Sunday, March 30, 2008

30.03.08 - Today's activities ... ah ma's card!

Our ah ma is turning 50 this Apri 14th ... Mummy ask kor kor to help and make a card for ah ma ...

First mummy wrote the words happy 50th birthday on a piece of paper and cut them out one by one.

Kor kor help to paint them and he also pick out the 4 colours he like.

After all the letters are cut out and painted , they were left to dry for a while then mummy paste the letters on the card for ah ma! :) That is our end product! :)

We were suppose to meet another mummy at punggol met to collect the art materials mummy bought for kor kor at 11.30 am but the mummy last min say her child cranky , can only meet us at 12pm but we were already there , so mummy took some pictures. Kor kor love looking at the buses! :)

And me? funny faces time! :)

This is one of the craft item mummy bought . Large stamps! Animal Theme

Kor kor had fun but he is getting harder and harder to control le... he doesn't listen to mummy le .. mummy say ban from panting for 1 week!

Result for being naughty and not listening to mumy at dinner time. Kor kor is really getting out of hand. Screaming at everyone , beating me on the head and wants things his way! :( Mummy is fuming mad and caned him. Then when kor kor came hugging her and say : " daddy beat me (daddy is not around) daddy beat me! :( " mummy feel so helpless .

Mummy also bought foam letters and cars ... and decorated Ka Ka's son pictures for her. This is her elder son - handsome hor! :)

mummy also did up this pic for ka ka to keep ! :)

This is kor kor's present for Ah ma! :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

29.03.08 - Kor kor finally got his passport

Mummy and kor kor left the house at 930am with daddy , to collect kor kor's passport. Mummy had to take the mrt to Dhoby Ghaut to change a train to City hall and then to Lavenda ... that is how troublesome things can be without a car! :(

At the ICA building there was a long queue ... we have queue no 3916 and the number was only at 3660 ... there was like 300 people infront of us! :(

So mummy brought kor kor to buy Mr bean cake - cheese ! :) and a pineapple tart for herself . Look at kor kor's Big Boss pose!

That direction kor kor keep looking at is where the ice-cream man parked his car! :)

Kor Kor's passport! :)

After taking kor kor's passport , they head down to eat lunch with daddy , on the cab , mummy gave kor kor his pump and he helped to count too ! :) 3 pumps ... 6 times each! then kor kor proudly say : " mummy , I never cry , I am a big boy now! :)

At the mall, kor kor also ask daddy if he can buy a book as there is a times book fair there, and daddy agreed! :)

At the mall , kor kor sat on the car , he was a good boy and waited for the kor kors , jie jies and mei meis to finish playing with the car then ask mummy if he can have a coin ! :)

Mummy allow kor kor one coin for the areoplane ride too , after the ride ended , kor kor sat there for a while and in the end , he got a free ride! :) The aeroplane just started moving again! :) Lucky him...

They left daddy's place at 1 .30pm and took a cab back. Kor kor as usual fell asleep in the cab , it's 4.08pm now and he is still asleep. tired kor kor

Friday, March 28, 2008

28.03.08 - mummy stayed at home today

Mummy stayed at home to look after kor kor today and when kor kor was asleep , we had a mini photo taking session ... me and megan! :)

mummy try putting a clip on my head and tried making me smile! :) haha she kinda fail!
but the pictures still turned out rather well!

Look at megan Jie Jie , also have tohe blur look at times! :)
Me playing with kor kor's bowling pin! :)
This is megan Jie Jie and mummy tried to style her hair to see how her brother in future will look like!

Sooooo Cute! :)

Back at home , it was hot and so ka ka help me tie my hair! :)

1. Look at my two pony tail! :) haha ...
2. Me with CJ 7 baby
3. kor kor is hiding behind me

more pixs of me! :)

Me lying on mummy's leg , looking at mummy! :)

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