Monday, March 22, 2010

21.03.10 - The day Xiao Yi became Ah Yi Mummy!

Today , we had Macdonal breakfast with gong gong , ma ma , xiao yi and mummy! :) After that we went to ah ma's place to play while she prepare Lunch! Da yi and megan will be coming over too! :)

I love my gong gong and he sayang me alot too . He is on leave as his taxi is in the workshop after the accident on friday , Thank god that he did not get hurt. But the car is not in a good shape. It will be 3-4 days off for him to rest at home!

Xiao Yi is mummy's baby sister and the two of them loved sleeping together , talking over night when they were sharing a room many years back , they were also partners in crime as they cover up for each other. They enjoy each other's company when it comes to shopping and they have endless things to talk about. Xiao Yi loves and dots on me alot as she keep saying I look like the baby her. :)

So..... mummy suggest : " why not take me as God-daughter! :)" and xiao yi agree!

They told me to call xiao yi : " Ah yi mummy" and I did! So from today onwards I will have more people doting on me!

Kor kor is such a photogic boy compared to me . hehe

My Ah YI MUMMY! Auntie mummy say she wanna just give birth to One and she would prefer a boy ... I hope so too , so I will be her bao bei forever.

Just like she is mummy's bao bei sista

Megan came rather late , but we still manage to spent some time laughing , talking , fighting and playing. hehe ... It's just plain noisy when the three of us MEET! :(

We are best of friends but kids are kids ... we do disagree with each other over little things all the time. When we go to the market , we will be hand in hand ... when we dont see each other , we would say we wanna call each other on the phone ... we share a love and hate relationship. hehe

We are all Gong gong's and ma ma's precious ... and no matter now naughty and noisy we are , we know we can always hope by and "disturb " them! :) hehe

Gong gong and Ma ma .... I LOVE U!


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