Wednesday, September 30, 2009

30.09.09 - Mr Amazing Star! :)

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Today it's children day celebration at Amazing Star! Hazel was early bright and shine. Always loves to see her smiley face early in the morning. Mummy dress her up asa tinklebell today with Wings too! She looks so pretty!

Keith dressed in jeans , long sleeve shirt and tie all choosen by himself. He also wore Mr Amazing Star with his dressing. Never had to worry on this boy's clothings as he has his own sense of handsome! :)

Teaching kids nowadays has become so so much more challanging compared to the time when mummy was a child. That time , kids are not as smart and out spoken as kids now.

In Singapore , people says kids have no more childhood as they are rushed into school from as young as 18 months , put into all sorts of activities - right brain training , abasus , phonics , piano , ballet , swimming , etc ... parents compares from childcare centres to centres .... they sign up early in order not to be struck in super long waiting lists. They do parent volenteers for primary schools they like when their kids are as young as 4 years old - but to me all these are not Kaisu but a must now so as no to lose out. Eg : boy A goes to full-day childcare when he was 18 months , when he was 4 , he could read cat , dog, bus and knbows his phonics . While boy B went to school for 3 hours everyday when he was 5. when the two boys meet in primary , their spelling lists will be Aeroplane and helicoper. Who will be more stress?

Boy B's parents and Boy B's self esteem is also at risk.

Both Keith and Hazel are in Amazing Star Montessori now. They started school when they are 24 months old. They are not very fast learners , they have yet to learn their phonics sounds or read but their concerntration span is longer compared and more independent then before! It makesa a difference!

I sure pity kids these days but I pity their parents who are working harder to put the kids where they can best effort to give them unconditionally! SALUTE TO ALL PARENTS!

26.09.09 - Hazel

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Our little hazel - eating her biscult happily while kor kor keith hides in the kitchen to enjoy his Ice-cream! :)

Recently hazel drinks much more milk and much less food ... Mummy was getting worried at the nutrient she is getting from milk. She wakes up more times at night to ask for milk because milk is simpily not enough for toddler her age.

She is a stubborn toddler and she means it when he doesn't want her dinner or lunch but MILK! She will fuse so much if you refuse her milk! :(

Headache comes and goes all the time with 2 kids at home! Problems seem never ending , adding on with new problems to face with the kids! :)

But with challange there is always laughters and joy when problems are solved and lessons are learnt! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

21.09.09 - Pizza with Gong gong

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Ah Gong is off today and as it's Keith's birthday and also a holiday , Ah gong suggest PIZZA in the morning! :)

Jiu JIu went along with us ... As Jiu Jiu was working for pizza hut last time and knows the manager , we had free ice cream and orange juice! We also had a good 25% on our food.

Mummy went to develop some photos for gong gong to hang on the world. He is always very proud of his grand children and kids. We are all over his wall!

We love Gong Gong and Ma ma as much as they love us! :)

23.09.09 - Hazel and Keith Growing up ...

Hazel :

1. she is still pretty much a milk queen
2. She has been in childcare since October
3. She is toilet train at home during the day but as she is drinking so much milk at night ... mummy is not training to let her go pamperless at night till she is more ready! :(
4. She speaks in sentenses
5. Her command of English is good , whereas she needs to put in more enough in Chinese.
6. She is only interested in Chinese Songs and can sing Twinkle little star is chinese pretty well!
7. She is more like a boy in character ... She speaks her mind and when bullied will fight back .
8. with her friendly character , she makes friends easier and aunties uncles loves her.
9. She is independent but stubborn at times
10. She still wakes up for milk twice at night. sometimes once. ( 3+ am and 630am)
11. She can drink from a cup
12. She stands at 82cm tall and weighs 13kg.
13. SHe put on weight with her milk intake
14. She loves to eat sweets and Ice-cream!
15. She loves art and craft time
16. She loves teddy bears and cuddlies.
17. She sleeps without her pillows most of the nights now.
18. She is trying to cycle.
19. She eats chicken wings and loves to drink soups
20. She says good night, I love u mummy / daddy every night and likes to shower us with kisses

She is growing slowly but surely ... everytime she comes back from school with handicrafts or a new song to share , mummy's eyes will light up with delight. Mummy's little princess.

1. From young , keith was showered with love by everyone around him.
2. He has very charming eyes and dimples
3. He is still very much attached to his hanky .
4. His temper is still very bad when he is at home but he behaves differently in school
5. He started recently saying bad words and doing silly actions he picks up from school which sadden mummy.
6. He wakes up everymorning still crying to find his things or look for mummy
7. He wants to marry Hazel. :)
8. He always more than willing to help
9. He smiles with sparkling eyes
10. He loves art and craft especially painting time
11. he loves to cycle, swimming and the beach is his favourite outing !
12. He is a Water drinker although he prefers coke.
13. He loves sweets , chocolates and ice-cream
14. He sleeps on his own bed now
15. He stands at 110cm at weighs 17kg
16. He loves food like vegetables , dislike prawns and finishes his soups
17. He loves chicken skin and creamy cakes.
18. His new love is moon cakes
19. He likes Ben 10 and owns a ben 10 watch that he wears to sleep!
20. He shares a love and hate relationship with Hazel! :) but is always a sweet brother

Keith is a smart and sentitive boy , mummy is trying her best not to throw temper at him and take another view of approach toward him. hopefully he will grow into a fine young boy! :)

20.09.09 - Celebration at home

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Keith wanted to celebrated his birthday at a chalet ... mummy tried booking by as it was Hari Raya ... rooms were long gone! :(

Mummy tried to plan a big party in a short notice but most of her friends already had plans ....
So mummy called for a Family Gathering! :) Ah ma was to cook our favourites. Chicken Wings , Bee Hoon ... Mutton curry ,and Potato cakes. Mummy bought us cakes ! :) As kor kor was older , he got to choose his own cake . Mummy says that I can do that too next year!

We had Ang paos from Ah gong , Xiao Yi Po , Da Yi Po and Great grandma! Thank you! Xiao Yi bought keith a gun and gave hazel ang po. Da yi bought kor kor a ben 10 pjs and beautiful new dress for hazel.

We had lots of fun playing with da biao yi and xiao biao yi and uncle Anson spent his time watching 3 movies while the others played Mahjonbg - Their favourite past time when they meet.

We had Macdonals for dinner ! :)

Great Birthday celebration plus mini gathering!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

18.09.09 - celeration in school

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Happy birthday to Keith and Hazel ! hehe We had a mini celebration for the kids in school.

Mummy and daddy took leave just to celebrate this special day with us.

4 years ago , when they first had kor kor , he brought alot of joy to their little family , 2 years later , they had Me to make everything so complete! :)

We had cupcakes and a cake for the party , our friends sang birthday songs for us and we gave the teachers cupcakes too. Mummy bought little gift sets for our friends too! :)

Xiao Yi Po , Da Yi Po , Ah Zhou and all are coming over for lunch on sunday! Can't wait!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

17.09.09 - Art Time

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Art time never fails to put smiles on their faces. Mummy loves the bonding time and at art time , they also learn to listen. Mummy will give instructions

1. do not touch anything before mummy says start.

2. pick a picture u like.

3. put the colourful circles in the correct size circles in the picture

After that they can start on their own and mummy try to give them minium assistance when it comes to art work. :)

Art work usually ends up a happy learning experience!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

07.09.09 - Cousin Megan came over today

Megan wanted to go home with us today and as Yi Zhang is not back yet , Da yi said it's okie to let Megan come over to our place to play!
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We played with puzzles and blocks ... Our age gap is very close , so we love to play together!

Today , We had a Ice cream party , each of us had a cone with ice-cream! :) We had so much fun eating it all by ourselves!

10 - 13.09.09 - Comex Show

Busy busy busy .... We never see mummy for 4 nights le , daddy was busy from last monday till late tonight .... we still see no sight of him! :( Poor daddy and mummy are working hard to give us a better life.

Mummy always want us to study hard so as not to work day and night for the little money they earn!

Pc show also meant mummy had to work mon to fri at KPMG and weekend at suntec ... it's always fruitful as mummy can earn at least $500 on the weekend. It's good money! :)

We are looking forward to next friday as both daddy and mummy is on leace to celebrate our birthday at school. We will also be having a small party on sunday at our house! :)

16.09.09 - More and more like Daddy!

He ....

1. Spray Daddy's Perfume before going to school

2. He wants to Gel his hair just like Daddy

3. He wants to wear long pant and long sleeve

4. He loves strips

5. He speaks like Daddy

Ah Gong : Keith , your hair so long le , we go cut ur hair today

Keith : Cut in singapore so expensive , cut in Malaysia Cheaper!


14.09.09 - New Lens and New Sound System for the room

Daddy bought mummy a new Lens for her camera as they are going to Japan in Oct! :) Mummy is super excited with the trip!

Our entertainment room is almost done. Ka ka has shift to the balcony , the 32" LCD is up and Mounted to the console , the sofa bed is assembled , the lighting is fixed , the computer table and computers are set up ... the DVDs are all in the cupboards and last but not least .... Our sound system

Finding and searching ... Daddy decided on Onkyo! Save some money and also can get another DVD player. We went to audio house and got a great deal for both!

But we also scratched the car due to neglient and tireness .... hehe so save there to spend on the car.

Malaysia here we come again!

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We are alway mummy's models when it comes to a new camera or lens!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

05.09.09 - Conversation

Keith woke up and went to the toilet to pass urine.

Hazel : Mummy , I wanna pass urine

Mummy thinking she has her pampers on , did not answer her

she went to the toilet.

Hazel : Kor kor , I wanna pass urine
Keith : okie , Kor kor help u.
Daddy : Keith , mei mei has pampers on . Bring her outside to Ka ka
Keith : okies, Hazel ... kor kor bring u outside find ka ka
Hazel : My balloon ... (pointing to the red balloon on her bed)
Keith : u take ur balloon , kor kor wait for u

** Keith has always been very sweet to hazel when they are not fighting over toys! :) SIBLINGS! hehe

04.09.09 - Painting and having fun

A Weekend affair , Having a whole day with mummy also meant we get to play with blocks , paint and anything fun mummy can think of!
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Both Kor kor and I loves to draw and painting is our favourite activity!

Friday, September 4, 2009

02.09.09 - Playdate at Kimmy's House ! :)

Kmmy our neighbour is a friendly little boy , He is 2 years old , just like Hazel! We always have fun playing at his house or just cycling outside with him.

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A usual playdate and photo taking session at Kimmy's house. We always had fun playing with his toys! Kimmy's mummy is also Pregnant now , we will soon have a newborn to play with! :) Hurray~!

31.08.09 - First day at KPMG

First day at KPMG , met pei pei , my in charge and a few of my new colleagues. Had lunch with them and something made me feel very warm today ... I saw a printed copy of some hand sign on someone's desk when i was using for half day and tot nothing much of it until lunch. One of our Colleague has difficultity in speech and some of them learn simple sign lanaguage to better communicate with her. She was very friendly even towards me ! :)

I hope this is a good start at this new job! :)

29.08.09 - Shopping with Janet and Jess For mummy

It was really fun going out with Jess and Janet . We had Japanese food and lots of shopping.

I bought new nail stickers , bubbles hair dye and oxygen mask for my face!

Hope there will be more shopping trips like this .

Went back home to paint my nails , dye my hair ... getting all ready to start work afresh on Monday! :)

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