Thursday, February 24, 2011

23.02.11 - Practicing piano and MPM maths

kor k0r went for his first MPM Maths class today

Venue : Buangkok MRT D'perfect Learning centre
Teacher : Geogre Tan
Contact: 97555932
Fee : $50(reg) + $490 = $540 (per term)
Website :
Email :
Contact: 6253 8260
Head Office: 998 Toa Payoh North #02-04 Singapore 318993

MPM Math

A POSITIVE and INDEPENDENT attitude to say “I’ll work out this problem by myself !”.
* Analysis and ability to look for PATTERNS in the wordings or data.
* Ask themselves LOGICAL and DIRECT Questions to probe the problem and derive the solutions.
* VISUALISE the problem in their mind.

What MPM has to Offer

* A well-sequenced Math Program designed around the concepts of Multi-Process & Multi-Model.
* 96 workbooks per year (from Preschool to P6)
* A package of learning tools (manipulatives) for students to build up Math abilities through actual manipulation.

Reasons to Choose MPM

Monitor and regulate student’s thinking through PSL (Personalized System of Learning) and questions posing techniques.

Multi Process & Multi Models problems train student to be “mathematical correct” not just “answer correct”.

Conceptual Thinking
Manipulatives develop thorough understanding of concepts and application to solve real life problems.

Focus on Numerical calculations, Analytical, Spatial visualization, Data analysis, Critical thinking, Pattern etc.

MPM spiral approach promotes enjoyment, confidence and independent learning in Math

Keith was there for 1 hour and 20 mins and he came back with some 30 pages of homework!

and he did them ALL BY HIMSELF! :) Mummy was so proud!

Kor kor also did his piano practice today which mummy think was rather good too , just that he was too lazy to count the counts aloud and shy to sing along with the music! :( Hope he can improve!

16.02.11 - CNY dinner with Newstead

Newstead had their cny dinner at Conrad Singapore - in a big ballroom ,with great company , great food and great entertainment.

Daddy could not attend as he was admitted into TTSH for his abcess to be abstracted. So mummy , Keith and mei mei went instead!

Hazel took pics with Austin Di di! :)

She was well behaved and ate more than kor kor today. Kor kor had fun playing with the Big "boys" thank you uncle Ah boon and Ah Piao for entertaining him!

Auntie ROse did a Terrific Job in tying my darling's hair too!

A nice pic of mummy and mei mei (taken by auntie Sherlyn) thanks!
Mummy was this pic on her desktop now and is facing her cutie pie everyday! (mummy changes her desktop pic once a week . Next week it might be kor kor's pic. hehe)
After dinner , we went to the hospital to see daddy and accompanied him till 11 plus. We bought him bread and waffles, before going home.
Thank you Shen Han kor kor for carrying Keith up and coming down to help mummy with her bags while mummy carries darling Hazel! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

External Battery for Iphone 3 and 4

Selling at $15 each.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

15.02.11 - Hazel's back from KK hospital and us at the Fun fair! :)

After coming back from KK hospital , and vomitting after taking her anti-biotics , she could self feed her other 3 medicine. ( I think after vomitting the phlegm which was irratating her!)

And the next thing she said was she was hungry!

She was in the mood to self feed herself too!

Then Mummy , Ah ma and hazel slept from 11am all the way till 4.30pm! :) That will to replenish the sleep lost the night before!

After that we went to the fun fair at compasspoint!

The first game they went for .$3 for this ride each and it lasted for 10 mins! :)

They had fun "banging" each other. :)

They tried the giant slide but mei mei was afraid so they change to the smaller balloon slide

Hazel enjoyed it but keith didnt!

They enjoyed their cotton candy

We even had a free uncle Ringo Balloon!

This ride is expensive$6 for less than 10 mins. :( But since kor korwants to try , we allowed him to!

Mei Mei had a trial but her legs are too short for the brakes.

Hazel and her funny faces making!

This ride is tooboring for keith compared to that of Genting which is much higher and faster.

This ride has to be accompanied by an adult if they are under 6 , so it will cost $6 just to take the merry go round. Luckily my princess chose the carriage so she can sit in one herself. kor kor on the other hand wants to be a prince on his charming horse!

Hazel went on the water game again! :)

On the whole , they had fun but it was too expensive. :( Will only let them do it once a year! hehe

14.02.2011 - 8th Year Wedding Anniversary!

Today is Valentine's day and also marked 8 years of togetherness for daddy and mummy!

Sent to mummy's office with the sweetest card : I Want to say thank you for coming into my life and showing me true love. I love You ! Happy 8th Anniversary! :)

Daddy brought mummy to a romantic dinner at Little Blue Bali ....

The cocktail was nice!

The dinner was nice

The dessert was delicious! :)
The place was wonderful , very cozy , with warm lightings ... only down side was : " daddy forgot our camera! :("
Mummy and daddy went home after dinner as Hazel darling was running a fever . She could not get to sleep , she wants to be carried and cries whenever mummy tries to put her down
Mummy brought her to ah ma's and she continue to fuss and complaints heart ache! "I wonder if my darling knows where her heart is! :S"
We gave up and went to KK A & E at 5am and waited. Had an X-ray and a blood taken and waited more than 1 hour for the results before allowing to choose whether to stay or go home! :( All of us including Hazel wants to go home!

Daddy : Vincent
Age : 30
DOB : 14-08-1978
Office :

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DOB : 21-09-2005
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ME : Hazel Tay Qi Fang
DOB : 20-09-2007
School : Amazing Star Montessori House

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