Tuesday, December 30, 2008

At A Wedding Dinner

Kor kor : Mummy why isnt this Mark Uncle's wedding?
( We just attended Uncle Mark's wedding weeks ago)
Mummy : How many times do you want mark uncle to get married?

* Auntie Jolene was on the stage thanking her parents and was closed to tears.
Mummy was touched and said to kor kor : In 20 - 25 years you will be on stage like auntie , married and having a wedding dinner
kor kor : Married?
Kor kor : To you?

** Fainted**

Monday, December 29, 2008

29.12.08 - Smile

Mummy has been trying to take a few pics of me with my new shoes that I have won some time back. :( but I am always not very co-operative !

These two can see my shoes but I dun have any smile on my face. :(

This is better! :)

Mummy is very much in love with my smile!

I am not a very pretty baby nor am I good with words like kor kor ( actually , I havent really started talking sentences) .. but my SMILES can put a smile on mummy's face too!

It's contagious!

My version on Megan Jie jie's "Act Cute" pose

Showing off my teeth! :)

My funny poses! :)

28.12.08 - Loving each other and growing together

Mummy got married young and gave birth to kor kor at the age of 24. I came along when she was just 26 ! :) She missed out all the fun and late nights other of her friends enjoyed at that age but she never regret as we were in her plans along.

Daddy and mummy married in year 2003 , enjoyed 2 years of couplehood and decides to have kids young.

Reasons are :

1. Babies are healthy
2. Lesser risks of any sorts of sickness
3. Easier to give birth as more strenght to "Push"
4. More energy to run after us
5. More like a friend than a parent to us !
6. Grow and learn along with us.

Look at us now , kor kor is already 3 and me 1 years old. :) To give birth to us with a 2 years gap is also to let us grow together and be close to each other. Kor kor and I do fight for everything and anything but we still love each other alot. :)

We are very close to mummy as she is also there for us , we love daddy alot and understand he works hard to make ends meet . We know his late coming home and missing out for our trips is simply because he is out working and that as much as we wish he is around , he would love to join in our fun! :) Now that kor kor will be starting nursery in sengkang coming Friday , we will have more time to be with daddy on his off day! :) That's our good new!

Mummy and me are both delighted at the good new! :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

27.12.08 - Spending time together

Kor kor and me are each other's best friends. We spend most of our time together. We do everything together.

Kor kor loves the water. He loves swimming and playing in the bathe tub. He will bring some cars into the toilet with him , ka ka and mummy have to ask him to dress up a hundred times before he is really.

Sometimes we bath together. I take a while to warm up in the water. :(

See the both of us enjoying the water play! :)
We fetched daddy to Xiao yi's office to check a desktop when was down again. On the car .. we decided to "Act Cute" wahaha

Kor kor loves me alot and is willing to play , share toys and sayang me now.

I love my kor kor too and would openly show love to him . We love to hug and sayang each other.

Mummy let us play with the steering wheel while waiting for daddy!

We were playing with an uncle when mummy took these shots. :) She loves it.
I always wants things my way and if I dun ...

After breakfast at daddy's workplace , we head home for a nap. About 3.30pm , mummy suggest Swimming! We got ready in 10 mins and off we went. I love mummy's NEW CAR ... It can really bring us everywhere we want.
A Photo together. kor kor " Mei , not scare ... just like bathing!"

Still a little scare.

Kor kor already having fun! :)
After swimming , we went home for a quick nap and off to Baby Abigile's full month celebration! :)

We had fun!

And found a new friend !

It's time to go home .... A nice pic of kor kor on our renault car! :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

25.12.08 - Christmas day at Ah ma's place

We went over to Ah ma's house again for lunch today. daddy had the car , so we are spending christmas day at home. It's also rest day for mummy as she is going back to work tomolo! :(

Mummy playing with her new camera!

Eating is my favourite pasttime!

I love kor kor and he loves me too!

The 3 of us - "ACT CUTE!" wahaha

Kor kor doing his stunts!

Funny bee hoon time?

Mummy loves her new camera so much , she is always snaping away!

Nice Food!

Tired and sweaty after a game of tennis. (HEHE) and all laughing away at the camera! :)
Mummy and kor kor had a long nap from 3pm till 630pm yesterday and after that we went back to Ah ma's place to have dinner and back home! A relaxing Christmas for us! :)

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