Friday, February 27, 2009

27.02.09 - A fun filled day at the beach

Daddy and mummy went to Sheng Siong to buy bread , biscults , titbits for our outing today! We are going to East Coast Park.

Early at 730am , mummy woke up to make pretty bread for me and kor kor. There were tortoise , penguin and fish shapes make out of ham ,cheese and bread.

Daddy packed kor kor's and mummy's bicycle and our sand tools into the car.

We head for east coast at 9.15am!

We cycled for 1 hour before resting to play sand and water. I am more adventurous when it comes to sand and water as compared to kor kor as he is afraid in getting dirty or wet. So overall , I had more fun. I a a rather self entertain person!

Nice pictures of us. We hardly have family photos as it's either mummy or daddy behind the camera. :(
After playing , kor kor still manage to mae it back to attend school with a power nap of 15 mins. When he came home , he fell asleep at 8pm as it was a super tiring but fun day for us!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

25.02.09 - My Jiu Jiu

This is my Jiu Jiu - Best PT Cadet!

Finally a 3rd Sergent! Congrats!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

24.02.09 -Colours

At kor kor's right brain class today

Teacher : Red and blue will give you ... (slowly pulling out a purple card) - PURPLE
Teacher : Green and yellow will give you (Slowly pulling out a dirty orange card)
Keith : Da Pian (Shit in chinese)

** Daddy Nearly faint! **

Sunday, February 22, 2009

22.02.09 - My Kor kor Keith

Senario 1

** Kor kor found 5 cents on the floor.

Kor kor : mummy , I found 5 cents.
Mummy : then you can keep it if no one lost it.
kor kor : after asking daddy , he gets to keep it.
kor kor : Mummy can u bring me to NTUC , I wanna buy Kit kat for you.
Mummy : do u have money?
Kor kor : yes. 5 cents , my 5 cents can buy alot of things. I wanna buy chocolate for you. :) *Touched!*

Senario 2

kaka went to lucky plaza to remit money back to philippines and daddy , kor kor and me in the car waiting

Hazel : *cry *
Kor kor : dun cry okie? kor kor buy you sweets later.
Daddy : yup kor kor buy sweets for you
Hazel : *still crying*
Kor kor : Kor kor sayang okie? I buy you chocolate okie?
Hazel : * cry even louder*
Kor kor : Stop it can anot. (annoyed!)

Senario 3

Kor kor saw a convertable 2 seater

He point to the car and say to mummy :" The car so selfish hor mummy , only can sit two people! "
Mummy and kor kor are into taking photos. An guess who is their model of the day?

I am their best model!

Look at kor kor concerntrating! :) Mummy will post some of his master pieces soon
New flash cards. When I Grow up... Kor kor say he wanna be a BUSINESSMAN! " DA LAO BAN" wahaha


Saturday, February 21, 2009

21.02.09 - Birdpark ? Zoo ?

Mummy woke up early at 720am to bring us to birdpark as it was a free event from singapore tourism board for the first 2009 people to visit the places advertisted.

We reached there at 8.50am and mummy stopped ka ka and us at the enterance to queue before going to park. There was a parking fee of $2 and then mummy head to find us. At the enterance , we saw some thousands of people and there was a person holding a sign showing that the free tickets are fully redeemed. My god! what time did the first person started to queue?

It's already scary as it was all redeemed at 8am at the flyers too. :(

Mummy tot that we would enjoy the zoo better and we might see Auntie Pris and samuel would be there too , we drove to the zoo instead!

We took photos and we watched the sealion show. We missed out the elephant show and mummy say we should go there the next time we visit the Zoo.

We were beginning to show signs of tireness and so mummy hurried us to the kid's world.

I recharged with milk while kor kor started to play in the water. He had so much fun!

After my milk , I warmed up and played in the water too! So cooling to play in water when the sun was shining so bright!

We rest at the polar bear's place before heading home as it was going to rain. It's started to rain before we reached the car and so mummy went to pick the car and drove to the enterance for us!

On the car , I slept before even exiting the zoo. Kor kor watched the wipers for a while before the whole car was in peace. both babies have fallen asleep! :)

A nice day at the zoo!

After we woke up , It was time for food , memory board game , mazes and worksheets.

Mummy bought some new books for me and kor kor. Yes , I am starting to do some simple mazes , I have yet to understand that i have to follow the arrows , but I love drawing !

Kor kor is getting better at the memory board. He can get 4 pictures right in 3 tries. much better than the previous concerntrating time frame. :) He is showing improvement!
New flash card for me! " Emotions " Baby Edition! wahaha ...

19.02.09 - Swimming Time with Daddy and mummy!

I hate the heat and doesnt like it whenever mummy put on my swimming costume. (Wetsuit) as usual this time I make a big fuss over my clothings and mummy change me into this!

Don't I like good?

We had lots of fun swimming with daddy and mummy .

Kor kor bathe himself and to mummy , it's a new milestone. After swimming , he bath and wash his own hair. He is also capable to dress himself. He has always make mummy very proud of him.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

16.02.09 - 2 long days

It has been two long days of sleeping and resting in bed for mummy. whenever she tries to get out of bed , she will feel like vomitting. Nothing much can be done. Not even waking up to look at us play. Most of her time was spent in bed. Other than eating time , medicine time and some computer time. She cut and pasted some flash cards while lying on bed. She say she cant get up coz she feels so much like puking. Poor Mummy. :(

Sunday, February 15, 2009

15.02.09 - Mummy went to A & E

Mummy woke up with numb palms and after bathing .. the numb when to her mouth and tongue. Her head also begin to have terrible pain. Thinking that it was due to bad sleeping position , or slept o a nerve that caused the numbness , she changed and got ready for work.

On the car , the pain continues with feeling of vomitting and giddiness. Daddy say rest and after breakfast with something hot , the pain should go away .

It did not go away and got worse after mummy's hot tea and bread. Mummy called daddy and they went to Raffles Hospital in bugis and was referred to A & E.

After much cheaking ,Doctor say it was Margrain and send mummy home with MC for tomolo. Lots of rest for her.

When she came home , she rest alot and spent most of her time on the bed. The only time she wasnt in bed was to take photo of us having fun when we bath!

Look at our smile!

Kor kor enjoys bathing time alot !

Saturday, February 14, 2009

14.02.09 - Valentine's Day!

What does Valentine's Day Means to you? To mummy and daddy it's their anniversary too. They are married for 6 years already! :)

Mummy and daddy would buy things for each other and go for a nice dinner every year to celebrate their special day.

Daddy bought for mummy :

A Purple Gucci Wallet , A Wii for us to play together as a family and sent a bouquet of pretty red roses to her office!
This year we gets to celebrate this beautiful day too , as mummy says we are her valentine too. So we are also showered with gifts. She gave daddy a Liverpool Polo Tee...

Kor kor had 3 handsome ties ... and me?

Nice mummy and daughter t-shirts! This is our third and forth sama sama shirts le. I love my gifts and we love mummy and daddy like they love each other.
Congrates to Uncle Zhi Wei as daddy and mummy witness his propose to his gf cammy ... Now they are man and wife!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

11.02.09 - New Toys

Mummy bought new toys for us

Hazel :

Play cards to learn shapes and match the shapes with the cards. I am still not too interested in it thou. Maybe kor kor was around so I can't concerntrate on what mummy was talking about .... Kor kor always distract me. Wahaha

Keith :

Bingo for kids.

A card with 9 pictures and he is suppose to link a line to say bingo! Will be playing this game with him to make him recognise and learn the pictures with some fun added into it. For kor kor mummy always need to crack her brains to make learning fun!

Mummy wanna buy chalk boards for us to learn writing and our training chopsticks are also on the way. My training pants will also be arriving pretty soon!

The three of us on Mummy's Off day at Ah ma's place! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

09.02.09 - Mummy's HP Pronouned DEAD and New updates on our Home training

I took mummy's hp and had fun playing with it. I put it inside the toilet bowl and took it out again. I must have been in the toilet for 15 mins without anyone's notice. Mummy was in the computer room printing our flash cards , Thinking both of us were with Ka ka. Ka ka was playing with kor kor with her door closed , thinking I am still with mummy. :( Until ... I went to the computer room looking for mummy and passed her , her wet phone! :( Mummy nearly faint ... The phone has already auto off by itself.

Daddy pronouned it dead when he came back to look at it! :(

Okies... The updates

Flash cards mummy made today

1. A4 - Maths Dots 1 - 11
2 Things you find in the a) Kitchen b) Bedroom c) Toilet
3. Wild animals and Farm animals


Re : Linking Memory

mummy did linking memory ad to her surprise I can remember 4 ,6 and then 8 cards. I pick 2 cards by 2 cards and pass them to her. :) That's so encouraging and amazing thing for her. I added a smile on mummy's face after my little mischief in the morning

Re :Flash cards

Mummy is flashing these flash cards to me
1. Fruits
2. cars
3. transportation
4. numbers
5. alphabets
6 what are you doing
7. Life cycle of a butterfly
8. Flowers
9. Signs
10. car brands
11. Opposites
12. Shapes
13. colours.

She has changed a nice set of 10 cards for me. She is running out of flash cards. She has to make more flash cards for me.

Re : reading

I am not too attentive when read to me. Mummy has start to read to me in chinese

Re : writing

Mummy tried to hold my little finger to trace the alphabets in the room , I end up tearing the book and making her angry. :(

There are still so many things to learn and do... mummy is also in the learning stage. She knows al her efforts are worth while when we show results.


Re : Linking memory

Kor kor is still trying this game. Not really interested

Re : Flash cards

He likes to choose the topics he like himself. Still improving on this

Re : Reading

Kor kor has starting reading a few books a day and 2 or 3 is never enough for him. He would also ask for more. He read to mummy today
1. Help Help
2. Toot Toot
3. What can fly

He remembers the repeated words and mummy saw improvement.

Kor kor also talks and express himself better now. He discused on 2 topics today

1. family taking photos and a studio
2. and waking up in the morning.

They also started o reading chinese books. Mummy is still looking for sunshine phonics books!

Re : Writing

He is still good n mazes and will ask mummy if he do mazes everyday. His colouring skills has improved but he is still not good with tracing and his alphabet.

Not much done today as mummy was busy doing new flashcards and kor kor was rather cranky from no afternoon nap. He knocked out at 6pm drinking milk. He slept till 10pm , wake up and talk to mummy alittle and went back to sleep.

Mummy is trying not to compare between the two of us as we are both good in different things. But she just wanna see us trying and want us to know , she is also putting in lots of effort.

We might be going to the zoo on 21st Feb if can lend Yi Zhang's Company's Zoo card. We will see ... hehe

Friday, February 6, 2009

Toyota Wish

kor kor : I don't like your renault anymore. Next time I wannna buy Derrick Kor kor's Daddy's Toyota

Mummy : Derrick kor kor's Daddy drives a Toyota wish you know , keith. Why do you wanna buy such a big car? Dont you love conventables?

kor kor : So I can fetch you and ah ma mah

Mummy : which ah ma?

Kor kor : Our ah ma lar ( Mummy's mum)

Mummy : and who else?

Kor kor : and ah zor , hazel .... hmmm .... Jiu Jiu

Mummy : then daddy how?

Kor kor : daddy drive his own car lar.
We show love and hate very openly . Mummy say it's because of our age gap is very near and our memory must be really bad! :)
This is the way I show kor kor Love - with my hugs and kor kor loves to hug and kiss me back! :)

05.02.09 - updates

Hazel :

Height : 80cm

Weight : 11.4kg

Flashcard :

I am more interested in flash cards than kor kor is . My favourite flashcards are links to my hobby and first love of Food! Mummy is flashing to me more often and my concerntration level has indeed increased.
Mummy plans to do more flashcards for me , eg : body parts , utensils , animals, time, numbers, occasions and more food related cards like local food. hehe.

** happy thing : when tested yesterday - I got 9 out of 10 Qns correct. Yuppi!

Mummy plans to start

1. Mazes with me
2. Photo Memory
3. Picture Linking
4. Tracing

Kor kor :

Height :102cm

Weight : 14.6kg

Flashcard :

kor kor is not too interested in flash cards but he like Flashcards like cars , car logos , transportation . He doesnt like to be tested . :(

Mummy wants to make flashcards like : car parts , stationary , instruments cards for him

Mazes :

Kor kor loves mazes and can do 10 mazes a day. whenever mummy or ka ka says stop at 3 , he will beg for more

Activities :

Mummy make kor kor do activity books with like cross out the different item , colour the same items - he can do and understand rather well. He doesnt understand find 5 difference in 2 pictures yet but mummy is working on that.

Mummy would like to look for these things to help her coach us

1. Logico
2. GD Math dots
3. Novum Memory board

Anyone knows where to buy or is selling . please inform mummy! :)

04.02.09 - Kor kor is officially back to mummy's room

After a few days of waking at in the middle of the night and crawling right back to mummy's bed making everyone so tired with his migrating ... mummy have decided to let kor kor stay in her room for another year or so and migrate the bost of us together.

Re : Toilet train.

Ka ka has stop putting on pampers for me in the afternoon. Hopefully I will be toilet trained soon! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

02.02.09 - Kor kor touched mummy with his words!

Mummy opened the door and heard from the room laughters.

Kor kor : must be mummy come back le
** when he saw mummy
Kor kor : why you take so long to come home?
Mummy : I need to work mah.
Kor kor : for money ? for us?
Mummy : yes.
Kor kor run away saying : I give you money , I have money
Mummy : ?
Kor kor took a small box and inside it was coins. 5 cents and 10 cents coins. He grabed a big bunch and say : I give you money mummy, keep lar .
Mummy : So touched! :)

** News On kor kor's migrating.

Day 2 failed at 12.15am . Kor kor cried and run back into mummy's room agan. We will try it again tonight!

01.02.09 - Play Date at Xiao Yi Po's place

Mummy say I am more like a boy.
1. like to play ball and cars
2. like to play rough with kor kor
3. fall down also dont cry
4. very strong minded
5. like to fight with kor kor! :(

My favourite past time is " Eating!"

Kor kor try playing with the hula hoop! It was fun!

Look at the way kor kor plays the piano! Look like a Pro hor.
** Top News **
Kor kor cry and run back to mummy's room at 12.30am. :( Day 1 - Failed
But mummy will try again tonight. ( keeping our fingers crossed)

31.01.09 - Kor kor's new bed!

Mummy and daddy decided to shift kor kor to ka ka's room and so they brought a new bed from Ikea !

Daddy and mummy fixed the bed and kor kor slept on it on the very night! Stay tune to see if kor kor stayed on his bed the whole night thou.

30.01.09 - Daddy met with a small accident

Today we check out from our chalet. kor kor was alittle sad we are going home. He was having so much fun , he tot we are shifting in.

Mummy : we have to go home le.
Kor kor : we go home now and come again later?
* Faint *

We sat on Alfred kor kor's car to take some pics! Nice?

We had breakfast at macdonal's again today and on our way back daddy called and said : he was stationary waiting for the chance of the traffic light , An Indian driving a lorry knock onto his car. He is well but his number plate cracked and there was a little scratch at the side of the car. He wll be driving it to the workshop and go to see a doctor just in case. He got the day off. What a blessing he is not hurt. :)

29.01.09 - Chalet 2nd day

2nd Day of our chalet. Mummy promised us more activities are in store for us! We woke up bright and shine at 8am.

I am having my chcoolate bread as breakfast ! Hehe. Love is openly shown by us! :)
We played at the playground and had Macdonal for breakfast!

Nice pic of the three of us! ( I am still too busy eating wahaha!)
We played with bubbles and had lot's of fun. We also went to wild wild wet ... and enjoyed ourselves so much. Mummy was worried that the camera will get wet so no pics of that at all ! :(
We also watched the lion dance , mummy gave them a little Ang Pao for the hard work they had done! Kor kor also took a few pics with the lions!
We were so tired after everything , we slept at 5pm , wake up for dinner and slept from 10 plus till the next morning!

28.01.09 - The more you get together , the happier we will be! :)

Kor kor at 40 months , me at 16 months and megan at 18 months. As cousins and playmates , we are really very close to each other. We have some fighting time , quarreling time and of coz our loving times. We share our toys, joys and our love are shown openly and generously! :)

All 3 of us loves swimming at having a chalet on the 3rd day of CNY was great . We enjoyed swimming , playing , taking photos , eating together! Thanks to mummy and Xiao yi for having this chalet. Mummy is on leave till 2nd Feb 2009! :) Cool!

It's never easy to take group photos , these are 2 of the best pics!

How sweet to capture love in photos! :)

27.01.09 - CNY 2nd Day

A Very Happy Nu Year to everyone! :) This New Year is more fun then last year as I am already walking and life is made easy with our car! :) We leart that we must exchange oranges when we visit someone else's house and say greetings like " Gong Xi Fa Cai" or just "Gong Xi , Gong Xi " for me! We enjoyed visiting our relatives and collecting Ang Paos!

I wish everyone healthy and happy. Mummy wish that we kids stay healthy and clever . :)

The smiles on our face are always so priceless. I love kor kor and hopefully we will be as close as now forever!
We went to Xiao Gu ma's place for dinner , we go there every year on Chu Er for a very delicious dinner prepared by Xiao Gu ma! :) Thank You!
We also visited San Gu Ma , Ah Yang Su Su and Ah Xin Ah yi. hehe Their Toa Payoh house is very near to ours now. :)

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