Wednesday, July 29, 2009

28.07.09 - Megan's Birthday!

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As usual , we went to Ah ma's place today! Mummy was on mc today so we had fun at the playground with megan jie jie!

Today is Megan jie jie's birthday , so ah ma cooked for us and we had cake blowing session! :) Birthdays are always fun coz we Loves CAKES! :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

26.07.09 - Keith's first Liverpool Match at the stadium

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Daddy has always been a number 1 Liverpool fan ! When he knew that they were coming to singapore , he is so excited. On the first day of the ticketing day , he queued up for the tickets like a boy having his ice-cream! :)

He bought 3 tickets as he was afraid that keith couldnt enter without a ticket. $88 per ticket and daddy exactly bought one for 4 year old kid! :) wahaha

The day finally came and all 3 of us wore liverpool tops and equiped with popcorns ! :) We truly enjoyed the day as a family. The kallang wave ... the sea of red tops! :) It was fun!

Friday, July 24, 2009

23.07.09 - Playtime together

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Nowadays we meet each other much lesser as megan is under her Na Na's care during the weekdays in Jurong and we go over to Gu ma's on weekends when mummy has to work. :(

When we meet we have fun together , of coz like our kids we fight and quarrel and pull each other's hair but we forget those pretty fast and soon u will see us playing together again. Hope this friendshp last Forever!

*** Birthday in Sept ***

Mummy is looking into

1. Cupcakes for school celebration

2. Cakes for famly celebration

3. Our Presents

Keith - 1 x Jeans , 1 x Pants and 2 x short sleeve shirts!

( Damage : $80+ )

Hazel - just to confirm. :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

22.07.09 - All prepared!

We are all prepared for School on 1st Aug 2009 at Amazing Star!

Mummy bought :

Kor kor

1. Ben 10 trolley school bag
2. Ben 10 Water bottle
3. Towel


1. Mickey mouse water bottle
2. 2 pairs of new shoes for school!

and I will be using kor kor's moo moo trolley bag as that is not too heavy for me and my towel will be in kor kor's bag. :)

Daddy also finally bought 2 very nice Liverpool Jersy for kor kor. :) On eof which he will be wearing to the liverpool match on sunday! Mummy and daddy will also be wearing their liverpool Polo Tees there. Our car is also all dressed up for the "event" hope we all enjoy it! :)

21.07.09 - Racial Harmony Day!

Racial Harmony Day (Chinese: 种族和谐日) is celebrated annually on 21 July in Singapore.

The event is to commemorate the 1964 Race Riots, which took place on 21 July 1964.
Racial Harmony Day also represents a day for schools to reflect on, and celebrate Singapore's success as a racially harmonious nation and society built on a rich diversity of culture and heritage.

In schools all across the nation on that day, students are encouraged to be dressed in their traditional costumes such as the Cheongsam and the Baju Kurung.

Traditional delicacies are also featured in the celebrations.

Traditional games such as Kutih-kutih and zero point are played in schools, where inter-class competitions are sometimes organised.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

20.07.09 - A Fun filled day!

Today was fully booked with fun. Kor kor , mummy and daddy went to malaysia at 1130am.
They went to Holiday plaza and they bought new games for kor kor - Mr bean game! His favourite!! They bought me a matching t-shirt with mummy! They had KFC for lunch and played playground while daddy went for his haircut - cheap and good! :) I like his new hairstyle and so does mummy and keith. :)
They went to had the car washed and petrol pumped before heading down to pasir ris to buy kor kor's jersy. But too bad they didnt have kid's size.
They went down to tampines to buy tickets for ICE AGE 3 (3D) and went to tampines 1 to search for the jersy in vain! :(
They had Raman dinner and kor kor truely enjoyed it. :) They watched Ice Age at 650pm and by the time they came home , it was 9pm already. It was a long day for them! :)
Kor kor played his game and slept at 11pm. :)
It was fun and daddy is planning explorer kids next off day with me! I just cant wait! :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

17.07.09 - Fun at Megan's place and a New Toy Rack!

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We were rather bored at home so after dinner we hop onto the LRT and went to Megan cousin's place for a play date!

We had lots of fun playing with new toys! :) hehe

We took a bus back home and alighted at the wrong stop! :( KUKU mummy ... hehe we had to walk so far ...

After we rest for a while we went to Ikea with daddy to buy a Shelf with drawers to keep all our toys. We had hotdogs and coke and lot's of fun at Ikea!

Kor kor Keith helped daddy fix the shelf till 1am and kept all his toys neatly in the drawers. What i tiring but fun day!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

16.07.09 - Stomach Flu In Children


The disease we call stomach flu is known medically as gastroenteritis. It's an irritation of the stomach and intestines. The throwing up and diarrhea it causes usually go away in 2 to 5 days.

How is flu spread among children?

Flu symptoms are highly contagious, particularly when people share close quarters as children do in school classrooms. Flu is spread among children when a child either inhales infected droplets in the air (coughed up or sneezed by an infected person) or when the child comes in direct contact with an infected person's secretions. This can happen, for example, when they share pencils at school or play computer games and share the remotes or share utensils such as spoons and forks. Hand to hand contact is also important to consider when thinking about how flu is spread.


The chief symptoms are an upset stomach, stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea.

The child may have a fever ,

Chills and shakes with the fever

Lost of Appetite

Extreme tiredness

Headache and body aches

Dry, hacking cough

Sore throat

Belly pain

Hazel is down with stomach flu , with fever as high as 38.9 and diarrhea for many many times. Lost of appetite. :(

She is a brave fighter with not much compliants other than tummy and backside pain. :(

Poor Hazel could not keep anything in , and did not eat much for the whole day. Went without pampers in the afternoon and told us correctly when she needs to pee or diarrhea. She missed once or twice which mummy was already proud of her.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15.07.09 - What to Eat For A Slimmer Tummy

Researchers have found that women put on more fat around their midsection as they get older -- and if you're stressed, overweight or menopausal, your waistline is more likely to balloon. But that's not to say a poochy tummy is inevitable with age: Couple cardio and core exercises with a sensible eating plan and you can stay trim and look fab, say health experts. With these belly-friendly diet tips, you'll be empowered to beat the flab.

1. Up your fiber intake

A recent Danish study found that women who ate more fiber gained less weight with age, particularly around their middle, than women on low-fiber diets. So how much fiber should you aim to take? 25 to 30 grams a day, recommend experts. Good sources include fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains.

2. Eat frequently

Stress causes weight gain because when you're often anxious or feeling overwhelmed, your body produces stress hormones like cortisol, which encourages the storage of fat in the abdomen. Studies have shown that hunger can trigger the same effect and send cortisol in overdrive, leading to an expanding waistline. To keep your hunger under control, eat five or six smaller meals instead of three main meals.

3. Cut back on saltSodium causes your body to retain fluids.

That's why a diet high in sodium can result in a bloated stomach as well as raise your blood pressure. Stay away from high-sodium culprits such as processed and canned foods, and whenever possible add flavor to your foods with herbs and spices instead of salt

4. Eat less fast food

Here's yet another proof that fast food isn't exactly the most diet-friendly food around: A study by the University of Minnesota found that people who ate fast food more than twice a week gained an extra 10 pounds over 15 years, compared with people who ate fast food less than once a week. Fast foods are notoriously high in saturated fat and sodium, which not only lead to weight gain, but also elevate your risks of health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

5. Cut back on refined carbs

According to recent findings published by the American Journal of Epidemiology, it's not the amount, but the kind of carbohydrates you consume, that triggers weight gain. Contrary to popular belief, overweight people don't eat more carbs than normal-weight individuals, but nutrition researchers found that they are more inclined to eat an excess of refined carbs.Refined carbohydrates are, for example, those found in sugar, white bread, white rice, white bread, pasta and cereals. Meals and snacks that are laden with refined carbs have a high glycemic index, meaning they quickly break down into sugar, causing insulin levels to skyrocket and blood sugar to spike. If this blood sugar is not used by the body, it is stored as fat.Replace refined carbs with unrefined carbs (wholemeal bread, whole wheat pasta, oats, veggies) and protein (lean meat) in your diet -- these nutrients break down more slowly, so you'll stay fuller for longer.

14.07.09 - Pampers free in the afternoon

______ ANNOUNMENT _____


As I am able to tell Ka ka , I wanna go to the toilet. "sh sh " or "bian bian" hehe


13.07.09 - Injection day for Hazel

Today morning mummy bought me to the polyclinic to have my last injection as I missed it at 18 months , she is also planning to bring me and kor kor for a flu and chicken pox vaccine. It cost $30 for each flu vaccine and $80 for chicken pox vaccine. Children needs 2 x flu vaccine and it has to be 1 month apart from each vaccine.

Mummy drove me to hougang polyclinic alone and I was a good gal as I was drinking milk on the way there. When we reach there , there was a wait of 30 mins just to have my injection and the nurse told mummy I would need to see the doctor for an assessment. :( Another wait mummy thot.

The jab was so painful , I cried and struggled and had a scratch from the needle. :( I cried for a long 30 mins....

It was difficult for mummy to handle me and carry my bag all at the same time. :( It was an experience for her.

Finally when we reach home when ka ka was rocking me on the yao lan , I told her ... " doctor naughty, poke my leg .... pain pain! :( "

Ka ka talk mummy , she don't know to laugh or to cry.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

12.07.09 - Life is so fragil! :(

On 9th July 2009 , My Brother in law's father left this world with no last words as he left suddenly when he was playing chess and drinking coffee with his usual friends. He felt heartache , stand up and fainted. He was certified dead on the way to the hospital . :(
Everything came so fast , it was so hard for his wife to take it. She was depressed ... She almost lost it at the hospital , behaving like a little kid asking her husband to go home ... I can totally feel her lost.

Today 12th July 2009 , My Secondary school friend ( a rather close one) called and told me , her mother passed away . She is 60 this year . She had a stroke and she was in the hospital in and out of ICU for 1 month and left suddenly after everyone left for home. She too didnt get to see her loved ones before she was annouced brain dead.

Life ... Life is really very fragil , it's scarcy to even think ablout it. I have not fully come to term about Jiu Jiu 's death and sometimes hopes he is still around. I think of him all the time and misses him so so very much. He did not even gave me a chance to return half of what he gave me ....

With all these death around me in this week , I told myself , dun be shy about telling ur love ones how much you love them , kiss them and hug them while you still can ...I love you darling keith and hazel ... I love you my hubby Vincent Tay - (dun forget ur promise to live one day more than me !) I love you daddy and mummy and everything you all did for me and my kids. I am really greatful to have the both of u. My sisters and brother - May we be each other's pillar at all times ( good and bad) and love each other and make time for each other ! :)

Thank you god for all my family and friends and bless them with happiness and Good Health!

11.07.09 - Gathering at Auntie Irene's place

We went to Auntie Irene's place for a gathering with Jerald, Travis , Hereen , Jade and baby Ryan. We had lots of fun and kor kor really like Jerald Di di alot. :)

It is always fun to interact and play with kids my age.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

05.07.09 - 08.07.09 - Genting trip! :)

We had so much fun all packed into 3 days 2 nights in our Genting trip. On Sunday night we took a comfy coach at 10.30pm , All 7 of us had a seat of our own except Me - Baby of the family .. Kor kor fell asleep shortly after passing the Malaysia Checkpoint ... I also slept before Yong Ping , Our first stop pit. I got to sleep on mummy all the way to Genting!

When we reach genting at 4 am , it was freezing cold , we hurry check into our room at first world ( we booked a room for 5th July) and slept till 10am before heading for breakfast with Gong gong and Ma ma ... We checked out of First world and checked in Genting Resort , a connected room with Gong gong and Ma ma ...

Next stop would be the indoor theme park. We had Heaps of fun , We went on the car rides , pony ride , bumper car , family rides like the Tu Tu train and reindeer ride. We made a wax mold of kor kor's hand . We had lots of fun. We took our afternoon naps and had a good dinner with Gong and ma and played at the game arcade then went to bed early on day 1

Day 2 , we went to the outdoor theme park and kor kor went to some scary rides which mummy and daddy tot it was rather brave of him. I also went to some kiddy rides and had fun till it was cut short because of the rain. We went back at 3pm to have our naps and had Japanese food for dinner. kor kor loved the food! We went back to the hotel room to enjoy some family time , we played scissor paper stone with mummy and daddy and I had fun sticking all the stickers on my face , kor kor found fun playing mummy's DS while daddy , mummy and ka ka watch tv ...

Day 3 , is going home day , we had breakfast with gong gong and ma ma before going to buy the tickets for snow world ... we wanted to go for bowling but daddy suggested snow world so that I can be part of the activity too.... We had so much fun in snow world that when it was time to leave , everyone was a little upset. kor kor's ears were all red and my nose was also red. I love throwing the "snow" at daddy and mummy .... It was great fun. We also took a video - seen below for RM$38 ( nice memory for us to see when we grow up! :) funny funny ... could be better but still very nice. Mummy love it!

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Let the photos do some talking ...

Our Superstar Movie - starring Keith , Hazel , Daddy Vincent and Mummy Florence. "Enjoy"!

Friday, July 3, 2009

03.07.09 - Winner for Jinbe

3 sets of JinBe to be won worth $25.90 each!Size: 18mths to 3.5yo as the string of the shirt can be adjusted.
- Simply leave down your name and email under the “comments” will do! - Winner needs to adsorb postage at $2.50 via Normal Mail.- All are welcome and judges decision are final.- Contest closes on 30th Jun 09 2359hrs.- Will post the winners name in a new posting.
Mummy Won this set for kor kor ! :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

01.07.09 - Phonics

Mummy had a hugh headache on how to teach phonics to kor kor and me.

These are the songs mummy let us see on youtube





A -

E -

H -

I -

W -

blending :







We also do activities and hopefully we can learn and start to read real soon! :)

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