Friday, April 25, 2008


Morning me is always not a difficult baby , I can play and entertain myself. Mummy say the total opposite of my dear Kor Kor

Aiyo Kor kor's blue black hugh and swollen greeted mummy today. Look at his BLUR Face!

My clown ! My Kor kor , I simply love him to bits. I love following him , I love talking to him and playing with his toys and I love to smile and show him my widest , brightest Grin!

This is Our Breakfast! Kor kor had the Vanilla Bun and he gave me small small pieces of bread and mummy? The cheese cake! Thank you Ah ma for the breakfast ... We can't do without YOU! WE LOVE You!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

24.04.08 - normal Thursday

I was sitting in my pram and then mummy came along with her HP ...

1. Mummy caught me by surprise
2. Here's a smile
3. Not enough?
4. *Yawn* can le mah?

Mummy was never a coffee person but look at the temptation at work! A coffee corner! haha
Mummy now NEEDS to have at least a cup of coffee a day (On weekdays) to keep awake. Mayb because Kor kor still wakes up once at night and I wake up rather early .. she is forever tired!

But weird as it seems and sound ... she never crave or needs coffee on weekends. Mayb kor kor and me are her coffee already! haha!
Mummy and Xiao Yi is going Ikea after dinner tonight. Mummy was st ah ma's house for dinner and to fetch us from ah ma's place as usual ...
Kor kor was playing his toys and decides to pour out all his toys and put himself in it instead and while doing the stunt ... Kor kor fell ... Head Down First. His lump and blue black was seen almost immediately , showing how bad and hard the fall was. Poor kor kor cried so hard.
He wanted mummy to carry him and he kept saying " mummy pain pain , keith fall down"
After a while kor kor forget le and we went home. Mummy tried to leave before kor kor come out from his bathe to save some of his tears ... I CAUGHT HER AND SO MUCH WANNA GO OUT WITH HER . but she still say NO ! :(
Mummy bought 6 same frames for the 4Rs we have at home and 4 frames for 5Rs and A big frame which can put alot of pictures.
She also wanted to buy this so that we can keep our toys properly.

This is what mummy did with the BIG Frame! :) Some twenty over pictures are in it!


23.04.08 - Photos are ready

Yesterday Alvin Kor kor send our Photo Shoot pics to daddy's office and Kor kor bring it home form work when he needed to go home to take some T-shirts for the conquest.

When mummy saw the 8R family pics ... she was happy and show them to ah ma , ah gong and Da yi ... She say would bring MeiEn for these photo shoots too.

Mummy bought us downstair to develop the photos from the photoshoot , the zoo and some daily photos of smily me! :)

We saw civil defence truck , police car and police motocycles... kor kor's favourite. They were doing so demo or something , we stood there to watch awhile and hurried to develop the photos le.

The damage from the photos are 98 + 51 (4Rs) and 55 (5Rs) = $51.80

Collection is tomolo. Just can't wait. Kor kor also brought egg tarts for supper. Kor kor ate 2 pieces , ka ka 1 piece and another one for his breakfast tomolo.

After we came back , so tired am I , I fell asleep soon after

Everyday mummy will say to kor kor : " baby, Smile to my camera can?" This is kor kor's own pose!

Anyone needs Kor kor for advertisement?

Aiyo ... like ah pek ah

Here I am , sleepy soundly in my yao lan!

Kor kor's smile?

22.04.08 - Normal Night

Mummy and Da yi sits us togather in attempt to take photos for us.

She just can't smile at the same time. hehe and I keep failing as I am still not pro in sitting down unlike mei en jie jie. She can even clap when ah ma ask her to do so. I know how to clap too ... Ka ka taught me how. But I show them when I am happy! :)

See me smile! :)

When we reach home , it's normally "Milk Time" and here we are , both kor kor and me - bottle fed!

Mummy bought a dress online for auntie karen's wedding in Oct as they stated the dress is for 12 - 18 months and ....

As mummy worries when she saw the dress - fitting for me! :( wonder by oct still can wear or not. 6 months leh ... "you would stave me right? mummy ...

Kor kor's silly face and my "Born ro Shop romper"

Kor kor say " Ah gong sleeps like this and started snoring ... Naughty!

Kor kor just love me ! But Ego mah , all man has EGo ... so he don't show it too often! hehe

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tay Look-alike Meter

Hehe ... for me it's true that many says I look like mummy but I am still a daddy's gal la ... Daddy! I love you! Muacks

Tay Look-alike Meter

Haha ... mummy tried something today ... Everyone says Kor kor and daddy is photocopied ... it seems that this software doesn't think so! :) Kor kor is a 25% more like mummy than daddy! WOW!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

20.04.08 - Zoo Zoo Zoo

Zoo ! We are finally here.

Mummy woke up at 7.10am to make sandwiches for our breakfast and pack our potato salad , ice drinks and all ...

We are all prepared by 8am and Xiao yi picked us up at 8.10am and we head down to the zoo. We reached the Zoo at 8.45am , 15mins earlier as mummy is suppose to meet uncle to collect the tickets.

Xiao Yi stop us at the front of the Zoo with the posters so we can take a pix or two

1. See Kor Kor , never concerntrates when he take pictures. Forever cheeky
2. Ka ka and me does a better job! :)

In front of the ticketing booth was this cow ... Mummy tries to make kor kor take some pictures.

Then it's my turn with ka ka ... kor kor wants to join us to .

Kor kor took a few slips of Xiao Yi's coffee and refuses to return to her ... hehe
Mummy rented the wagon so she doesn't have to carry kor kor - $15 was the damage for the whole day but I think we would only use it for 2 hours or 3 the most ...

We took pictures at the enterane with Mr Seal

Me enjoying my pram ride. I am better with the pram then kor kor.

Wow the car looks so cool! Ka Ka says dirty .. but whatever , as long as it's a car , kor kor will love it. Look at the distracted him .. he keeps saying " uncle will scold , uncle will scold"

Fishes . Kor kor loves Fishes too. No 1 pose - Kor kor calls it Mr Bean's pose!

We saw white tigers and Kor kor loves them. I smiled at them too. Kor kor wanted to touch the teeth and paws of the tiger status outside so mummy carried him. :) Xiao yi took a picture of that moment.
Mummy is the shortest in the family no more! Ka Ka is the shortest at 1.5m now! :) HEHE

It was getting alittle hot in the pram and mummy doesn't really wanna carry me so she try to put me in the wagon with kor kor
Mummy pushing the wagon with little strenght. Me and kor kor enjoying our rides.
Elephant! Kor kor ... you spoilt my picture!
Elephant elephant , why is your nose so long ?
That's because my mother's nose is also very long!
We are mummy's baby elephants.
The last picture , i was playing peek a boo with mummy!

A complete photo for us! :)

Kor kor with the hippo ... mummy say hippo and kor kor say : " hippopotamus lar mummy!"

Kangaroo - mummy carries her baby in her "bag" all the time ... I think kor kor would love to be a kangaroo baby . He loves mummy to carry him all the time!

It's pampers changing time. Nowadays it has become very very hard to change me as I toss and turn and be naughty. so when ka ka doesn't let me have my way ... I CRY!

Look at our hugh Shoes ! ... kor kor looks so cute!

Animals? Kor kor and mummy , wat both of you doing inside?

Ka Ka carry me ... I happy! :)

Mummy, becareful hor!

Kor kor is looking at the steering wheel of the truck ! :) his favourite!

See the expert at work!

Another Mr Bean's pose?

Zoo map!

Most of the animals were sleeping. Hai~ next time must come slightly later.

Big Thumbs up for the Zoo!

Parrot .. Kor kor scare!

After a long day , I fell asleep in the car and the rest were tired too!

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