Tuesday, March 29, 2011

17.03.11 - Zoo with Samuel.

We were early this time round and see we manage to take a few pictures at the enterance of the zoo. We were lucky as in mummy's company, there were such benefit : " Zoo Card" so we could travel to the zoo for FREE!

We love the Zoo much becoz of the water park and that is the highlight of the Zoo!

This ben and berry's cow is a nice spot for photo taking!

We rented the wagon with shelter for $18. :)

My cutie pie with Samuel!

We went for the elephant show - nice but it's always the same tricks. So if u go to the Zoo pretty often like us , u could skip the shows.

Kor kor was alittle unwell and did not enjoy himself that much.

Tired but still love the water play

Hazel dearie went down the slide again and again. She loved it so much!

Whether the kids enjoyed themselves? You can find the answers on their faces!

We would have to cut down trips to the zoo as mummy is quiting her current job and move on ... to a new industry ...

Sentosa would be another good place to go!

16.03.11 - when they grow up together

Megan and Hazel They know each other from birth. They are cousins They are born 3 weeks apart They were like twins sharing beds at Ah ma's house when they were babies They share clothings They are almost same height , same size.

Now now I am so glad they are still close and getting closer at the age of 3 . They are leaving the Terror 3 stage and entering fantasic 4 soon! :) I wish they were be more than sisters when they grow up , someone they can share secrets with , someone they can run to and confident in just like mummy and xiao yi mummy! :)

Xiao yi mummy and the girls.

After ah ma's , we went to popular fair at Expo to get some assignment books for hazel.

Back home , we went over to play with kimi and pass clare her 1st year birthday present!

We had fun playing bubbles together.

Aint we glad to have a neighbour so friendly and with kids ages so close. :)

Little baby clare , pls grow up faster so Hazel has someone to play dolls and cooking set with! :P

We try our best not to miss any practices!

Monday, March 28, 2011

15.03.11 -piano practice

Doing his regular practice! :)

14.03.11 - piano practice

I always believe piano can teaches patience and discipine. :) And I see much for improvement in his temper management! :) hehe

Sunday, March 27, 2011

11.03.11 - practice and decorating a cake for daddy

With his daily practice , keith hasa improved alittle. :)

mummy bought a icing room voucher from Groupon at $9.90. so we decided to decorate a cake for daddy! :)

Keith and hazel had so much fun doing it! :)

10.03.11 - Mummy and daughter thing!

Hazel's toe nail art! Mummy's finger nail art. We have fun painting our nails! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

08.03.11 - piano practice and hazel singing

Kor kor does his piano practice as usual , does his homework and chores everyday without much nagging from mummy. Mummy wanted to start this routine with them before they goes to primary school!

Hazel always does silly , funny things before bed time making mummy say happy. :) She brighten my tired day at work and make it all worthwhile.

07.03.11 - Mars need moms

We had 4 free tickets from Auntie Emilys blog and so off we went to watch the movie!

We had popcorns and drinks . We watched 3D , we had fun!

Daddy made it to the movies too! It was a fun family outing on a weekday!

06.03.11 - kor kor's piano practice and Ms Hazel tay

Piano practice as usual

We did some fine motor skills today then I realise my baby is rather good with scissors already.

She loves to dance and sing - my natural performer! :) hehe

05.03.11 - home practice

Keith practice twice today , once in the morning and again in the evening. He is my first born , he shows us his love for us with his everyday action. He is very sensitive - words can also hurt him yet very stubborn at times.

I started letting him learn piano , in the hope to curb his temper and also let him be more patient in things.

looking at him progess , being there for him makes me happy.

He is doing pretty well now , still lazy but mummy is already happy

04.03.11 - Hazel and her homework

Hazel Tay Qi Fang , 3 years and 6 months old , a bubbly and active gal.

* she loves to irritate her kor kor , yet love him lots *she is forever loving and knows how to cry her way out of trouble * she likes Dora for the longest time * she expresses herself very well from the age of 2. *she is a milk lover , she drinks milk every now and then on weekends and drinks 3-4 times during night time when she comes back from school. * her milk bottle can store up to 290 ml and she always ask for "FULL BOTTLE" * she loves to follow whatever that kor kor does. * she is starting to have a fond interests in Piano! *she does the handwork i gives her willing and she is progressing well! She still sleeps with her pampers because of his milk drinking habit - she is not at least ashame of that . *She needs her smelly pillow to sleep easily * She doesnt skip her afternoon naps. * she can fall asleep anywhere. * she is fully recharge even after only 30 mins of sleep in the car. * she is still going thou terror 3 , crying and gets angry easily. * she takes her vitamins everyday. * she treats her medicines like candies. *She loves soups . * she loves sweets. * she loves pork floss with porriage. *she says " I love u mummy , I love u daddy , I love u , kor kor " everyday before she sleeps. * her smile in the morning when she opens her eyes is so warm. * she will say I miss u so much when she doesnt see me in the evening" * she would call me when I left for work before she woke up and ask me to come home to kiss and hug her before going to work * she says that I am her "cutie Pie"

She is my devil most of the time but the warmth and sunshine! :)

She can do her mathematics homework at 3 years 6 months. She knows her ABC

She does all silly things that makes you laugh so much. She make working hard for her worthwhile!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

03.03.11 - Usual Piano practice and eating his greens

Keith practices his piano pieces daily but only for 3 times per piece. He is improving but the progess is slow due to his laziness. :(

Keith is someone I do not have to worry about him eatting his vegetables.

When choosing his food , he will add tou fu , greens ,mushrooms and eggs in his selections. He will ask things like why no veggies in my soup? He is like a born veggie lover.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


My Keith Tay Xiang Yuan

- He is turning 6 years old this 21st September
- On the whole , he is a helpful , sensitive , new age boy
- He likes to dress up in his jeans and polo Tee
- He has to gel his hair when he goes out
- He laze in bed everyday and takes 10mins before fully awake in the morning
- He gets cranky if he doesnt Nap in the afternoons
- He doesnt like milk but is drinking his Karihome goat milk because mummy says milk helps him to grow tall
- He loves hugs and kisses
- He still sleeps in the Hammock in the afternoons
- He needs he taggie handy when he sleeps.
- He cries when scold
- He says sorry when he feels sorry
- He cries when mummy is upset
- He loves his parents equally! :)
- He loves to cycle on his two wheeled bicycle , he likes to roller skates.
- He likes to read to us.
- He learns things very fast ( especially the bad and naughty things)
- He likes to show off
- He loves to complain
- He loves his sister but they also always "fight"

My list can go on and on when i think 0f my boy .

Last Wednesday , Keith and me went for MPM maths without mei mei and after class , he wanted to walk home. On the way , we talked , we played at two playgrounds , we played games (alphabet games , number games) and we had fun. Tiring but fun! :P

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