Wednesday, May 18, 2011

21.04.11 - Where will we go everytime after swimming at sengkang swimming pool!


Kor kor wanted to take a pic with Ronald ... so Hazel Darling keep disturbing ...

My cheeky little darling Gal!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

20.04.11 - mummy's new job

Wat is so wonderful about mummy's new job?


She works 730am -430pm for 2 weeks

So we get to do so much more with her on those two weeks ! more art time ,swimming ... more homework and piano practice too.

and an0ther 2 weeks of 10am -7pm!!

That means she can fetch us to school ... eat macdonal breakfast with us before school ... and also have daddy fetch her to work!

The both of us shares breakfast deluxe and loves having alittle of everything! :)

We are big kid now ... so mummy doesnt have to feed us anymore.

We choose the amount of butter or honey we want and we cut our pancakes to the sizes we want! :)

Mummy is also happy that her drama queen is eating more now! :) by reducing some of her milk intake of coz ....

Monday, May 16, 2011

17.04.11 - daddy brought us swimming! :)

It was a Thursday , It was daddy's off day , Mummy works till 430pm today .... and so off to the swimming pool we went straight after school!

Striking some super model poses!

We simply love the water! :) Mummy says we have grown so much and she is ,missing the baby us now! :) wahaha

11.04.11 - fulfilling mummy's dreams

Sometimes I see keith fulfilling my dreams for me , as a kid I wanted to learn piano , learn ballet but I was no 2 in a family of 4 kids so putting us thou school and having food on the table is the best they can do!

Now I try to give them everytime they say they wanna learn and I Learn along with them! :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

10.04.11 - my durian gal

We walked pass a durian store and mei mei said she wanted durian. It was a rainy day , the durian doesnt look so good , and it was like 6 only inside a box and uncle quoted $2. Mummy said " another day" but hazel gave a super sad face! :(

We went home with just 1 pack!

The durian kid was contented!

Delighted! :) with the brightest smile on her face

It was finger licking good for my darling!

After that we proceed to homework time! :) Hazel darling is pretty good in math , but need more time in english and chinese. :)

Darling keith is improving everyday! :) He tries his best and that's the only thing I ask for! :) I am really happy to see progress in the both of them!

09.04.11 - Ah Mummy's birthday celebration

The De Cruz family has 4 kids and we would gather every now and then ! :) We are closely knit because of this woman - the pillar of our house!

She is a strong woman and she has always been a stay at home mummy to all 4 of us , cooking and washing. She cook Great food - no wonder all six of us ( including our parents) are on the "not so slim size" .

I relay on her so so much from marketing , to last min fetching the kids to school , to nurse them when they are sick , to buying my household products . She is there for me 24/7! I can't imagine life without her!


She loves and give in + pamper the kids to the max. They tend to bully her too. But no doubt that they love her as much

Today , Eliz baked a cake for her and we all gathered to celebrate her special day! :) Happy birthday mummy!

look at hazel staring at the delicious cake

They look pretty alike , dont they!

My cheeky handsome boy is a die hard fan for da yi's cookies and cakes

and the beloved sister of mine! :) My kids' darling Xiao Yi mummy!

05.04.11 - usual practice

04.04.11 - Auntie Joyce's birthday

We were all dressed waiting for mummy and daddy to come home and fetch us to auntie Joyce's chalet.

It was always fun to attend daddy's office functions because there will be kids our age to play with!

We bought along kor kor's cars set and we shared. Daddy also played with us and show us some magic tricks! :) We had Fun!

I like uncle aaron's daughter Kerin. She is so adoreable. :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

03.05.11 - We play together

We are very close , we meet almost every week , we love each other's company ! We are cousin! :) We are Megan and Hazel! :)

Usual Piano practice. :)

02.05.11 - Diaper cake

Xiao yi mummy is going for a newborn birthday party and wanted mummy to help her make a diaper cake and so they went to buy "ingredients" in the morning and was busy "baking" it while we kids sleep.

I like the outcome , how abt u? :)

01.05.11 - Last day in KPMG

Today marks my last day in KPMG. I have been working there since aug last year. It has almost be 2 years! :)

The feeling is weird. I feel happy yet sad and lost. I feel happy because I wouldnt need to drag my feets to work because of a horrid partner , I am sad to leave a handful of good friends and lost as I am uncertain what lies ahead of me. Would the new collegues be like the old one? Would I fit in? Can i do and excel my new work scope?

My dearest HR friends did me a card and wrote wonderful words in it. I am very touched and I am really glad our path crossed

Good luck everyone and to myself too! :)

30.03.11 - Learning with the kids

Keith practicing his piano as usual! :)

Suddenly , I feel so lucky to learn with and from my kids.

With keith , I picked up roller blading (self learnt with him at the void decks) ,piano, thou him I learn abacas and mpm maths . With them , I learn patience and thou them I felt unconditional love! :) I am so lucky to be with them and see them grow , I am so lucky to have these two wonderful kids ... I may scold Keith ( my first born) pretty often but I love them just as much!

Thank you keith for learnt with me and teaching me. Thank you Hazel for teaching me new songs and being a very nice daughter! :) I love you both and of coz the not so fortunate daddy which missed some of their growth trying his best to keep food on my table. :) Thank you daddy Tay!

Monday, May 9, 2011

29.03.11 - power ranger

He says he is blue ranger! :)

kor kor is very into power ranger lately! He watches Jungle fiery on youtube , on television ..and talks about them everyday!

his usual practice still continues

27.03.11 - Life gets easier as we grow

We use to fight over little things and Big things. We always cry when ah ma carries the other. We are 2 months apart and we are getting closer as we grow! :)

Mummy , Da yi and Xiao yi mummy brought us to serangoon Nexx for water play!

We love water and had so much fun running around!

Kor kor climb , run , slide and love the "workout!"

While I make my rounds ar the slide!

After water play , we had "MACDONALS!"

kor kor's now favourite is "Chicken Nuggets"

Xiao yi mummy bought us balloons and it was a little soft by the time we reach home as we used the pic to decorate our bed front. :)

See what we did with our supper! :) hehe

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