Friday, February 29, 2008

28.02.08 - Ah ma and Keith had an accident! :(

Everyday , Ah ma will ride on her bicycle to ferry kor kor keith to and fro school.

Today was a normal day , good weather , no rain , windy ... Ah ma left home at 5.30pm , half an hour earlier to pick kor kor up as ah gong was at home. On the way back home , ah ma and kor kor met with an accident. An old uncle didn't give way to them and ah ma had to pull her brakes in order not to collide with his bicycle. The end result? The old uncle did not fall or have any scratches on him, keith who was hugging his bag , also wasn't hurt ... just a little shocked and cry a tear or two ... Ah ma was the poor thing one! :( She had bruises (Big , hugh blueblacks) , stratches on her legs and hands ... and her leg was swelling ... but she managed to ride home and ven cook dinner for us! :)

To me , ah ma has always been very independent , brave and we can also feel her love for us! :) I am so lucky to have ah ma and I guess Kor kor feel the same way too... "AH MA , WE LOVE YOU! :)"

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

26.02.08 - Family picture

Kor kor Keith's Handy craft project in school needed a family picture and here we are trying to pose for a family picture. Mummy says daddy had been really busy after the birth of me (Hazel) , and also because of his promotion , he needs to work hard and long hours. All the pictures we have in either me and kor kor , mummy and me , mummy and kor kor or the three of us. we can also find pictures with kor kor , mummy and daddy...

Daddy tells mummy I am a daddy's girl coz I will smile at him and even look attentively whenever he talks to me ... Daddy loves me alot and I can senses at from his smile. I love him too

My Signature Look - LALALAND Look! :)

Daddy wanna hear me sing?

Daddy giving me a pair of rabbit ears ... dun they look weird on a princess?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

24.02.08 - @ Gu Ma's Place (Sunday)

It's a normal sunday trip to Guma's place and mummy manage to take some pictures of kor kor kissing and sayanging me! :) Mummy say kor kor keith has always been very loving towards everyone since young.

I am a happy baby that loves to smile at everything. mummy's working friends says that I live in lala land with everything and so I am also eaily contented. LOOK AT ME SMILE! :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008


23.02.08 - A Normal Saturday at home with mummy! :)

It's Saturay Art time for mummy and kor kor ... today Our neighbour Kor kor Dedek came over to play ... You shd have seen the mess ... Mummy says seeing smiles on kor kors face makes everything worth it (Poor KAKA) hehe ... Mummy seems to be enjoying this once a week thingy more than anyone. She says I can join in soon! :)
Today mummy taught kor kor

1. to use apple to make prints on paper - and it did turn out more or less like a "expensive" art piece!
2. That kor kor derek , mummy and kor kor keith's hand prints ...
3. that's kor kor keith's handprints all over the paper ...

This is not a normal toy , that is part of mummy and kor kor's handy craft . They are made out of cardboard foam ... There are chicks , mother hen , ducklings , piggies, cows,horses, a farmer , 2 houses, a big tree and kor kor's favourite ... THE TRACTOR! :)
Princess Hazel in the making!

There is a Princess in every little girl. I am Mummy's Beautiful Princess ... and Kor Kor is Of coz the Prince.

My First Naked Pictures... ( I ask I was all happy abt it)

18.02.08 - A smily morning! :)

Kor Kor loves this doggy alot , he send him kisses and hugs more than whatever he gives ah ma... heehee ... Look at how happy he is , and seeing his smile in the early morning MADE MUMMIES DAY! :)


04.12.07 - Kor Kor with Barney

Kor kor Keith with his Giant Barney and his remote control.
He controls which channel he wants to watch every night

Kor Kor's smiling face

Kor k0r Funny face! :)

Kor Kor Keith loves to watch Barney and sing along with them, he watches them every night till he knows the songs really well. He would force mummy to watch with him! :( That also means lesser time with me as I still dun really knOw what is Barney!

03.12.07 - Kor kor Keith and Me! :)

That's me! Hazel Tay at 2 months and 13 days old
Mummy loves to sit me at our Sofa and take Pictures of me!

Too bad. Mayb Next time ...

This time mummy did caught Kor kor trying to kiss me
hehe ...

Kor kor Keith has always been a loving boy , mummy said that he was jealous when I came into the house on 26th sept and bullied me for a few days , hehe Kor , dun worry if there is another didi or meimei in future, I bet , I will be jealous too! :)

26.11.07 - Mummy brought kor kor to see Barney Live! :)

Barney and BJ

They sang and danced and kor kor really enjoyed it! :)

Kor kor even took a picture with them! :)

Kor kor took some pictures after that

Pictures of me ! :)

Kor kor loves me! He is always somewhere near. He gets jealous sometimes and hit me or throw things at me but mummy keep telling me kor kor LOVES me ! :)

See how much kor kor loves me and how well me and Jie jie meien gets along! Ah ma says we will be best of friends when we grow up!

Mummy says I change everyday and I am prettier each and every day! :) I sleep alot coz I am still a baby

See me sleep!

I am a good baby ... other then hungry , sleepy and hot! I become super cranky!!!

Then so peaceful when i fall asleep.

Hungry cry waiting for milk. Mummy say I cry like that at night too! :)

20.09.07 - How did I came to this world ...

Mummy went to see Dr A.L Lim on 19.09.07 , Me , Hazel Tay was already late . Mummy's EDD is today and I am showing no signs. Dr lim was telling mummy , we have to wait another few days and if there is still no movements ... then we might have to induce but as I am hugh 4kg baby , Dr lim wanted mummy to wait for me to be ready

At 12am , mummy felt pain in her tummy , she told daddy the pain was alittle unbearable ... but she doesn't know that was contraction as she didn't had any when she gave birth to kor kor keith 2 years ago ...

Mummy : Dear , My tummy ache
Daddy : So late le , I think Dr Lim sleep le , why not you try and get some sleep and wait till morning then we see how k?
Mummy : ok! :(

Mummy knew the pain will just get worse , but if it isn't emergency , daddy won't want to trouble others. Mummy walked around the room , bearing all the terrible pain as it gets worse and worse ...

At 1 plus close to 2am ... mummy's water bag brust! :) "Hurry! " mummy scream inside her and told daddy when he came into the room after his Mahjong game ... (was about to jump into his bag to sleep) " My water bag brust le" Daddy hurried call Dr Lim and he asked us to go to the hospital immediately.

Mummy went to bath and called Ah ma to come fetchKor kor and Ka Ka Ros over ... Kor kor woke up and wanted mummy to carry him ... with all the pain , mummy carried kor kor downstairs ... and Ah ma took after after that

On the cab , the contraction was onces every minute and the pain was really alittle too much for mummy! She could only pray that the cab could fly to the hospital NOW!

In the ward , Nurses cleared mummy's bowels and ask if she needed Epitural ... Mummy said No as she didn't have it when she gave birth to kor kor

She did have jabs on the butt to relieve some pain but as time tick tock pass , they pain was so intenses , she was screaming for help.

Daddy felt so helpful , he could only offer her his hands.

2 hours of pain , mummy gave birth to me. 3.56kg me with 2 pushes as my shoulders were stuck ... hehe a little plump baby! :

Daddy : Vincent
Age : 30
DOB : 14-08-1978
Office :

Countup Timers at

Kor Kor : Keith Tay Xiang Yuan
DOB : 21-09-2005
School : Amazing Star Montessori House

ME : Hazel Tay Qi Fang
DOB : 20-09-2007
School : Amazing Star Montessori House

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