Thursday, September 30, 2010

26.09.10 - Da yi's house warming

Daddy is still on mc today and we were all ready to go over to Da yi's NEW House in Changi Rise Condo!

Daddy is like my best friend. I love hanging around him and

Making funny faces with him!

Look at my dancing pose!

I love the water! :) It's always so FUN!

Because the pool was too deep , kor kor borrowed Megan's Vest!

I had fun playing with myself near the edge of the pool!

This is my Da Piao Yi ! :P She is good is basketball (Explains her dark complexion) and in her studies too! :)

We got out of the pool pretty fast after mummy asked us to and she is so proud of us!

Kor kor had fun playing with Xiao Piao Yi , Felice!

While me and megan try to keep up with them

The small and big kids!

Everyone had fun and we were all so tired we fell asleep while on the way home , we continue our dreams when we reached him at about 930pm! What a fun but tiring Sunday!

25.09.10 - drawings

Drawing is always kor kor's favourite activity ... he draws whenever he was free . He draws robots , cars , houses and almost everything.

Today mummy taught him to draw transportation step by step!

and we also coloured them using crayons and water paints

mummy also taught him to draw candy house!

It was pretty well done!

from colours and his happy sun , I beleive kor kor is a happy child just like me! :)

22.09.10 - Lantern Festival

It's Lantern Festival! We had our ice-creams ... something that never fails to put a smile on my face ...

and we had mummy and daddy with us . We took our lanterns and fire crackers and walked over to the playground near Ah ma's place ....

A nice pic of my handsome kor kor

kor kor loves playing with fire crackers and he was not at all afraid of it. He could light his own crackers

I am a little afraid of it and so daddy lighted my crackers and I still had fun with them

mummy always thinks all these smiles on our faces are so so priceless!

Look at us , having fun!

Our new toy and daddy teaching us how to use it!

I simply love daddy and all the time he tries to spend with us! :) I love my daddy and mummy! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

21.09.10 - Birthday Celebration in School!

As some of our friends wanted to join our party at home but didnt had our address ... mummy did another small party in school!

school decorations were nice! :)

These were Pictures of kor kor's Sheriff cake! :) It was done by Brox!

I loved my Dora cake too!

This is Jaden - My boyfriend!

We took some photos with our beautiful cakes

and with mummy as daddy couldnt make it to our party!

We took photos with our classmates and they sang us our birthday songs!

kor kor held my hands when they sang for us!

We had fun eating our cakes , it was alittle sweet but many asked for second helpings. We were very happy and enjoyed the rest of the day at Macdonals with mummy , daddy and ka ka!
We are so blessed!

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