Monday, August 31, 2009

28.08.09 - Last day at VW!

Last day at Volkswagen , Looking forward to leave at 1pm ... bid goodbye to everyone and fought hard to keep my tears in my eyes when I went to say goodbye to my Lunch kaki - Janet. Knowing that leaving would definately distance us ....

My worklife in Volkswagen made me grow , grow to know that human are selfish and never to really trust anyone else but yourself. This is a cruel life but REAL !

Looking forward to meeting Janet for lunch with Jess tomolo and looking forward plus a little worried about meeting my new colleagues on Monday! :)

Mix feelings for seriously glad that I am over and done with VW! No more weekends , no more Launch or carrying bourchure all alone in the storeroom! :) No more backstab , back bleeding me. :)

26.08.09 - Bidding Goodbye and last lunch break with Janet

Bidding goodbye to Nicholas Team as mummy will be meeting them the last time. Saying goodbye to Jaime , Sheryl , Nai Ge and Uncle Jerrome. As much as everyone would say to keep in touch , it will never be easy as working hours are so different and all. :(

Mummy was also to have her last lunch break with her favourite special friend , Janet! Someone which leave a print in mummy's heart. Someone who she know is worth being friends for a lifetime! :) She was a little sad knowing that after today , meeting Janet is restricted to weekends ...

They had our Xin Wang ... and did some shopping at Anchorpoint. she might not be going there for a long time after she leave VW.

10 months at VW ... leaving is very difficult as everything is so familar. :(

Monday, August 24, 2009

24.08.09 - Knowing my last day and starting my new job early

Mummy's last day is 28th August 2009 , alot of people still doesn't know that she is leaving.

She first day of work at KPMG starts 31st Aug 2009 ! :) She has brought 7 shirts and 1 blouse and 2 skirts for her new job ! :) Xiao yi also gave mummy some shirts and blouses that is super new and she doesnt wanna wear them anymore. :) Cool!

She is ready to start work and face new challanges and learn new things. She is of coz looking forward to her Japan trip wth Daddy's company on 12- 16 Oct! :)

She will be going to Bangkok on 19th -21st Feb with Yi Po , Da Yi and Xiao Yi too! :) Happy Shopping!

23.08.09 - Teaching Keith Math and Science Everyday

Mummy gives Keith homework everyday . From writing his alphabets to Maths to Science and Mazes

Keith is a Master in Mazes , He is doing Mazes for 5-6 years olds and he is really good at it. For alphabets , he start slow. He knows all her Capital Letters but is starting to learn the small letters now. He is now at g,h,i,j ...He knows how to write his name : Keith Tay !

His Maths is very bad ,he still struggles at what is before 10 and when comes after 13? He sometimes count ....9,10,11,12,13,14,15,17 .... :(

Mummy has a really hard time teaching him and making him concerntrate. :(

He is better in Science as he can understand non living things and livings, insects has 6 legs and he can also name ladybird , bee, butterfly and dragonfly in chinese. His command of language is better than Maths for sure. :)

22.08.09 - Sept babies party 2

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Mummy swopped her off day to accompany us to Peek-a-boo in Kallang Lesure Park.

Many of my friends came.

1. Jerald

2. Clara

3. Kelly

4. Nate Nate

5. Alyoise

6. Jade

7. Faith

8. Sarah

and myself! hehe

We had alot of fun playing at the ball pit and jumping area. Kor kor and mummy also venture to the maze and down the slide! :) I would love to join them when I am older

Loved the chocolate cupcake ! Nice sprinkles on top! :)

kor kor and me fell asleep in the car . Boy ... were we tired!

21.08.09 - 2 more complaints ! :(

Hazel Scratched Lebel today ! :( Teacher Nancy says that they were snatching some toys and Hazel scratched her. She also refused to say "sorry" to Lebel and cried " I don't want , I don't want"

Kayden also complan to mummy that Hazel scratched him. I think maybe poor Kayden just wanted to "kiss" hazel. Hehe ... My fierce little Chilli Padi!

Hazel has always been a good girl at home. She will never start a fight unless someone did some thing she didn't like. She push kor kor away whenever he hugs or kiss her face. :( She took the toy first and kor kor snatch it from her. :( I am not sure what really happened in school but somehow this mummy beleives her girl didnt start the fight or do these naughty things on purpose.

She thinks hazel understands what is right and wrong and will learn that it's wrong to scratch or push her friends! :(

Thursday, August 20, 2009

19.08.09 - First Complaint

2 years in childcare , Keith never had any complaint from his teachers. It was always praises saying what a good boy he was.

Only 2 weeks in childcare and my "little angel gal" had her first complaint! :( She pushed a friend and refused to say "sorry"! She cried and fused when teacher Nancy told her to .

My little Hazel has always been very independent and strong headed. I was rather shock to hear from Teacher Nancy that she pushed Her friend.

Upset over it , I explain to her that it isnt right to do so and she also promise not to do that again. No pushing right? she smiled.

Mummy dont know to smile or to cry! :(

15.08.09 - mummy officially tender her resignation letter to VW

Mummy officially tender her resignation to Volkswagen. She will be saying bye bye to her work two half days and 1 day off job to trade for ALL weekends with us kids! :) Sadly mummy also say bye bye to having a weekday off with daddy ! :(

But I guess it's the best thing she can give to us is her time and attention! :)

14.08.09 - Daddy's Birthday

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It's Daddy's Birthday today and since we had 2 cakes on mummy's birthday and daddy doesnt really wanna be reminded that he is BIG 31 this year , we skip the birthday cake for him .

We went to Pizza hut for dinner and we had fun taking some pics. We also enjoyed the food alot! :) It was great. Kor kor and me always le their soup. hehe but mummy doesnt like to buy us the can soups. She prefer home made chinese soups. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

13.08.09 - In school uniform

Our uniform is finally ready for collection and after washing them , we wore them for the first time on 130809! hehe some was happy , some or sad.

Hazel was so excited and likes her uniform , mummy always beleive uniform is good as now all the students in class looks the same and they are no longer the odd ones out.

Keith on the other hand isnt very pleased with the arrangement. He wasnt interested to be the same or should I say he doesnt like shorts!

Teacher Emly and Keith
Keith : teacher Emily , I dont like the uniform
T. Emily : Why is that so?
Keith : The uniform is ugly , I dont like the shorts
T. Emily : at least it's collared shirt!
Keith : okie

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

07.08.09 - Happy Birthday Mummy!

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Mummy slept early on 6th August as she wasnt really feeling well . When daddy came back ... Keith ran out as usual to greet him and ask for permition to play game .

Minutes later , they came in with a surprise cake with candles lighted and the two kids sang birthday song for mummy! :)

Daddy cut the cake and we eat the cake together.

With time passing so fast , mummy simply love spending time with us ,kids!

Daddy also had plans to spend tomorrow alone with mummy! :) They are going to malaysia before coming back to fetch us to Ah ma's place for new dinner with megan too.

Mummy's birthday present is a citizen watch from daddy and new lunch from xiao y! :)

06.08.09 - Before Bedtime!

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We get closer everyday , we love each other more and more . I love my kor kor Keith and i can feel his love for me grow.

When we were younger, kor kor Keith would protect cousin Megan more than me and he is forever jealous of me as he thinks I am here to take away mummy's love from him but with time spent together , we begn to realise we can also share . Mummy and daddy has enough Love for the both of us.

Kor kor is now always there for me , in school - he reassure me , mummy or ah ma will surely come to pick us up later , during parties and cake eating sessions , he will help me wipe my mouth. When daddy wants to bring him to ikea or giant , he would always ask if "Mei Mei" could come along. :)

Thou we still have fights over toys and I am still young to understand not to disturb or take kor kor's things , I know we will grow up to enjoy each others company alot! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

04.08.09 - 2nd day of school/barber!

Ah ma , ah gong and mummy fetch the kids to school today . Today was surprising a better day , hazel followed teacher to play and say bye to everyone. Keith as usual hurried to class after his temper was taken.

Fetching them after school was a pleasure. :) All smiles and teacher told us that Hazel cried less and slept more. :) She slept for 2 long hours! :) Indeed a great improvement. so Proud of my little baby!:)


Mummy : kor kor , shall we cut at shop A? It's having a promotion at $6 for kids.

Kor kor : I wanna cut at Shop B , Ah gong always bring me there.

Mummy : Okies
After finishing the haircut , uncle gel kor kor 's hair and we paid $8 for his haircut - pretty well cut i must say.

Mummy : kor kor , ur haircut very expensive leh , can we cut at Shop A instead next time as it is $2 dollars cheaper you know?

Kor kor : I Don;t want! Shop B will gel my hair and Shop A wouldn't. I like shop B better. Next time we cut at shop B again

Mummy and Ah ma ... nearly faint! :(

My cheeky 4 years old! :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

03.08.09 - First day of school

Mummy and daddy brought hazel and keith for their first day of school at amazing star. Thinking that there will be some sort of separation anxiety , mummy took leave just in case ....

At the enterance of new school , keith comfortably give mummy a kiss and hug as usual and walk right into school with his new teacher. As it was playtime at the playground for Hazel , it wasnt too difficult to get her to kiss and hug mummy before she was lead away by a nice teacher that greets her by her name! :)

Teacher Emily also ensure mummy that they will be fine and are in good hands before mummy left with daddy! :)

Unsure and afraid that her baby hazel will cry , she called amazing star.

Mummy : Hi , I am mummy of hazel and keith , as it is their first day , I would like to know if they are okie?

Teacher Emily : They are fine , keith is mixing around and can converse with teacher emily. :) He is blending in very well. As for Hazel , there is some crying and would ask "where's mummy?" "where's daddy?" but still under control. :)

Mummy: Should I come down ?

Teacher Emily : I dont think there is a need to do so . When she cry , we will bring her to see kor kor and she will be fine for a while. There is nothing to worry as this is very common for new students. :)

Mummy : okies , I will fetch them at 5Pm. bye and thanks

At 5.15pm , mummy and daddy saw a smily hazel ! :) no longer crying and very happy to see them. The only problem was she did not sleep well - only 30 mins. :( but I guess it's a good start.

When ask both of them if they wanna come to school again tomolo , their answers were YES! :)

Keeping fingers cross for day 2.

29.07.09 - Explorer kids

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Daddy and Mummy were off today so they planned to go to explorer kids with us. We brought along megan jie jie! :) We had so much fun.

Mummy always tell people she has 3 kids. 2 small one and 1 big one (Daddy) . coz when the three of us play together , we go crazy! :) wahaha

We had heaps of fun and even megan jie jie had lots of fun!

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