Tuesday, October 27, 2009

27.10.09 - Finally , Babistuffs Blogspot is Ready

Blogspot address : khbabistuffs.blogspot.com

26.10.09 - Hazel fell down

When mummy came home today , mei mei was already in dream land. Ka ka and ah Ma had told mummy that she fell down in school and had scratches on her legs and hands...

At 1am :

Hazel : Mummy , pain pain ...

Mummy looked at hazel and she still had her eyes closed

Hazel : Mummy , my leg pain pain ... ( slowly opening her eyes to look at mummy)

Mummy : it's okie , mummy is here

Hazel : I fell down in school. I jump jump and fall down. Pain pain

Mummy gave a gentle kiss on her leg and hand ...

** Hazel fall right back to sleep**

hehe she must have wanna tell mummy so badly.

Poor Gal! :)

25.10.09 - Vivo City with Auntie Janet

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Mummy and Aunt Janet decided to bring us along on saturday for their usual meetup and shopping session. Where is the place where we can enjoy playing with water and the playground whle she shops with no headaches?

The first thing that came to her mind would be " VIVO CITY"

We had so much fun and while we shop after the water play , Keith slept on the pram , Hazel only fell asleep on the train . :)

We all had fun!

24.10.09 - I want Di Di

Mummy and kor kor was lying down on the bed ... ( almost bed time)

Kor kor : mummy , can mei mei gel her hair?

Mummy : No .... mummy tie her hair with pretty accessories

Kor kor : can di di gel hair like me?

Mummy : of coz , only boys like u and daddy gel hair

Kor kor : then I want a Di Di

* Mummy Faint*

Ka ka : Hazel, do u wanna go home to philipines with me?

Hazel : no, I want to stay here with mummy ! :)

* So sweet! *

Monday, October 19, 2009

17.10.09 - spending time together!

Today is a spending time together day as mummy and daddy just came back from their Japan trip! :)

Daddy bought for keith mini Gundams just like what daddy always do when he is fun! Keith had fun helping daddy fix the gundams.

Hazel and keith also play some crafts with mummy , Hazel also enjoyed playing playdoh.

It was a fun filled day all the way till bedtime!

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12.10.09 - 16.10.09 - Mummy and Daddy in Japan!

Japan trip was a relaxing trip more than a shopping trip as mummy only brought one blue label burberry bag and a par of boots. Her heart was still in singapore with the kids.

Daddy Struggled to load Skype and called home everyday , they also got to see her thou the webcam on 2 of the 5 days in Japan.

They were so happy to see us when we went to fetch them with Gong gong! :)

Now ... all of us are so looking forward to next year's hongkong trip! Disney land Hongkong - here we come in March 2010!

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11.10.09 - Hazel's Favourite toy for now!

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Hazel's New Favourite is " Fisherprice Kitchen Set!"

10.10.09 - To the beach

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It was just a normal sunday morning , kor kor woke up and ask mummy if he could go to the beach today? So to the beach we decide to go!

It rain till afternoon but we still went to the beach with Gumas, Mummy and ka ka! :)

We had so much fun , fun , fun!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

07.10.09 - Sweetheart

Kor kor : Hazel , can I sleep on your bed?

Hazel : NO... ( already rather tired and resting on her own bed at 9.45pm)

Kor kor : please hazel ... I really want to sleep on your bed...

Mummy : Keith , mei mei is trying to sleep , why don't you sleep on your own bed. Must you do this every night , I am very tired , I am taking the cane!

Kor kor : but I really wanna sleep on Hazel's bed ... (voice getting louder and more irratating ...)

Hazel : I sleep on kor kor's bed k?

** Keith's bed has alot of teddy bears

Hazel : (pointing to 2 bears ... ) I don't wan these!

Kor kor : Leave it there.

Mummy : NO ! if you don't wan to leave these with you then you go back to your own bed!

** Hazel was already asleep with eyes closed.

kor kor : then I sleep on my own bed , ask Hazel to come back !

Mummy : No! She's asleep le. tomolo then you sleep on your own place!

Hazel : (woke up and crawl back to her own place)

** She always give in to her unreasonable kor kor and makes me feel that she is such a sensitive little girl for her age. I really thank God for my sweetheart HAZEL !!!

06.10.09 - Terrible 4?

There is 2 sides of Keith - A loving yet demanding , stubborn brother.

He loves everyone in the family ,his hugs and kisses are always so warm and sincere. Yet when he is looking for something or wants something , he becomes another person. Someone who demands Immediate and if you choose to ignore him , he would scram , scream and do everything to make you give in to him.

Today , he wanted to sleep on Hazel's bed , as usual mummy tries not to give in to his unreasonable request. He scream , cry and keep repeating to daddy that he really wants to sleep on mei mei's bed -

Keith : mei mei's bed is so nice and she gets more wind there.

Mummy : okies then mei mei sleeps on your bed

Keith : no! if she urine on my bed , how? She sleeps on Your bed

Mummy : No! She is wearing pampers and will not dirty your bed , she is not sleeping on my bed.

Keith : daddy ... I am so hot and i like mei mei bed ......

** Daddy gave in and he shift Hazel to the bed and finally got what he want , he fell asleep! :(

Mummy don't like the idea of daddy giving in to him as this meant that his plan works. He knows when he is unreasonable but if he cry , scream and ask for daddy , he will still get his way.

I wonder if it's terrible 4? I really needs to know some sense into him. Caning , Talking nicely isn't working. Anyone can help?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

03.10.09 - Mooncake Festival celebration!

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It was a fun filled day with lots of laughters!

Friday, October 2, 2009

01.10.09 - Happy Children's Day!

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We had lots of fun today !

It's a holiday for us so mummy and daddy also took the day off to accompany us!

Daddy had last min stuffs to finish up and the weather wasn't a swimming day so we stayed at home all morning for ... " Art and Craft time " with mummy. We did sand art.

Keith did most of it himself , selecting of colours and pouring the sand on it. Hazel had some help from mummy just so that she doesnt pour the lighter colours first and stain them with the darker colours later.

After sand art , we played for awhile and since we woke up early , we had our afternoon nap early.

After we woke up , we went to Ikea , Daddy's favourite store for our home stuffs. We had fun playing pretend , sitting on chairs , lying on beds , drawing on the computer there ...

After playing with the kitchen set there , daddy knew that he shd invest in a kitchen set for us. So mummy and daddy bought us one - $60 ( a 2nd hand set which mummy was eyeing on) and decides to collect it there and then!

We had prata and other indian food for dinner - something new , so kor kor ate alot ! hehe

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