Monday, May 31, 2010

30.05.10 - Happy 22nd Birthday Jiu Jiu

Jiu Jiu is 22 years old today!

Birthday cake was made by Da yi and it was delicious!

Silly Jiu jiu and handsome kor kor

Mummy simply loves kor kor's smile!

The two babies of the De Cruz Family

Our cook of the day (Ah ma) and Jiu Jiu

Kor kor is more interested in the cake then singing birthday song for him , Hazel and her cheeky poses!

All cant keep their hands off the cakes!

Cake facial?! and I am enjoying all the cream!

The blacks and the whites

Nice pictures taken by our young camera man (Mr Keith Tay)
1st pic : mummy say to take pic of Great Grandma as a respect as she is the oldest in the family
2nd Pic : the Sister - something mummy learnt from them is that keeping a family together needs a lot of effort and initiative! :)
3rd pic : Xiao yi mummy and hazel! :)

29.05.10 - Saturday activites!

It's a PS3 afternoon , as Ah yang shu shu and Felice biao Yi came over . They were staying overnight today!

Look at how bored I am ! :( Kor kor loves to play and cant wait for his turn.

caught mummy taking pics of us , I struck a pose for her!
As Toy story 3 wasnt in the cinema yet , we went down to for some sports! ( soccer time , badminton , cycling and skate scooting!)

Look at us GO!

Kor kor is still practicing his skills in badminton!

4 tired kids and a tired mummy!

28.05.10 - Vesak Day

Early in the morning when I woke up , mummy gave me a box of beads ... she says I should have my own jewelleries now. :)

We made a bracelet for me and a necklace and a anklet ... I love them so much! Thanks mummy!

We met up with Da yi and went to Jalan Kayu Animal Resort!

General Description

Children are usually great fans of animals. They will have great time here with close encounters with small farm animals especially if they could hand feed them. For parents, this is a great place to escape from the concrete city building to a simpler "Kampung" life style. What's more, do I mention that the admission is "Free" ?

For family, if you want get in touch with nature and animals and do not plan for a full scale visit to the zoo, here is the best alternatives. The Animal Resort sprawled over 5 acres of rural land where your children could roam freely and smell fresher air. There are many small pet and farm animals where you could feed them with the food from the owner. For a small donation, you get to feed the fishes, rabbits, chicken, goose, horse, goats and other resident animals.

If you wanted to try your luck and having fun to catch fish in small stream, you get the chance by paying $5 and get a small fish tank to keep the fishes you caught.


T81 Seletar West Farmway 5 ScienceCentre Road

By Car
From TPE
•Exit by Jalan Kayu slip road and travel for 0.75 km (passing by shop houses and a petrol kiosk)
•Turn right to Seletar West Farmway 4
•Travel for 0.31 km till a side road and turn right to Seletar West Farmway 6
•Travel for 0.89 km till a side road, turn left and proceed to travel to The Animal Resort
From CTE
•Exit by Yio Chu Kang slip road and travel for 1.24 km
•Take slip road to Jalan Kayu and travel for 0.73 km
•Turn left to Seletar West Farmway 4
•Travel for 0.31 km till a side road and turn right to Seletar West Farmway 6
•Travel for 0.89 km till a side road, turn left and proceed to travel to The Animal Resort
There are available carparks in front of the Science Centre.

We saw Goose and ducks

And came up close and personal with a crane!
Weather was pretty hot and you could saw the adults hiding in any shade they could find ... But No the kids!

There was a place for dog grooming ... and so kor kor and me took a pic here

Kor kor feed the rabbits

and saw a horse too

Da yi bought some hay and we fed the hungry goats

A nice pic of Keith and Megan

The big and small kids

Our wonderful ka kas

Ah yang Shu shu and kor kor
After the hot hot sun bath ,Da yi suggest us to go for a swim and so we went back and took our costume and off we went!

What a way to cool down ! So shiok!

Splash splash!

Nice water pics

The kids really enjoyed the water play

Cheeky me

Dont we look like twins!
We went home for a quick nap and off we went again! For kite flying at the open field outside our house!

The kites looks so nice in the sky!
I didnt enjoy kite flying so Xiao Biao Yi , Ka ka and I went to the playground instead!

We love the slide!
Time for some quiet moments ....
Art and craft time!

All set up for sand art!

Us ... work in Progress ...

we invite Kimi over to play with us too!

We had Macdonals for dinner!
and then proceed to Scratch art , something new for me and kor kor but we had fun!
Our masterpieces and what a busy busy holiday!

Daddy : Vincent
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DOB : 14-08-1978
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DOB : 21-09-2005
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ME : Hazel Tay Qi Fang
DOB : 20-09-2007
School : Amazing Star Montessori House

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