Saturday, January 31, 2009

26.01.09 - CNY Day 1

We went to Gu ma's place early in the morning to say " Happy new year to Kopitiam Gu ma and Xiao Gu ma! We ate some food at their place before heading to OG ah gong's place

Posing with Cny oranges! :)

Kor kor 's handsome pose!

Kor kor love playing with this white dog and had lots of fun !

We went over to Da Gu ma's place for a while and collected a handsome amount of Ang paos. :)

Our last destination was Ah Zor's place for winning money! Wahahah

Kor kor took some pics with mummy when I was sleeping! :(

Look at kor kor's cheeky pose!

25.01.09 - Dinner at OG ah gong's place

Today is the eve of chinese new year and we went over to Ah ma's place first before going to fetch daddy off work and go to Og gong gong's place for dinner.

Kor kor and Jiu Jiu ... The white and black version! Dont they look alike?

That's me! All prepared for the festival! In my new pink boots! Cool!

At OG gong gong house , there were like 2 dogs ( One fierce and one not) and 20 plus other people . OG gong gong's living room was filled with people. Maybe we should thank them as we rush thou dinner and left early this year! :)

Daddy drove us to Zor zor's place and mummy had fun with the adults till 12 plus and won some money before Yi Po fetched us home. :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

24.01.09 - Cny dinner at Ah ma's place

Today , we eat at Ah ma's place. Megan , Da yi , Yi zhang , Yi Po and family , Ah Zor all came over to eat. We had lots of good food prepared by my AH Ma!!! Her cooking is GREAT!

This is me. I was in this matching top with mummy but didn't have a chance to take a photo with her! :(

Megan Jie jie was in "my little sunshine top with Da Yi!

We love to play with this . Mummy say it's for blood circulation but it's pain pain u know! :(

I get to be the driver today but actually kor kor is still pedaling. hehe

Look at me! like a Pro hor! :)

23.01.09 - Starting young!

When I was still in mummy's tummy , she drinks this everyday coz she say after drinking this , I will be a pretty and fair gal. Now that I am 16 months old , I love to drink this too. The importance of starting early ...

Bird Nest ! The best for all gals and ladies!

Friday, January 23, 2009

22.01.09 - Mazes and Tweedlewink lesson 1 -5

Kor kor did

1. watch tweedlewink lesson 1 - 5
2. watch wink to learn chinese - lesson 1 (animals)
3. mazes -6 of them ( 2 each time)
- correctly solved 4 out of 6
4. shapes - colour triangle -green / circle - red and square - blue
5. Puzzle solving - ( not really good in it yet)
6. flash cards

Mei Mei did
1. watch tweedlewink lesson 1 -5
2. watch wink to learn chinese - lesson 1 ( animals)
3. practice with pencil holding
4. did flash cards - colours / fruits / vegetable.

Mummy will start kor kor with chopsticks holding tomolo and as he have speech and drama in the morning at 9 - 10am tomorrow , he will miss his maze solving and only watch tweedlewink lesson 5 - 10 after school tomorrow.

Mummy is also going to make A4 size flashcards for me so it's easier for me to concerntrate and see! :) She is still sourcing for GD Maths dot! :(

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

20.01.09 -Mazes and more flash cards

Mummy print some A4 flash cards for me and kor kor today.

1. animal
2. country flags
3. car brand logos
4. fruits

and also prepare some worksheets for kor kor

1. mazes
2. ABCs
3. 123s
4. shapes
5. colours
6. car colouring pages

You know she also learnt that kids at our age ( 1-3) loves to work with markers and crayons more than colour pencils. :)

Mummy bought a new game from Popular today too. She is going to buy

1. photo memory games
2. magnet board with memory pictures
3. and shapes games

Our Tweedlewink and wink to learn chinese dvds are also on the way ...

So it's busy busy with activites for us every day from tomorrow onwards! On mummy's off days , she will do the activities with us , on her working day , ka ka will have to guide us thou. Mummy is working out a time table for ka ka to follow! hehe

Monday, January 19, 2009

18.01.09 - Flashcard , Powerpoint and Tweedlewink Dvds

Kor kor had just started Right brain training at a home at Toa Payoh.

His teacher advise him to get Tweedlewink Dvds that cost $399.95 for 9 DVDs. Hehe ... Mummy will be getting it for him . ( not the $399.95 kind but yes he will have a set of Dvds too)

Mummy had also started making fruits flashcards for him and she is also starting to make powerpoint flashcards with sounds for him and me to view. :)

As she has more free time with us now , she will learn with kor kor at the right brain training school and pass some back to me! :) wahaha

She is also looking for training chopsticks and memory board for kor kor! :) Anyone have any to let go , please let her know! :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

16.01.09 - Playground Fun!

Kor kor still bath in his small bath tub everyday and he would put some toys in the water and stay there for quite a while.:)

Then he would run butt naked around the house till mummy or ka ka caught up with him and dress him up. While ka ka was taking his clothings , naughty mummy took these pics of kor kor! :)

Something for laughs and for him to remember when he grows up. Wahaha!

Kor kor's new haircut for the CNY! I think he is so handsome! :)

Mummy enjoy bringing us downstairs to play the playground as the smiles on our faces are so priceless - she says!

I am a BIG Gal now . I can go down the slide all by myself. I am not longer afraid!

Kor kor loves the slide too! :)

The bigger slides are still a little scary! :(

But look at the fun we are having!

We were on the way to the market when we saw a stage and so mummy put us on the stage and see us perform! :)
We are all ready for CNY. Mummy bought 2 new jeans and tops for ka ka and we kids have more than that! hehe

14.01.09 - A fun night

Just a simple night , every nght we will stay in mummy's room and play for a while before going to bed! :)

Kor kor love to show his funny faces! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Smiley Me

Vainpot me!

See how much I have grown. I am a 16 months old toddler now! :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

11.01.09 - Nose Bleed and a Bump on his head

Kor kor went to Gu ma's house today again! Everything was fine. Mummy called to check on him at 2 plus and he was in his dream land ... everything seems good.

Not until 5pm , daddy gave mummy a call and said " Kor kor fell face down at Gu ma's place and his nose was bleeding and he had a cut on his head. Mummy was dead worried and called Gu ma to find out what happened. As she say ... she was preparing to bath kor kor and kor kor run butt naked towards the toilet and fell face down on the hard floor. At that point mummy felt kor kor's pain when his face hit the floor. Heartache ...

Daddy went over to Gu Ma's to check on him. He was fine already and his nose has stop bleeding. His cut wasnt that bad. :( Thank God!

Yet another Early Ang Pao for kor kor just 2 weeks before Chinese New Year! :(

Saturday, January 10, 2009

08.01.09 - We went to Ah ma's place again

That's me and Megan Jie Jie! :)

Look how much both of us have grown.

Kor kor and megan jie jie - their smiles are like sunshine

3 favourites of Gong gong , all in a photo!

Megan Jie jie and me are 2 months apart and we are as close as sisters! hopefully when we grow up , it will be just like now! :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

07.01.09 - trying out our cny clothings!

Is this nice?

Or kor kor looks cuter?

I am really not too excited wearing this long dress, So uncomfortable. Kor kor is totally enjoying himself! :)

Mummy will have to bring my dress for Ah ma to alter it for me before I am willing to wear it! :)

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