Thursday, January 28, 2010

28.01.10 - Milk powder TV commercial looking for little boy star ...

and KEITH is going for the aduition TODAY!

Wish Us Luck! Mummy is taking half day to bring him there and also bringing her camera to take pictures. :) hehe Mummy seems more excited than Keith! :S wahaha.

Updates :

We took the train there after school as daddy had to go to malaysia and therefore we didnt have the car.

On the train , we were very well behaved and did not give mummy any headache. Hazel was making funny faces as mummy was trying to take some photo ! :S

We went to chinatown to buy cloth for hazel to make her mattress and pillow cover before taking a taxi to the audition place for audition. We were early but because the kid before did not turn up , we did not have to wait

Tester : What's ur name?

Keith : Keith

Tester : How old are you?

Keith : 4

Tester : Can u make a happy face for me?

Keith : not too happy face

Tester : Can u show me an angry face

Keith : Mummy dont think he was angry. :S

Tester : Shock face?

Keith : With his mouth open ... that's his shock face! :)

Didnt do very well but Well done for the first time , mummy and tester both agrees! :)

After that we took a bus to Redhill to chacge train to sengkang. We had 2 donuts Each! :)

We were hungry already! :)

If kor kor just this kind of expression maybe he will be selected hor? Wahaha

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

27.01.10 - We going to the Beach! Beach! Beach!

Daddy is finally having this Saturday OFF!!! :)

We are heading to the beach! We are going to fly a kite , we are going to drip into the cool water , we are going to build a sand castle , we are going to cycle , going to blade .... we are going to spend the whole day just having fun together!

We are all looking forward to Saturday!

Kor kor and I played with our skates for a while before heading to Kimmy's house to play! :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

24.01.10 - About A and Chinese

Hazel's Version of angry face , Cheeky Face and Happy Face! :)

His way of eating Seaweed in a Fun way! " he walked to me and say mummy take photo , I wanna show daddy! "

Jack anf Hill could consider having Hazel was the next model for their brand?!

We did Threading of the letter A

Putting Letter A together again! :)

We Practice Chinese and also did kor kor's Homework for berries!

Berries Works well for Hazel , as her interest for chinese Inerested alot. She can recognise some words and know how to match the words to the pictures when mummy prompt her the words!:)
Keith is also growing up fast. He doesnt ask us to carry him as much now and he will wanna help mummy hold mei mei , look after her and also help mummy with her shopping bag. :)

Mummy is so Proud of their Progress! :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

23.01.10 - Lesson 4 Berries world.

Today in class , I learnt the words ears 耳朵,mouth 口,daddy 爸爸 and mummy 妈妈。

I learnt to recognise the words and I did well when mummy and ka ka left the class today. Alittle bit of crying as there were still some mummies in the class with my friends but chung 老师 accompanied me and when it was time to go home , mummy peek at me thou the window and saw that I was following the intructions the teachers were giving and was rather proud of me. :)

Kor kor learnt about the colours today .... yellow , green , red and black .... he also learnt about the rainbow! :) He too had fun!

We went to Gu ma's today as mummy wented to go shopping with auntie Janet. :) so we could also have mummy for the whole day tomorrow! :) It's activities time tomorrow!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

20.01.10 - Photo Book about myself

Everyone was to bring a photo book after himself/ herself and her family to school to share with his friends ... so mummy did this when she came home at 8pm till 12am after she heard from teacher Emily .

Keith's Photo Book. Very last minute so most are old pic. :(

I just realised my gal has the best smile in the whole ... hehe at least in mummy's world! I love you both and hope you both grow up well , healthy , clever and pretty/handsome!

Keith lost her chinese spelling list and guess when is the spelling? Friday! :(

Mummy never knew he had chinese. Only english spelling every forth-night. So the headache starts! :(

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

19.01.10 - Learning his Spelling words.


Mummy personalise the above alphabets for Kor kor and me to play with. more activities to put all these in use.
First we must look for a book to find more of them.

Monday, January 18, 2010

17.01.10 - Spent some time together

kor kor and me went to Gu ma's place while mummy slept in today. After waking up , mummy went with Da yi to malaysia for some shopping. They came back at 6 plus and mummy rush to meet up with us.

On the way home in daddy's car

Kor kor : we should spent some time at home

mummy : We are spenting time in the car

Kor kor : no ... I meant later when we reach home

mummy : Okies , we will get bread together

Kor kor ; no no no ... spent time like playing car with me or play ps3?

mummy : it's too late , you have school tomorrow. we can play tomorrow after school

kor kor : but ... but tomorrow will also be too late , coz next day have school!

mummy : * Faint* then play on weekends lor. wahaha

kor kor : ....

It has been rather stressful for kor kor with all the spelling he has to learn and mummy teaching him everywhere and anywhere. but what choice do we have? We might have an hour of game time tomorrow. :) *Wink*

16.01.10 - Cny shopping

Mummy Bought


- 3 tops and 2 pants for cny
- 1 set of traditional gold costume
- underwears
- 1 x boots and 1 x ben10 slippers


- 3 cheongsams
- 3 tops
- 2 skirts
- 1 hairband
- 2 clips
- 1 big hat clip
- Dora Panties
- 1 x mickey mouse shoes
- 1 x red girly shoe
- 1 x boots (low cut)

We short of our pyjamas and we are all ready for CHINESE NEW YEAR.

Mummy bought another dress from Malaysia at a steal of RM80. Daddy also got himself a top at that price. :)

We also bought strawberry and chocolate rolls ( 1 Tin each) .... more cny Goodies to buy and store.

hehe we are going to chinatown this week to buy the decorations to put all of us in the mood for TIGER Year! :)

15.01.10 - Art and craft

Hazel's Rainbow Fish

Keith's Colourful Parrot

Friday, January 15, 2010

14.01.10 - I have Uclers!

Keith : mummy , why hazel can dont go to school but I cant?
Mummy : because mei mei is sick and teacher doesnt allow her to go to school
Keith : Is it because she has Uclers?
Mummy : Yes ! :) It's suspected Hand Foot Mouth Disease. Remember the other time when keith and daddy were down with HFMD ?
Keith : Yes ... very painful
Keith : I also have Ulcers u know , I cannot go to school tomorrow
Mummy : If you have uclers and teacher say you can't go to school then you can come home! :)
Keith : BUT ... But my uclers are inside , teacher cannot see one! :) hehe
*** Fainted! ****

13.01.10 - HFMD

Day 1 , one case of HFMD in N1 , mummy skipped a heart beat ...

One new case in N2 on Day 2 ....

Third day morning , I wasnt allow into school as I had 3 ulcers in my mouth ! :(

Mummy always thought that kor kor will be the one rejected. wahaha . Daddy brought me home and kor kor was upset that I wasnt going to school with him today. He wanted to skip school too but mummy told daddy not to make it a habit that one child is sick equals both kids get excused from school!

Daddy bought me to the doctor , she said it doesnt look like HFMD as I could still drink my milk and eat two slices of bread in the morning but for safety precaution , I had MC for 2 days .

It's more jumpping around , eating and drinking for me, I even refused to sleep at ah ma's place. I am totally too active for a sick kid ...

2 bottles of milk for supper ... :) how sick can she be?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12.01.10 - Chinese New Year is 1 month away!

Mummy has been screaming .... " CNY is just 1 month away!"

We have not do any shopping then Yesterday! :)

We went to NTUC and spent $305 on packet drinks , chocolates , biscuits , household items for cleaning like dish washing liquid , toilet bowl cleaner , wood shine spray , marble floor cleaner , glass cleaner ... everything at home is finishing. We also bought Mami Poko for Hazel - $24 for a pack of 50 pieces. More expensive but Da Yi says can stay dry the whole noght. Mummy is keeping her fingers crossed! :)

Mummy bought


3 sets of cheongsams

Short of

2 pairs of shoes
clips for my hair


1 set of cny clothings!

Short of

2 sets of new clothings


2 tops

Short of :



2 Cheongsam Tops
1 pants

Short of

1 set of cny clothings

We are having guests over for the 3rd day of cny, so we will need

food for steamboat and more drinks! Yuppie!
Decorations for the house
New cupboard for ka ka

Daddy has to fix
Our wardrobe
Shen Han's door
Paint our front door

Monday, January 11, 2010

11.01.10 - some interesting course to join this NEW YEAR!

Make Hair Bows & Clips!
Description: Learn about the fundamentals of hairbow making in the beginner's class, such as using different types of clips. And once you've gotten the hang of it, take the advanced class to discover a more complex approach towards bow making.No. Of Sessions: 1 (choose from beginner/advanced)Duration: 1.5 hours per sessionFee: $20 per person (tools provided, material cost not included).Group Size: 3-5Place: SengkangInstructor: Sally Lim, a work-at-home mom with a passion for designing and crafting. She started making her own bows and hairclips when she couldn't find anything sweet or tasteful for her little girl.


Sew Simply For Kids!
Description: Learn how to sew something simple for your little ones, anything from a hat to a dress or even a set of pajamas! Note: To ensure fast completion of sewing projects, it'd be best if you had your own sewing machine at home.No. Of Sessions: You can take up to 3 sessions to complete your chosen sewing project.Duration: 2 hours per sessionFee: $20 per person, per project (material cost not included).Group Size: 1-3Place: Toa PayohInstructor: Pauline Wong -- arts 'n' craft is her forte!


Make-Up That Works For You
Description: A demonstration workshop on personal make-up. Here's what you'll learn:
How to choose the correct shade based on individual skin tone
How to apply concealer
How to apply eyeshadow
How to apply blusher
Eyebrow shapingTo get the most out of this session, please bring along your own cosmetics kit.No. Of Sessions: 1; on weekdays after 4PM or weekends. Duration: 1.5 hoursFee: $20 per personGroup Size: 4-8Place: Central location (quiet public place), or participant's home.Instructor: Shirly Lim, who has a professional make-up diploma and has always had a keen interest in using make-up to enhance one’s appearance.


Anyone wants to join mummy? hehe

09.01.10 - Berries Lesson 2


Went into class alone today

Words learn :

Yan Jing (Eyes)
Pi Zi (Nose)

Before class when mummy tested her , she could still recognise the words hands and legs from the last lesson and teacher commented she was rather attentive. :)

When class ended , she can clearly tell me when I point to her , my eyes , nose, ears , hair and head. I am proud of my little gal!


Words learnt
xiao gou
xiao mao
xiao mu ma
qi qiu

most of his classmates are more advance than he , they could recognise last lessons words like nose , eyes , ears , hair , Zhe , Shi and Bu shi . I guess my boy just need more time to catch up! :) Jia You! :)

Lao Shi : I am afraid of an animal . This animal has teeth ... do you know what animal is that?
... The first person to answer was Kor kor
Keith : Lao Hu! :)
Then his friends say "Guo " ... " Mao" .....
Lao Shi : "Guo" :)

Mummy thot it was rather good , at least kor kor tries! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

03.01.10 - Spelling list , Tang Shi and Keith! :(

Kor kor is K1 now! :)

Mummy is all worried and tensed up. Teacher Emily forwarded mummy , kor kor's spelling list and Tang shi list! :( Oh my goodness!

Kor kor has yet to master his phonics or his alphabets to start with! :( and now he has to memorise things with NO MEANING to them ! :( Tang Shi! He had problems even recognising the words on his spelling list!

1. ears
2. eyes
3. nose
4. mouth
5. hands

All seems like a foreign language! :(

Stress ... stress ... stress

02.01.10 - First Lesson @ Berries World! :)

We were late as we could not find the place , from today onwards kor kor and me will be at Tampines Mart (NTUC Income building) every Saturday from 830am - 10am

Lesson 1 (N1)

Words learnt : Shou , Jiao !

We learnt to recognise the words . Teacher draw her handprint on the back of the word card and show it to us.

She also draw a doll on the whiteboard and add in her hands after teaching us the word "SHOU"

Then she ask if anyone is intertest to have their "Jiao" drawn on the paper - we all DID! :)

Lao Shi asked us what is needed before the doll can go out to play with us! Then add in her legs.

After we learn to recognise the words , we sang songs then requires actions like clapping ur hands and nodding ur hand. I had fun.

Mummy left me with another teacher and went for breakfast with daddy.

I did pasting of flowers on a piece of paper and was also giving 2 word cards for me to revise at home!

Kor kor was a good boy too , he also learnt new words like nose , mouth , ears in chinese and he also learnt doll is "bu wa wa" hehe

There was also a book for kor kor to do his homework at home and a textbook for revision! :) Hopefully , we will start speaking more chinese from now on! :)

We went over to Da yi's place for dinner after mummy and Da yi came back from Metro sales at Expo! Mummy bought hazel new shorts , new mattress cover for new year ... and new sand castle set for kor kor! :)

We love to play together , at the same time we do have our little disagreements and quarrels too!

Sitting and listening to mummy when she quiz us on our chinese words...

Nice pic of kor kor and mummy!
Mummy send Me and ka ka home to the playground while kor kor and mummy join daddy for a game of soccer.

Look at kor kor drabble

Having all the uncles entertaining keith in the field and looking the smile on his face makes mummy smile too.

Nice pics of father and son! :)
Keith fell when he was playing with mummy on the rough surface outside the field. :( He decides to stop to play his online ben10 game instead. He lasted till 11.20pm when daddy ended his game! :) thumbs up for mummy's big boy! :)

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