Tuesday, June 29, 2010

29.06.10 - Gong gong is admitted into SGH

Gong gong has been really sick since last monday. His appetite decreased badly and he was vomitting too! :( He couldn't even eat much of his favourite fish porriage on sunday! He was down and really pale. He havent been to work and doesnt want to go to the doctor or the hospital.

Xiao Yi took half day off today to drag him to the hospital , they took a cab there. The place was so packed with people , there was no bed for him to be warded into! :( He was indeed sick sick...

Doctors say there is water in his lungs ... No good , Kidney failure they suspect. Tests done on him , blood samples taken and he waited for a while to be warded. :(

Ah Ma and Xiao yi are with him now , results will be out in 2 hours , mummy will rush down after work. :(

Praying hard to he will be already soon! :(

Monday, June 28, 2010

28.06.10 - Back to School!

First day back to school , Same old problem with getting up on time. :( Today it took Ka ka 30 mins to wake Sleepy Keith up !

When they reach downstairs as usual , kor kor dash across the road , with daddy screaming at him to stop! He stopped and avoided a red car from Hitting him , he looked to his right and just when he wanted to dash across again ... a grey car came out of no where .... Thank god he stopped in time!

Daddy skipped many heart beats and command that Ka ka has to hold both hands at ALL Times! :(

What a way to start a Monday blue monday!

27.06.10 - A simple weekend

I accompanied mummy to fetch daddy to work so that we can have to car later if we wanted to go anyway .

We were too lazy to go over to Tampines to pick up my Bolster and so we headed straight home!

Lunch : Mummy had Prata , kor kor had Kwa cheup , ka ka and me had chicken rice! :)

After Lunch ... We had Giant Strawberries!!!! from hongkong!

We have our usual nap and when we woke up , mummy was too lazy to bring us anywhere so it was ART AND CRAFT TIME!

Items Needed ;

A piece of drawing board
paint brushes
a paper plate to put the colours

Painting is something that can keep keith busy for at least an hour

His new stitch apron and his final masterpiece! Mummy did some touch up for him. He did 80% of the painting himself!

Hazel did this together with mummy but she made decisions of what colour to paint . She did 60% of the painting and mummy is already proud of her.

her new apron and pose with her masterpiece!

bubbles , bubbles , bubbles

Something that the kids enjoys all the time!

New bubbles gun from Xiao yi

Hazel loves to blow bubbles too! hehe
After playing , we washed up and went to fetch daddy!

Kor kor brought along his toy gun ... he said just like the police in hongkong with "guns"

Hazel's new butterfly top! My little butterfly!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

26.06.10 - Toy story 3 and Universal Studio!

After Berries World this morning , mummy dearest booked tickets to watch "Toy story 3" Yippie!

We bought popcorns and a cup with Buzz figuring on it - costing $11 for a set. :)

Mummy took a booster seat for kor kor and I sat on her lap! We enjoyed our popcorns and were talking rather loudly and asking questions thoughout the movie . Mummy think it was okie because most of the people watching the movie were Kids! hehe

After the movies ... we took a photo with the poster! :)

We went over to Grandma's for lunch , Gong gong wasnt feeling well and so we didnt stay long as we did not want to disturb him. We went home for a nap!

Da yi said there was a promotion in the month of June - Universal Studio viewing tickets (without the rides and admission after 7pm) cost only $2 per person!

So we went ! There were so many colour coded parking lot and mummy saw Universal Studio - Orange and green lots so we parked at Orange lot! There was a tram to fetch us to universal studio! Cool!

When we reached , we realise the closest to Universal Studio was the RED lots!

We took a pic at the Must take location while Da yi queue to purchase the tickets!

I wanted a pic of it alone!

Popcorn truck!


Roller Coster by Night!

The beautiful cars!

Nice Poses!

Night mode!

Monster Rocks!

Police Car!

Funny Hats ! Everyone were taking pics with it and we had to wait for our turn. Kor kor only wanted to be KING! so we waited!

Keith with all his expressions!

Siblings loves to take photos!

Sporting twin laid on the floor to take the STOP word!

The serving for the fish and chicken burger was big and the kids loved the fries. Reasonable price of $8.90 per meal! Not too ex for universal studio.

I had my turns with the hats when the boys went to the toilet!

The toilet was child friendly. It has a child size tap and washing basin for us! :) hehe

The gals Models!
The 3 Kiddos!

Keith doing his poses!

The normal and night mode!

ON the way back to the car!

Keith in his spiderman suit! Cool! He loves it so much ! Thanks daddy!

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