Monday, June 30, 2008

29.06.08 - Kor kor and mummy's day to the Library

Kor kor and mummy went to compasspoint ... they wanted to go shopping and also dropby the library for some books ...
We were walking towards this tower when kor kor say to mummy :
kor kor : Mummy pandan cake
mummy : where
( kor kor pointing to the tower)
Kor kor : there ...
mummy : Aiyo ... keith , that's fire ... It's in a lighthouse mah.
Kor kor : No hor , Pandan Cake! :(
Then mummy and kor kor went to Kiddie palace ... so much things mummy wanna buy
1. bicycle - to change kor kor's bike because to light and easy to fall
2. drum set - kor kor love the drum set at the game centre
3. walker - for me!
4. flash cards
But she gave it a miss for now. Kor kor wanted to buy a playhouse but because there was mummy ,daddy and mei mei ... but no kor kor , he decide to give it a miss too.
Then they head to the library ...
Kor kor conviently took off his shoes and went to look for books .... mummy saw this First knwledge book and show it to kor kor ... then kor kor show interest in this page

It's about earthquake ... then he ask about the collaping building , the cars and talks about the earth shaking ... Mummy also told him about the countries that have earthquakes ... like Indonesia and Japan and that sometimes when the earthquake in Indonesia affects us in Singapore , coz mummy can feel her office building shaking sometimes ... then kor kor nod his head with mouth open! :)

Kor kor loves vechicles from a rather young age and so the books he took are all about vechicles and he would ask mummy is this car nice , this lorry nice ... 3ven when ah ma cycle him to school or daddy bring him out on a cab , he would ask non stop!

look at him concerntrating , so cute!

These are some of the choices of the books he took!
After that they went to the game centre and kor kor played.

He is a rather good boy , when there was a few boys waiting to play at the machine , he gave up his seat and say mummy , let's go! :)
Then he wanted to play the barney car , but again there were people there , so he play the car instead! :) hehe can see he enjoy his little ride.

He also wanted to try this ride too , so mummy let him have an extra ride today as he was a good boy.
After that they headed home so kor kor can have his beauty sleep ... hehe he nap for 2 long hours after that! Tiring day for him I guess

Sunday, June 29, 2008

28.06.08 - Playtime! :)

These are the pictures mummy wanted daddy to put up for a while now but he is always too busy for anything or anyone in the house , so mummy did it herself with blue tact! :) hehe

The ones with me and kor kor's photos might be too heavy and couldn't hold for long! :( Mummy put the small pictures at the enterance of the kitchen ... ) I love mummy this much and mummy love!

This is on our feature wall near our dining area and at the enterance of our house! :)

Ssshhhhh ... Kor kor is having his afternoon nap , so I get to ride on his Police car! :) See me play like a professional!

I like to peel off the stickers but will always get scolding from mummy ah! :(

See me touching the sticker and the "Evil" look on my face? heheheheh

Mummy bought kor kor and me down to buy dinner , kor kor and me loves to ride on this car ride as both of us gets to play . Each ride is only 50 cents , unlike those in chopping centres ...

I love playing the rides and also loves to disturb kor kor! :)
Close up od me playing!

See kor kor so serious!

Kor kor playing with his police car ...

It's almost sleeping time , so I am in the room playing with kor kor , mummy and Ka ka ...
I love playing with kor kor's cars and I always put them in my mouth!
See my contented and happy face!

Nowadays I would hold anything and try to stand ...

I overturned the whole box of kor kor's cars .. that's how naughty I can be at times ...

See me concerntrate!

kor kor and his bad habits ... dig nose and sneeze without covering his mouth .... Naughty Boy!

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