Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30.08.10 - Great grandma is back home!

We went over to Xiao Yi po's house to visit Great Grandma. She looks ok and still could talk to us.

There are stitches on her eyebrow and her lips and as there was a crack in her bones of her kneecap, it is wrapped up in cast. She is told to try not to put that foot on the ground if possible. She can't walk so Ah ma and Yi pos bought her a wheelchair. They would also need to get her a portable toilet so great grandma need not go all the way to the toilet with her cast. Da Yi po also doesnt have the strenght to carry her abt.

The cast will be there for 2 months and after that they would have to teach her how to walk again. Things will be tougher for her now. :(

After we went home , kor kor learn his spelling words : Spiders and Eight legs , I did my mazes while mummy practice her bows!

She did a mary jane and a boutique bow for me! :) wahaha

Look at the cheeky ME! :)

29.08.10 - Mummy's day rest / poor daddy

Today is mummy's rest day , she brought us along to meet up with auntie Joey , auntie Magadeline and auntie Lifang.

We had Macdonals and went for a little shopping before heading home to have our afternoon nap

Mummy continur her afternoon tea with auntie Joey and lifang and they went over to look for auntie Diane at her nail palour in tampines ! :) hehe

Daddy on the other hand , has to work work work ... work on weekends and public holiday , works before and after work at the fruit store , ferries aunties to the fruit store and back home and also in charge of fetching us to school every weekday. He wakes up early to fetch us to berries on saturday mornings too!

He is my wonderful daddy! We do not have alot of time with him , he is not always there when we play but we love him , love him so much! :)

Mummy has been rather lazy with photos recently and Xiao yi mummy was asking for the pic of me wearing my new dress she bought for me , so here is the pic! :) hehe

Kor kor has grown so tall now. He is really growing fast and mummy would have to pick up the camera more often now since we are still willing to pose for her! :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

28.08.10 - New Skills for mummy!

Mummy signed up for lessons to make hairclips with Da yi and auntie Karen. They went over to Auntie Sally's place to learn the ropes to making beautiful ribbon hairclips

Auntie Sally is very patient. :)

These were the Products that she made! button clip , mary jane , basic bow , normal bow and boutique bow.

Mummy's model is always "ME!" wahaha but anyway the clips are meant for me!

Mummy is ordering many ribbons from a US Website and having them ship the ribbons to us.
This website also taught ways to tie the bows. :)

This is one of my personal Favourite! :) hehe
Xiao yi mummy is also waiting for mummy's ribbons to arrive as she wants a personalise hairclip too!
Kor kor wants mummy to make one for his classmate too! :) hehe
Mummy wants to make a few clips for both me and her for CNY .... It will be so much Fun!

27.08.10 - Great Grandma had a great Fall! :(

Mummy had a scary sms from xiao biao yi today

" Er Jie ! Ah ma fall down. Her head and mouth bleeding.
Ambulance fetch her already. She on her way to the hospital"

Mummy skipped 2 heartbeats ... Great grandma is 77 this year and the description sounds really bad. Mummy called Xiao Yi Po and ask how was things.

Xiao Yi po is on the way to the hospital with her husband and the doctor says her bleeding has stopped but both injuries needed stitches. Her tooth also chipped alittle.

She fell down when she was about to go to the laundry room to collect her clothings. She tripped and lost her balance and hit onto the handle of the kitchen cabinet. She has a deep cut on her eyebrow and her lip. :(

Great grandma would have to stay there for a day or 2 for observation!

25.08.10 - knowing he is wrong.

Today mummy was playing with kor kor , she was holding to the cane when kor kor came out from no where and hit her on her face with his booster. Mummy hurt herself , there was a cane mark on her face , very very close to her eyes.

Mummy cried ....

Mummy did not hit kor kor , but explained to him that it was both a dangerous and painful experience. She also told him that it could hurt anyone if he is so rough when he plays. He could injured me too!

Kor kor did not apologise at first , but he cried ... He cried because he knew he was wrong.

After a while , putting down his "Manly" pride .... he hug and apologise to mummy! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

22.08.10 - The way he show love!

Showing love everyday to ur love ones are how we nuture our kids.

A kiss and a hug before we leave the house , before they go into class , saying I love u kor kor ,I love u mummy or I love u daddy before we sleep is a norm in the tay family!

Hugs , kisses and words of praise , we are never stingy of! :)

Today Keith gave daddy a drawing of his version of the "Singapore flyers" and daddy show it to the still lazing in bed mummy ....

This is the best way to be woken up ... with the words so sweet and the drawing so beautiful! :) It warmth the heart!

We fetched daddy to work and spend some time at the fruit stall with Gu mas as we do not go over on weekends anymore due to everyone are busy helping out on the weekends. After that we had our naps before waking up for dinner and trips to the library!

While waiting for me , kor kor played with his DS Lite.

I like this outfit alot and the devil horns are so cute. I told mummy I wanted to wear my boots today!

I am glad to have a sibling so closely aged and knitted. I love u "Keith Tay"

kor kor loves and takes good care of me and he holds my hands whenever we cross the road!

We had fun reading books at the library, we read about our body this week!

I tried to use the computer in the library but there wasnt any games inside! :(

Here we are showing off our library cards. Mummy aims to bring us there every sunday! :)

21.08.10 - Happy Birthday Summer and Season!

Summer and season had their birthday party at Punggol Blk 635B today , It was a place with playgrounds , fitness corner , BBQ corner and places big enough to cycle or jog. It's a very nice family gathering place.

Look at how strong I am!

Birthday Girls!

This little boy ran up to mummy to smile for her camera and so mummy took a few nice pic of this bubbly boy!

See us slide

We had so much fun hust running around and playing!

The glow in the dark sticks were fun too

Simple things makes us happy! :P

Friday, August 20, 2010

19.08.10 - Chalet

Costa Sands Resort (Pasir Ris)

Tel. No.:+65 6582 2537


Address:159M Jalan Loyang Besar, Pasir Ris Park, Singapore 509404.

Duplex Room ($178 per night)

Bigger groups of holiday markers or families who want more privacy will enjoy our double-storey Duplex rooms, which come with:
Hall with television set, 2 mattresses and ceiling fan on groundfloor
Attached bathroom on ground floor
1 air-conditioned bedroom with 2 single beds, wardrobe on upper floor
Speedy boiler
Free Wi-Fi access

We had chicken wings , meat , prawns , satay , fishballs , meatballs , Otar , ah ma's fried chicken wings and beehoon , corns and hotdogs ... we had drinks and ice and liquor .... We prepared a birthday card for the birthday boy "Aaron" we were all ready for 1 night of fun with daddy's friends

I had fun just running around and playing with kor kor ...

We had bubbles play

We had some photo taking fun in the room with mummy , we were getting ready to jump!

After a few shots , we gave up. wahaha ... mummy says we are not jumping high enough or her camera len needs some upgrading *hint* *hint* daddy!

We had only food and my favourite food was satay!

Kor kor was rolling around me while mummy was trying to take photos of me , this made me laugh and laughed!

Simple things makes me happy!

This is my handsome kor kor! :)

Zhi Wei and Me!

Kor kor enjoying his cold drink

I had fun playing with Uncle Aaron's Son - Austin

Everyone was enjoying the FOOD!

We eat and we ate ...

Look at how good the food looked!

The fathers and sons!

Daddy has always been kor kor's role model , Idol and his favourite friend . Mummy is so glad that we love daddy alot and understands that daddy is trying his best to cater to everyone in the family!

Daddy helping kor kor with the meat balls!

Mummy enjoys seeing kor kor eat , eat , eat

The big boys and kids sure enjoyed a fun filled night! :)

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