Wednesday, August 27, 2008

27.08.08 - Waiting for the Yellow Bus.

Today Ka ka and me went down with mummy and kor kor to wait for their Big Yellow bus!!!

Kor kor ate the Lollipop tat Auntie gave me yesterday but at least He shared it with me!

I love the Lollipop. It was so sweet and kor kor was also so lovely to share his lollipop with Me and mummy!

Some morning pictures of me!

Waiting for the bus or looking at kor kor's lollipop ... hehe looking at kor kor of coz!

A photo with Ka ka! look at the swollen eye kor kor ... too much of rubbing yesterday night before bed. It was still rather swollen when he reach school . :(

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

26.08.08 - Something to share! :)

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Monday, August 25, 2008

25.08.08 - Music Lover - Kor kor!

Kor kor Keith had always love music from baby time. hehe He enjoys listening to music and falling asleep and he loves to watch Dvds with singing and dancing ! :)

He can listen to mummy's mp3 on the way to work!

My Shared Birthday Party with kor kor

Re : Cakes

-The top tier would be for Hazel - with some Winnie the pooh decor and the bottom tier would be for Keith . Will run a train track on the second tier and cake board. hehe and put Thomas train on it as decor. there will also be Keith wordings on the second tier.

-Confirm design and paid for it le. hehe toys are also handed to them le. cant wait to see the cake. hehe

Re : Caterer

-We are going for Neo gardens again! :) hehe but mummy have yet to confirm with them. There is a 15% discount for 1st Birthdays . Hurray! hehe

Re : Decors

-Most of the decors are settled. Balloons with Winnie and Thomas and some coloured balloons too. Mummy will rent a Helium Pump from Raffles City. We also have Thomas Tatoos for the older kids and games for them. hehe . Mummy can also do simple face and hand paintings for our guests.

Re : Name lists and Invitation cards ...

-Mummy is still working on them.
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Re : Photographers

Xiao Yi and afew of mummy friends would be photographers .

-Excited mummy and definitely busy! :)

-Kor kor will also be celebrating his birthday in school with his friends. Mummy bought Little gifts for his friends and also a Mr bean Cake that kor kor would love to have.

Mummy bought new craft for kor kor! :)

And they did one at night! :)

I had fun playing with the stickers too. hehe
Look at how mummy bully kor kor .. haha
Daddy was watching the 9pm TV Series with mummy and Kor kor and he point to Fann Wang
Daddy : Keith , she pretty or ur mummy pretty
Kor Kor : Mummy !
Daddy and Mummy : WOW !
hehe be it making mummy happy or all mummies are the most pretty in a small boy's heart , Mummy was super happy! :) hehe

24.08.08 - Hazel's FIRST STEP!

I Finally decides to take my FIRST 2 Steps today at Gu ma's place. I had been standing on my own , clap hand while standing , swing and dance whle standing for a few days le. hehe and I walk 2 staps towards Mummy yesterday. So happy is mummy in my speedy improvement! :)

I can also point out Pa pa , Ma Ma , Ka Ka and Kor kor when asked. I can clap , flying kiss , high five , sayang when asked. hehe I can even point to kor kor when ka ka ask me what is "Cry baby" in chinese. (Ku Pao)

I know how to say Papapapa ... and mamamama ... very clearly then the rest of the sounds I make are more like baby language.

I can use my hands to push toy cars and make noise like that of cars... I can use my finger to point at almost everything. I and hold my milk bottle and self feed in the day and night. hehe I am also self feed my biscults. hehe ! :)

This is a video showing me standing. hehe mummy must be faster if she wanna catch me walking. hehe

Saturday, August 23, 2008

23.08.08 - Vivo City

Xiao Yi fetch us to Pine gardens to pay for our birthday cake and mummy bought some samples to try. Mummy also pass them the trains and Winnie figurings for our cakes.

After that , Xiao Yi fetched us to Vivo City to meet up with Auntie Karen and Auntie Lifang - her sec school friends.

We ate and kor kor took pictures with some F1 cars. hehe the pics are blur coz the vibration of the music is too much.

But kor kor is still Handsome lor. hehe

KOr kor looks like a Professional hor.

This pic make kor kor look like spaceman. haha
Another car!

Yes ! Kor kor is dancing!

Another shot with the car.

Hazel with the tyre.
Auntie Karen fetched her home and me , kar kar and kor kor slept during the journey back home. :)

22.08.08 - Kavi's Last Day at VO

Mummy's Favourite Friend at work
Kavitha is leaving Virtual office for good today. She is start her new job as a Youth counsellor.
Her dream and her passion.
Thou I am happy for her , I feel very sad to see her go! :(
Give taking afew photos with her on her last day with us!

Zenn and Mummy taking photo

Mummy and small Kavitha


Virtual office Gals.

Another photo together

Our Boss brought us for company dinner + Farewell Dinner
Keith came along too. So photos of Keith

Nice Tables and chairs . Two people in RED

While waiting for the rest to reach , we took more photos.

I like this photo of the three of us.

Kor kor with Mr bean. Mummy saw this nice keychain and brought it for him straight away!

KOr kor feeding himself.

Auntie Karen helped look after kor kor and we all agree she has the motherly figure and is ready for motherhood!

Kor kor had crab meat bread!

Nice Pic of the two of them , although mummy's face is oily

KOr kor tried BEER! but he doesnt like it.

ICE -CREAM is still an all time favourite for kids.
Looking at flying UFOs and Fireworks. heehee

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