Thursday, October 28, 2010

28.10.10 - Cycling around the house

Hazel has started cycling and she usually have cycle around the house ...

Keith has also started to cycle without his training wheels! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

25.10.10 - Funny things they do and say

We were exiting a carpark and there was a carpark attendent standing next to the cashcard machine

Daddy : Hi bro , can u help me to insert the cashcard? thanks

After exiting ,

kor kor : Daddy , how u know his name was "Bro"?

That makes all the adults in the car laughed!

Daddy explained : Keith , the kor kor's name is not bro, daddy didnt know what was his name is so called him bro as a short form of brother. :)

Hazel was lying down on the bed with mummy

Hazel : Mummy , I tell u a story . Once upon a time , the wicked witch brought little Nala to the forest and big Nala ...

Mummy : ??? So was it big Nala or little Nala?

Hazel : Keep Quiet , If not I will bring you to teacher emily's office huh? Sit down on ur chair now.

Mummy : Teacher , there is no chair?

Hazel : Dont talk! :(

I think this is wat always happen in school coz hazel is rather talkative. :) hehe and she react it for mummy at home.

They always do finish things and say the most innocence things , they are my angels! :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

25.10.10 - something to share

There is a new giveaway this month : The pat a cake baby blanket
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Good Luck Everyone! :)

24.10.10 - Lazy Sunday with Bad Haze

Mummy wanted to do art and craft with us and so she told us to draw and paint a PEACOCK.

We were told to draw circles like eyes all over the semi-circle and then we cut out a peacock face and stick it to the finished piece.

This is what mummy did

My master piece

and this was done by kor kor

We spent 1hour on this piece of art.

Then we went outside to cycle and play with bubbles!

3 naughty kids in crime. Our Playmate Kimi!

and soon to add on to our gang ... mei mei claire

Look at us play!

We always have lots of laughters together

I had a great fall while playing and running. I knocked into the cupboard near the tv. :( The bump on my forehead was hugh.
Mummy says I am a brave gal and there wasnt much crying. I also allowed her to apply "JamBut" and so the swell wasnt that bad.

Look at me Smile even after such a bad fall! :)

23.10.10 - going to the fruit stall

Due to the bad bad haze , mummy and kor kor is badly affected. They had block nose , ichy Eyes and irratated nose. :( We stayed at home the whole Saturday afternoon to "Hide" away from the haze!

After the rain , we decided to fetch daddy and also go over to the fruit stall to look for Gu mas. Ever since the start of the fruit stall , we seldom get to go over anymore.

Mummy bought this matching jumper for me and kor kor when I was less than 2 years old and now we can finally wear them! :)

Look at how loving we can be when we are not fighting with toys or mummy's iphone ...

Kor kor would always hold my hands ...

I simply love my darling sensitive new age guy kor kor Keith! :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

22.10.10 - Something to share : Giveaways

My is giving away something this Oct till Nov ! :)

Do view the page to find out more details! :)

Have fun and hope we'll win something! :)

18.10.10 - Our Routine

Kor kor has to be very discipine when it comes to his piano practice and so it was a 10 minutes practice every DAY

He would also have to :

1. Practice his abacas after finishing his worksheets

2. Do his Berries world homework before friday

3. Learn his weekly spelling

4. Do revision for math , english and science (2 pages per day)

Activities for me are more simple.

1. colouring to practice my pencil holding skills and also try not to colour out of the lines

2. practice writing abc

3. now mummy has also start me with numbers. I know how to match numbers to pictures , I recognise 1-5 with no problems, I know short and long and I can sit down patiently to finish my work. :)

On top of all this homeworks ....

mummy will do things that we enjoy with us too.

1. she would print out our favourite cartoon character ,

for me would be Dora and Tom and Jerry ,for kor kor would be Ben10 and Batman!

2. She would draw and paint with us

3. She would do sand art with us.

This is wat mummy would do with us everyday! :)

17.10.10 - visiting Clara and Baby Luke

Just before leaving the house , I told mummy I need to put "powder" then when I came out of the house ... that was wat mummy saw! :( Powder all over my face! *Fainted*

I had fun playing with Clara and sure hope mummy will bring me over more often.

We big kids were making so much noisy and having fun while ....

Our star continue napping and wasnt bothered at all about our noise

16.10.10 -swimming at Megan's

A nice saturday afternoon , after fetching daddy to work and went home to take our swimming gears , we pop by Megan's house for a swim and also have lunch there.

Da yi was going for her course so we waited for Yi Zhang to come back from fetching her there before going to the pool!

We simpily LOVE Water!

Look at me , enjoying all by myself!

We went down the slides Again and again

We took photos together

We laughed and we played ...

Kor kor was very helpful , nice and gentlemently.

After playing at the sand pool , we went back to the normal pool to have another drip before going for a shower!

Look at all of us! :) Still so energric after a 1.5 hour swim cum play!

Kor kor say he's a shark! :)

We bathed and wached our hair ...

before heading home for tv and noodles! :)

We were all hungry!

Mummy say she cant imagine if there were 2 me and kor kor coz we are a handful already.
She cannot imagine how life with me when she has kids, now she cant imagine how life will be without us!

Usually sight : kor kor holding and playing with his DS lite whereas I am equipped with mummy's Handphone! :P

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