Monday, June 27, 2011

21.06.11 - usual piano practice

20.06.11 - Happy Father's Day to Our Wonderful Vincent Tay

Daddy if you ask keith

1. works very hard to provide for the family
2. love us a lot
3. he's the yes man
4. game man
5. he's more fun to be with.
6. Daddy is also handsome

To Hazel :

1. Daddy is a fun person

2. a Yes man

3. more lenient

4. someone that she can get away with anything with words.

To mummy :

1. Daddy is a wonderful man , that loves his family deeply , provide us with food , a roof and convience of a car

2. He is a personal driver

3. He works hard

4. He tries his best to be involved.

5 He's my man for life!

To daddy and all other daddies : Happy Father's Day!!!!

19.06.11 - Father's day celebration with Gong Gong

We were at Grandma's today and at Ah ma's , the kids get sweets , chocolates and cold drinks freely!

Hazel has a sweet sweet tooth.

Look how much these two sweeties have grown! Too fast I thot.

After eatting and spending time with Gong gong , xiao yi mummy and the kids went downstairs for a game of badminton , catching and hide and seek!

My drama queen!

Their All Time Favorite - Black and white ... catching game

Look at us workout!

The girls had fun!

My darling boy too!

Look at our badminton champion!

They hd so much Fun!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

18.06.11 - Keith is down with Fever

With Fever Hovering at 38.9 Degree ... We were pretty lucky that he is still smiling!

He complaint of headaches and he looked very tired , my boy just wasnt himself in the morning, so we took his temperature and fed him some panadol. The fever did not come down and the headache is still there! Ah ma came over to fetch the kids to the doctor. As Hazel was also down with flu and cough , both stayed at home with Ah ma.

After work , seeing both the kids were better , we bought them along when we went marketing at Giant Tampines! :)

Keith had still practice 30 mins of piano after he came home!

15.06.11 - his usual practice

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

14.06.11 - New "In" sport (badminton)

Keith loves sports. With him , I picked up roller blading lately , he learnt to cycle at 4 , He learnt blading before 6 , he is taking swimming lessons now and his new sport is badminton. He has been asking everyday if he could go downstairs for a game of badminton.

I will drop her work for 1 hour and accompany him , just to see him smile.

It's not yet a sport for Hazel as she is too young and cant seem to serve nor catch the ball . :(

Ahe still prefers the playground! :)

Since they both can balance on 1 leg , the hop scoth is one of their favourite too

Not yet master the art of this game but they are happy just jumping the way they want to. :)

After the game , it's two sweaty contented kids! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

13.06.11 - The busy weekend (IT Fair)

This was a really busy week , no kids activity , no hugs , kisses or sunshine smiles ... it's just work work work thou the weekend but I must say I am $350 richer ... for more activities , more hugs and kisses after the activities and definitely Sunshine smiles all over the kiddos' faces.

We are going to the beach on 27th with the dogs too! The kids cant wait . It's cycling, blading , sand castle time and swimming all in one. We are also going to have a mini pinic! :) We are going to have fun! fun! fun!

12.06.11 - Mel and Jon's Wedding!

I know Mel when we were in school , that was many years back . She share more commons now than in school. We are both mummies now , both has a boy and a girl , both have the kids as piority.

Mel is a friendly gal which is easy to love being her friend. She is there whenever I need someone to talk to and she is someone I can look for when I am facing problems with the kids - Let's just say : " She understands" hehe

I am glad I get to help her at the reception! :)

At her wonderful wedding , I got to meet up with Emily! :) I think it must have been some 10 years since we last met. :) She still looks great . It's like Old school!

here is Emmeline , which I meet her alittle more often like onces every 3 or 4 months. :)

These gals havent change since school time . Stephanie - my all time best sister , buddy ... anything u can call her. She is always ever ready to lend a shoulder to cry on , a helping hand and we meet up once a month with Karen , another sister of mine. I am very fortunate to have her.

I do not have many close close friends but these handful of them makes a difference in my life ! Other than hubby , the kids and family ... Friends forever!

08.06.11 - Hazel Timetable

Ms Hazel is starting to memorise her 2 time-table! :)

07.06.11 - Water play at Nexx

Mummy was meeting Auntie Stephanie and Auntie Karen , so kor kor , Hazel , mummy and ka ka took a train to Serangoon. :) The easily place to bring along the kids without the car.

We had fun at the water park .... We simply love playing with water!

Look at our happy faces!

We didnt play too long before we go for dinner. :)

On the way home :

Keith : why dont we take taxi , just like everyone else , I am so tired

Mummy : the mrt is so convient now , why do we need to queue for cab?

Keith : :(

Nowadays kids are so spoilt with cars , they cant even walk to the mrt. :( Now to hitch the car and bring him on public transport more often now!

04.06.11 - Art and craft with Xiao Yi mummy and Mummy

Mummy was lunching at plaza singapure as usual and she saw these. she immediately bought it for her darlings!

Da yi say : " I didnt know u can sew?" My mummy cant sew well , but she fix our falling buttons , My mummy cant cook well but she tries to make something special for us ... my mummy doesnt mop or sweep but ka ka or daddy does it for her ...coz she prefers to spend quality time with us doing things we like.

Mummy did most of the sewing , Hazel did the stuffing.

The end result wasnt that bad!

Thank you Xiao Yi mummy for helping Keith with his project! :)

We had a fun day! :)

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