Friday, October 31, 2008

31.10.08 - Once A upon a long long time

These photos are so so priceless.

Mummy 7 years old - 4th from the left. Last row

10 years old Mummy on teacher's day - On Ms late Woodford's right.

10 years old mummy ! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

30.10.08 - Model again?

It's getting harder for mummy to take photos of me , let alone be her model for her CNY Clothings. Haha

Eating biscults.

Go wakie wakie kor kor ...

Chasing after kor kor , who is going to the toilet

Peeping at kor kor ... and trying to take out my dress...
So much headache. haha

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

29.10.08 - wat we do on the way to school

This is wat they do on the way to school ... hehe

Making faces ...

Smiling face

What is kor kor doing? fat fat face again?

Mummy and kor kor just loves to show how much they love each other in photos. haha ...

28.10.08 - Sweet!

Playing time for me while waiting for kor kor's bus ...

Mummy and kor kor on the train on the way back home.

Kor kor : why must we give place to the auntie
mummy : auntie old liao mah
kor kor : mummy , when you old liao , I still love you! :)
mummy : I love you too , keith
mummy : Keith , when mummy old until cannot walk liao , will you carry me like i carry you now?
kor kor : yes ! I drink alot of water and I eat alot of food , I can carry you! :)

Warm and touched by whenever kor kor say , even thou she wasnt sure if the answer will be the same if she would ask kor kor 10 or 20 years down the road but what was said TODAY was enough for her! :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

27.10.08 - swimming for kor kor and megan!

I am having a running nose since Friday but we had been planning for a swimming trip for the longest time .... So kor kor and jie jie Megan went ahead without me! :(

Some photos of them in the pool!

Having fun ! They played for an hour! hehe and kor kor went on the slide a few times.

Resting after bathe!

Nice photos together? smile!
At night ...
Why kor kor always gets to eat lollipop and me ... only gets to see him enjoy?

I must call Dad Dad to lodge a complain!

Kor kor enjoying his lollipop and hazel playing with the sticky plate ... :( Faint*

Sunday, October 26, 2008

25.10.08 - Acheivements and House warming at my uncle's place

AT 13 months

- I can walk !
- I can point to my eyes , nose , mouth , neck , ears and hair when asked
- I can open and close the drawers when mummy told me to.
- I can sort some simple shapes.

Housewarming at Da Bo house at Bishan. I had fun climbing up and down the stairs.

I am unstopable!hehe

A photo with kor kor? Is ur jelly nice?

I wanna go up !!!

Stop taking photos of me leh mummy ... hehe

My Da Bo is a SIA Pilot , so OG Ah gong took his hat for kor kor to take some photos with it. Pilot as a future career?

Our future pilot and handsome daddy!

Our future pilot and handsome OG ah gong!

Friday, October 24, 2008

24.10.08 - Deepavali celebration in school

Everyone knows my mummy doesnt cook and she is not really good at household chores , but she trys her best when it comes to us. She give us 101% effort. hehe

It's Kor kor's school celebration today and everyone was support to bring something to share with their friends. Mummy didnt want to buy something off the shelf , so she MADE HELLO KITTY CHOCOLATE! hehe it's her first time , not too perfect but ...

These are the pictures of her chocolate!

Hello Kitty and friends!

Mummy didnt wanna carry me , so I cry lor. :(
Sharing as siblings normally links to "Fights" hehe

But to be fair ... I am always the one to start the fight. :) But end up crying and losing! :(
After the "fight" we are happy again and finally sharing. hehe
Kor kor in his handsome Indian Prince outfit , really for the party!
Kor kor try mummy's chocolate on the bus. haha ... NICE!
Some photos with mummy
Mummy and kor kor playing a fool! :)
Kor kor with his classmates!
Happy deepavali!!!

Nice shoes for CNY!

Mummy's shopping spree continues. New shorts and pants.
Some pics with kor kor! :)
I wanna eat those strawberry sticks on kor kor 's hands ... to busy for photos , mummy! :)

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