Wednesday, December 30, 2009

29.12.09 - My Keith and Hazel

Hazel's daddy song

daddy goes to work ...

daddy no work , no money

no money to buy sweets

no money to buy toys

no money to buy chocolate ....

Joke of the day

Daddy went to fetch keith and hazel home today
Daddy : keith , can u help me take mei mei shoes for me
Keith : which one is mei mei shoes?
Daddy : the one on the top shelve
Keith : which one? I dont know
Daddy : the one beside the blue one
Keith : which one?
Daddy : there , right side of the yellow one ....
Keith : where?
Daddy walked over and picked up mei mei shoes
Keith : DADDY ... why dont u just tell me it's the PINK one! :)

Alot of things other then keith still asking us to carry him , he feels like a big boy now.

We went to united square to have our ben and berry ice-cream , we had chicken rice and yakult. We went to ah gong house today and we were unhappy about having to be confined in our car seat but we did! :)

mummy overhear kor kor talking to me

hazel : kor kor why u still have yakult?

keith : coz kor kor havent drink mine. u finish urs le is it?

hazel : yes. :(

keith : later kor kor open , kor kor share with u okie?

hazel : with a hugh smile on her face ... "ok" hehe

the two of them are always loving to each other when they are not fighting over things. hehe my two darling!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

26.12.09 - 27.12.09 - Birthdays

It was Uncle Wee Hwa's Darling Daughter's 2nd Birthday today!

Daddy and mummy decides to bring us along! We had fun playing at the playground!

Look at kor kor , he picked up a flower and put it on his head , he is still a pretty boy!

We enjoyed playing with the birthday gal! :)
The next day , we went to Yee Po's House to celebrate Yee po's birthday! Mummy bought a Big cake for her!

We played with megan and had fun helping Da yee po blow her cake!

I needed a hair cut and so Da yee po helped me! :) Neater now?

We had Ice-creams while the adults play Mahjong! :) hehe

25.12.09 - Merry Christmas

We had fun playing with Biao yees. :) They were really very nice to us. :) We are fortunate to have good family! :)

Nice Pics

Sexy me is getting ready for Wild wild wet! :) hehe My nice bikini and my big big tummytummy!

We woke up early as we will be returning the keys for the chalet and head home! 3 full days of fun-filled family activities! ;)

See how strong I am - milk queen never waste the power of MILK POWDER!!!!
We spent the whole afternoon sleeping as we were too tired after the chalet! hehe

24.12.09 - christmas eve

Mummy and the rest booked a chalet and we will be spending this christmas at the chalet!

We checked in early as daddy and mummy are on leave today. We unloaded all the items and then head to the beach to fly our kite and enjoy the sea breeze!:)

The wind was very strong but our kite didnt fly up too high as it was alittle out of balance ... Daddy say it's time to buy a new kite!

Always lazy to walk , Mummy place us high enough to see the kite fly and make sure we dont wonder away from them! :)

swimming is a all time favourite past time at chalet! :) A nice group photo without mummy and daddy as they were the photographers! :)

Cheeky Keith and megan loves to water and moves freely in water , whereas my little baby needs more time to adapt to the water, whenever she is fully comfortable - it's time to get out of the water! *faintz*

We enjoy the food when the adults BBQ them for us! :) Kids always get to enjoy the most at chalets.

Uncle Dennis bought this gun as an additional christmas present for Kor kor!
We played , cycled , swim and enjoyed running around. By 10pm , we were all in bed! Looking forward for Wild Wild Wet tomolo! :)

23.12.09 - Roller Skating! :)

The kid's favourite past-time !!!! Rollerskating! :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

19.12.09 - Auntie Yingjie and Uncle Jason's wedding

Auntie Yingjie grew up with daddy , they are very close cousins when they were kids. Auntie Yingjie is 3 years daddy's junior , the same age as mummy! :)

They played together and the older kids would bring them to the movies on holidays!

The pretty , Smiley Auntie Yingjie and Uncle Jason!

Nice bathroom and a pretty ME! :)

The boys are has all grown up le. :)

Pretty Zhixin and us ! :)

My new found friend

The girls !

I lasted the whole wedding ( 11pm) as I had alot of jie jies and kor kors to entertain me and mummy brought mighty minds to let me play! :) hehe
It was an enjoyable night and a nice Family gathering for all of us! :)

17.12.09 - Uncle Ronggui's Wedding

We took a train to the hotel as daddy drove the car to work and will meet us there when he finish his work! :)

We were rather well behaved on the way there !

Mummy entertain us with kor kor's toy car and our little photo shoot sessions! :) hehe

Keith with God-father Matthew!

14.12.09 - having Fun with Terrible Two!

Nowadays it's always fun at the dinner table as I can slowly self feed myself! :) hehe Mummy always beleive that she can soon truely enjoy dinner with us on the dinner table!

Hazel :

Going thou Terrible Two . Says No to everything ... :(

Milk is still her favourite
Breakfast is always bread but cant finish even one piece of it.
Lunch in school , teachers says she is eating well
Dinner is so little and sometimes she make do with just soup! :(
Supper is 2 or 3 servings of MILK! :(

Yes ! You heard it Right , My baby girl is still waking up for 2 or sometimes 3 times in the night!

She weight 14kg and standing at 84cm , on the whole she is growing up well.

She shows her dislikes and unplease with Tantrums! :( She cries at everything and always says it's other people's fault! *Faint!* , but she gets over it pretty fast , I must say. Like crying badly about Keith biting her at one moment and smiling after Keith says sorry and give her a hug.( She is lucky Kor kor is always making an effort to give in to her)

She is Possessive !

She can't seem to be able to share her toys , her dolls or her mummy with kor kor but expect kor kor to share and give in to her all the time. Whenever mummy carry or hug kor kor , she wants the same but cannot share! :(

Mummy trys to go thou this stage with her "Peacefully"

- provide her more room to play ON her Own!
- distract her when she is frustrated by introducing NEW games
- Make her beleive sharing is better , eating together is more fun!

Hopefully we will get over this stage with lesser tears ... Have Fun

Friday, December 18, 2009

13.12.09 - Uncle Zhijing's Big Day!

The blissful wedding couple! :)

Mummy known Uncle ZhiJing since her working days in Cybermind 10 years ago , he was like a big brother then. The last time they met up as on my Full month! :) that was 2 years ago . They didnt get to atch up much at the dinner as I wasnt keen in sitting at a wedding dinner , going thou 10 dishes. :(

Kor kor wasnt feeling very well too , so we left at te 7th dish... these are some photos we took before I became cranky! :)

Happily posing for mummy! :)

Nice pic with mummy but she complains that she looks fat here ... :( hehe

12.12.09 - Sentosa and Flyers

We had cheaper tickets to the flyers , so a whole gang went today!

Mummy and daddy bought us to sentosa in the morning first and we were rather tired before the flyers and both of us caught some sleep on the way to the flyers.
At Sentosa , We went to Underwater world , the beach and butterfly park where we catch butterflies and took photos will them! :)
More photos will be uploaded soon! :)
At Flyers , we enjoyed eating titbits and taking photos. After that we had dinner and a walk or more like running around the park! :)
Great Family time spent!

11.12.09 - Kids says it all! :S

Kids really says whatever the want! :S
Today was Auntie Zenn's Big day and so mummy rushed home to pick kor kor up for the dinner! :)
Keith say Auntie Zenn so pretty today and Keith is soneone who loves pretty , beautiful things. He always choose handsome clothings and gel his hair before leaving the house. He is on the whole a neat boy!
He enjoyed the food of the dinner but he commented something when the groom came is. " WHy ah zenn's husband not handsome! " >>>> ooooPs! :(
Mummy has to explain that Love doesnt have to be with someone handsome or beautiful , it's a feeling for each other ... but I guess he is too young to understand for now!
May Ah zenn and Philips be happy and have a bai bai pang pang de baby SOON! :)
Best of Luck! :)

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