodies for BBQ and we had Mashmellows! :)

We slept early coz we were going to wild wild wet tomolo with daddy as he took a day off to accompany us the whole entire day! Hurray!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

09.05.09 - Happy Vesak Day! Blur mummy!

Mummy rushed to work just to find all the lights of her showroom off and doors locked !!!!! It's Public Holiday My dear mummy! :) You start work at 10AM !!!! What a hardworking Mummy! Haha!

Mummy also accompanied daddy to play soccer today ... not to have a game of soccer with the guys but to surf the net and wait for him to go home together. wahaha...

Daddy's Almost Only form of exercise and he enjoys sweating it out onces every 2 weeks ... He treat his games seriously and truly enjoys the sport! :) Kor kor would love to join them but it's too late and eats into his sleeping time - Mummy will not agree to that. :(

08.05.09 - Scratched Car = Expensive Nasi Lemak! :(

Daddy and mummy went to book our chalet today : WE ARE GOING TO THE CHALET FOR A 3 Days 2 Night stay on SUNDAY 11.05.09!!!! Hurray!

Thanks to kor kor as mummy wanna to bring him somewhere as he is having holiday on that day. Mummy found a nice mummy selling off her voucher cheap as she bought over and there is also a 4 person free entry to Wild Wild Wet! COOL!!!! Our beloved daddy is also taking Monday off to accompany us! Just can't wait!

Daddy and Mummy went to class today and after 3 hours of lessons they head down to have Punggol Nasi Lemak - While parking along some Bungalows ... their car got SCRATCHED!!!!! what an expensive supper! :(

Lesson Learnt - Always park in a car park! :(

07.05.09 - Property Agent!

Studying 3 - 5 times a week for 1 whole month , mummy and daddy is trying to put their bets on property ! Daddy is getting very tired of no weekends and public holidays. Daddy is getting sick of going to work in the morning and only coming home late when we are already in dreamland.

Mummy is behind him all the way as there's a saying " behind all successful man , there is a woman" and mummy wanna be that woman for daddy! :)

They might not be the most loving couple but they try their best to be there for each other just to tell the other " I LOVE YOU" Loving is so important and showing love is also equally impt. Mummy beleives in coaching us to show love freely and openly with hugs and kiss. :)

And hopefully when we grow up , we don't forget to let them know we love them as much as they love us! :)

Wishing all success in daddy's new career! :)

06.05.09 - I know how to name most body parts.

20 months

I am beginning to like the woos and ahhs when i show off what I know to mummy and everyone. I love to see their smiling faces

My skills :
- Naming parts of my body!

1. hair
2. eyes
3. nose
4. mouth
5. brown (eyebrown)
6. face
7. teeth
8. tongue
9. skin
10. hand
11. leg
12. chin
13. cheek
14. me... (tummy)

- When I take something in my hands i would try to count them ... and say e.g : 2 balls. but most of I will say 2 something , 2 something. I also like to count 1 , 5 , 6 , burn (7) ... then 10 and clap hands

- I love to hug and kiss (with a loud muacks) everytime mummy and daddy goes to work! :)

- I love to watch barney - Sing and dance along with the baby bob and the kids.

- I love to self feed even if it makes a mess.

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04.05.09 - Trying period! TT (Terrible Two)

Hazel is slowly but surely moving into TT. :(
She would
1. snatch kor kor's toys on purpose
2. hit kor kor on his head
3. most commonly seen crying loudly over nothing
4. cries to get her way at things.
5. throw things on the floor to show unhappiness or anger. :(
We saw this when keith was 20+ months too. I guess this is just part and parcel of growing up ! As much as she is turning into her TT ... She is at times the sweetest daughter one can have. She hugs and kisses daddy ad mummy when we leave home. Mayb it's just something to compensate her naughtiness and mischief?
We really don't know!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

02.05.09 - Spending time together

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Simple cutting shapes , looking at the colours and shapes and pasting on a paper can be simple but FUN new things at times! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

01.05.09 - Sept 2007 babies Gathering at Our house

Attendance today ...
1. Sharon Mummy and Summer Sweety

2. BabyPiglet Mummy and Kor kor Adyen

3. Irene Mummy , Daddy Jan and Yan Tao Jerald 4. Mummy , Keith and Hazel!

Gath3ring at Sengkang (Our Place) at 12.

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We had Pizza and mummy also made Jelly for the kids! We shall let the pictures do the talking. We had fun playing with each other!

We played with cars , had biscults and watched barney. Auntie Sharon is 5 months preggy with a baby girl. Summer is going to be Jie jie soon! Congrats.

Handsome Jerald is good in speech. He can say many words and he knows eyes , mouth, nose and ears in chinese! Cool. Summer sweety is much more gal than me . hehe she eats and drinks slowly like a lady! Kor kor Adyen behaves like a big boy and he can self feed pretty well! I had fun playing and sharing my toys with them. kor kor keith was surprising nice to Jerald too ... tempting mummy to toy with the idea of having number 3 - wahaha just joking.

Mummy loves to play with kids but it will be scary to have 3 people fighting for her attention.

Kor kor did his mazes , logico and fun thinkers today. He also did so IQ papers too. He is getting better in counting and his numbers. Mummy is happy. He is also doing mazes meant for 5-6 years old.

He loves photo taking like mummy and he is pretty good at it! :) Mummy is happy with every of their little progress!

Daddy : Vincent
Age : 30
DOB : 14-08-1978
Office :

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Kor Kor : Keith Tay Xiang Yuan
DOB : 21-09-2005
School : Amazing Star Montessori House

ME : Hazel Tay Qi Fang
DOB : 20-09-2007
School : Amazing Star Montessori House

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