Monday, March 29, 2010

28.03.10 - Swimming!

As all of u should be able to tell by now ... Mummy is very much into taking photos , not only pictures but photos of the two of us!

Kor kor is natural infront of the camera and he loves the attention he gets around him! He is a Pro! I need alot of warming up to be able to do so and mostly depends on my mood!

Mummy wasnt feeling too well but as usual wanted us to enjoy our weekends to the fullest ... brought us to sengkang swimming complex! She was equipped with her camera and wanted us to make big waves for her!

A model Pose?

Kor kor making some Waves....

Us ! Sun bathing!

Another nice pic of kor kor

BIG Waves

I had so much fun with ka ka !

She is with us for less than half a year but she dots on us alot!
another attempt at mummy's experiments!

Group photo?!

Nice water effect! Thanks Keith!

resting ... after 45mins of swim!

Another Go before going home!

It's Lunch time at Macdonal's after bathing
Back home we had a 2 hours long nap in the cosy Airconed Computer room! :) All 3 Of us! hehe

27.03.10 - Stay at Home weekend!

Mummy was still feeling her headache and so she was resting in bed most of the morning till noon! She felt better and a little guilty to keep us at home this weekend ... She brought us to the playground!

I brought along baby in her pram for a walk while kor kor cycled!

We are easy contented! :) A walk to the playground and fresh air put a smile on our faces

Recently I am going thou terrible two and I would cry over any little things and I cry some 20 times a day! :( There is always something to upset me!
As the weather was a little hot too , we left after a while and went home for something more fun as described by mummy!

She drew a treasure map and hide the treasures when we were playing with our toys ...

A Bowl in Shen han's room ...

A kitty in computer room and kor kor was looking hard at the map , just in case we missed out something!

A green frying pan in the living roon, near the sofa! :)

A dolphin Keychain!

We played another 2 games of treasure hunt before giving mummy a break while we played with our own toys!

This is the clinic which doctor Hazel Tay treats her "Patients"

This is kor kor's Police station toy and he used legos to build carparks for his hot wheels car! :)
Isnt it peaceful when the two kids can play together?

26.03.10 - Kor kor is sick again! :(

Kor kor is on the whole the weaker sibling as compared to me. As I am the milk queen , immune system is better than kor kor .

Kor kor is sick again today ! :( He is down with his flu and cough thingy and the whole asthma starts again. He had block nose and was feeling breathless . As mummy is also down with fever and headache , daddy took over the taking care of kor kor since 10pm! :( He didnt get much sleep at all! :(

Poor Kor kor .... daddy and mummy! :(

Poor me - as it also meant STAY AT HOME WEEKENDS This week! :(

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

24.03.10 - HONGKONG in June! :) Yippie

It will be our first Air Trip .... We are all so so excited!

We are going to Hongkong!

Date : 20th June - 25th June 2010

Mummy has so much to do , so much to worry , so much to plan! :S

So far we know ....

We are spending two nites in Hk hotel ...
one nite in DISNEYLAND HOTEL!!!!
and another two nites in ZHU HAI

We know we need to go disneyland .... ocean park and maybe Madame Tussauds Hongkong ... for the small and big kids , it's Lantau -big buddha and Jade market for the aunties ... and shopping in Zhu hai for mummy , daddy and Ah xin! wahaha

We are going to have a swimming pool at Zhuhai , so we can swim while they shop!

Mummy says she will bring us lots of paper , colour pencils , crayons to keep us entertained on the plane and hotel , in case we wanna stay in while to shop at nite , she will also bring her laptop so we can watch our cartoons and movies .... we will bring our swimming costumes , our jackets and umbrella in case it rains ... and of coz lots of sleeveless as the weather will be rather hot in June!

We are all all so excited!

Daddy is also planning a trip to genting before we head to hk , maybe in april ...

Mummy is planning for a day trip to the hippo tour , which kor kor has been longing to go!

We are so looking forward to all the activities! :) hehe

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

23.03.10 - Hugs and kisses

Hugs and kisses are the ways we show our loves to each other every single day! :)

We will kiss each other before Mummy leaves for work in the morning , we will kiss daddy when we wakes up in the morning , we will kiss and hug daddy when he drops us off in school and we kisses them good night most of the nights unless they came home late. But even so , mummy will hug and kiss us and say she loves us.

This is our way of showing LOVE! :)

Today , when mummy was getting ready to leave the house , I am still in the bathroom having my beauty bath

Ka ka : Hurry hazel , mummy is leaving for work
Hazel : a while more
Mummy : Bye hazel

and left as she was running late . ..

Next min ....

Hazel came crying naked ...

Hazel : mummmmmmy
Mummy : from the lift "sorry .... I love you , got to run!

When she reach downstairs , she called home

Mummy : I am sorry dear , I am late le
Hazel : Mummy dont love me anymore , you never kiss me and hug me! :(
Mummy : I am late le , I will hug you twice and kiss you twice.
Hazel : no .... come home now! :( I wanna kiss and hug you first!
Mummy : I am already on the bus , dear
Hazel : I am eating sweets now ... I dont have cough anymore ...
Mummy : Okie , not too many , k?
Hazel : OK , Bye
Mummy : I love you , hazel! Bye

Never did mummy know that the hugs and kisses are so impt to the little ones. She is never miss her hug and kiss time with them anymore! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

21.03.10 - The day Xiao Yi became Ah Yi Mummy!

Today , we had Macdonal breakfast with gong gong , ma ma , xiao yi and mummy! :) After that we went to ah ma's place to play while she prepare Lunch! Da yi and megan will be coming over too! :)

I love my gong gong and he sayang me alot too . He is on leave as his taxi is in the workshop after the accident on friday , Thank god that he did not get hurt. But the car is not in a good shape. It will be 3-4 days off for him to rest at home!

Xiao Yi is mummy's baby sister and the two of them loved sleeping together , talking over night when they were sharing a room many years back , they were also partners in crime as they cover up for each other. They enjoy each other's company when it comes to shopping and they have endless things to talk about. Xiao Yi loves and dots on me alot as she keep saying I look like the baby her. :)

So..... mummy suggest : " why not take me as God-daughter! :)" and xiao yi agree!

They told me to call xiao yi : " Ah yi mummy" and I did! So from today onwards I will have more people doting on me!

Kor kor is such a photogic boy compared to me . hehe

My Ah YI MUMMY! Auntie mummy say she wanna just give birth to One and she would prefer a boy ... I hope so too , so I will be her bao bei forever.

Just like she is mummy's bao bei sista

Megan came rather late , but we still manage to spent some time laughing , talking , fighting and playing. hehe ... It's just plain noisy when the three of us MEET! :(

We are best of friends but kids are kids ... we do disagree with each other over little things all the time. When we go to the market , we will be hand in hand ... when we dont see each other , we would say we wanna call each other on the phone ... we share a love and hate relationship. hehe

We are all Gong gong's and ma ma's precious ... and no matter now naughty and noisy we are , we know we can always hope by and "disturb " them! :) hehe

Gong gong and Ma ma .... I LOVE U!

20.03.10 - A Funfilled Saturday at Home!

Saturday Morning , Mummy brought us to Berries as usual! :) daddy didnt go as he came back rather late yty and wasnt feeling too well! :(

As usual ... Kor kor wear his "handsome" shirt with gel hair and perfume!
We came back and had lunch at grandma's and slept for a while before going home to "spend time" with mummy

We were to paint a tree ... so mummy prepared green , brown , black and red paint on a paper plate . Gave us a piece of paper and a paint brush. She grew a tree and left the rest to us

Kor kor drow a rectangle trunk , green leaves and many red fruits! :)

I started with alot of brown and many red fruits below the brown area ...

This was our master pieces!
After that we did homework! I had to try learning the trace the dotted lines , and mummy say I am doing very Well!

See me writ the letter "U"

Kor kor did his berries homework by himself and wrote his chinese characters.

We also played with logico and fun thinkers! It will fun LEARNING ...
After dinner , kor kor decides to cycle while I prefer skating

We played hide and seek and mummy captired this beautiful SMILE!

We were playing a fool in the room and see what did mummy do to kor kor?

His new Hairstyle! :)

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