Thursday, February 25, 2010

25.02.10 - Sharing and play pretend

Hazel : "Mummy , I share with you my sweets."

Mummy : looked at her packet of 4 sweets and say "Thank you , Hazel"

Hazel : after finishing one sweet , she ask : " you wan one more?"

Mummy : " Thank you for sharing Hazel! " Feeling all happy inside!

She isnt selfish when it comes to sharing with mummy , daddy or kor kor and she is always so loveable and huggable! :)

Hazel : "Mummy , I am going to the market now"

Mummy : "Okies , becareful."

Hazel : " I have money , I will walk carefully"

Mummy : "watch out for cars"

Hazel : "okies , I love you , mummy! :)"

She came back shortly to pass me some fruits she bought from the "MARKET" hehe!

24.02.10 - Seeing the chinese doctor

Keith : " Daddy , you said you will bring me to the chinese doctor"

Daddy : " I will try to bring you there by friday, sorry daddy has been busy!"

Keith : "It's okies , daddy!"

Daddy : " you sure you will drink the medicine (black black kind) from the chinese doctor?"

Keith : "will it cure my cough? and make me stronger?"

Daddy : "Yes"

Keith : "okies , I will drink! "

Daddy has been wanting to bring keith to the chinese doctor to treat his prolong cough ... mummy has also thot of letting keith drink Karihome for 6 months as her friend say that would strength his lungs! :)

Hopefully , we will find something suitable for him!

23.02.10 - Keith's drawing

Kor kor was bored and took out his white board and started drawing people! Those with "hats" are girls and the rest are boys! :)

A photo with his masterpiece and he goes on the explaining to mummy what he drew ...

Keith : This is ah gong and ah ma ....
Mummy : Why is ah ma Bald?
Keith : because ah gong and ah ma old liao , so all their hair dropped! :(
Mummy : Oh really?

Keith :This is Yi Zhang and da yi and megan ....
Mummy : wht da yi's hand is on megan's head?
Keith : coz she naughty , da yi Beat her
Mummy : Laughed!
He went on to saying and drawing ... this is Brandon jiu jiu and his gf , francis jiu jiu and his gf ...
So cute!

19.02.10 - 22.02.10 - Mummy's not in

Mummy went to bangkok on 19th Feb and left us in the care of kaka and daddy! :) hehe who did she went with?

Xiao Yi , Da Yi and Xiao Yi Po!

She had fun as the 4 of them shared a room and played mahjong cards all night!

They went to Weekend market Chachuchap ...They went to MBK ... Platitum ... Pratunam .... chinatown ... soonlum night bazaar ... They ate Lu Pian stalls , good seafood and Dian Xin at chinatown , they had good massage and they did nail arts on the hands and legs! They buy and buy , ate and ate!

Of coz mummy didnt forget to buy gifts are us , I have 2 pairs of shoes , 3 dresses , a doll , tops and some other small accessories. Kor kor had ben10 jacket , shoes and slippers , shirts and shorts.
Xiao yi also bought me a bikini from pataya and kor kor a long sleeve shirt and boxer's short

It's seldom that the three sisters can shop like crazy together minus US... the kids. wahaha
We kids did our usual routine , went to berries on sat and Gu ma's place on sun. Gu ma brought us to Lau Pasat for dinner too . But we sure Missed Mummy! :(
Kor kor manage to talk to her and see her on scape on sunday and boy were they happy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

16.02.10 - River Ang Pao

Woke up early , we went to Ah ma's place early in the morning in our NEW Clothings! :)

Japanese Girl Hazel with Handsome kor kor and Pretty Megan! How nice is they were so loving and peaceful ALL the time!

Not all after this nice pic , kor kor and megan was fighting over keith's DS Lite again.

Luckily for mummy , I never had this problem with kor kor over Games! I am not so much of a game person! :)

We went to Xiao Yi Po's place for a while before deciding to bring Ah Yang Shu shu and Xiao Biao yi with us to River Ang Pao!

We had alot of fun on the rides there. Kor kor took the F1 Car ride , I had my chance on the bouncing castle , Xiao Biao Yi and ah yang shu shu had their fun at the swinging chair ride ... kor kor wanted to try too but wasnt tall enough! :(

They all went for the bumper car ride too!

Handsome kor kor and pretty us! :)

some nice pics by daddy!

So group pics! :) nice!

15.02.10 - 2nd day of CNY

On the 2nd day of cny , we prepared to go to "Yong Chuan Yuan" for lunch with daddy's family ... all dressed up for the occasion are kor kor and me! :)

Sexy baby : Hazel!

Matching top - Keith and daddy ! Changing queen - Hazel

The food was good but very expensive. We went back to Gu ma's place for dinner . Kor kor , daddy , mummy and Uncle Ziyang went for a movie without me! :(

That was how we spent the 2nd day of Cny!

14.02.10 - Mummy Cried ! ! :(

All Dressed Up.

Daddy , Keith , Hazel and Mummy @ Gu ma's House

With Our Cousins! :)
As today is the first day of Cny , all of us put up our new outfit and started our busy day of visiting from breakfast at Ah ma's Place! :) After recharging ourselves , we went to Gu ma's place as usual , then to OG ah gong's place. " Gu Gu decided that she would like to keep her piano , so mummy and daddy would have to get me another piano instead! :)"

After spending awhile at OG Ah gong's place , we head to Da Gu Ma's place where we get the most ang bao every year. We were all tired and sleepy by the time we reach Da Gu Ma's place as it was our nap time and daddy had less than 3 hours sleep after the MJ session yty! :(

We had to fetch Xiao Gu Ma to Da Po Gong's place , so we went in to have a rest , while kor kor played Wii with the boy over there . We fetched Gu ma to Sengkang before heading to Hougang to visit Great Grandma!

At Xiao Yi Po's House , Megan and kor kor were fighting over a chair and Megan was crying badly while hitting kor kor on the back. :(

Da Yi : Keith can you change place , mei mei sat here first.
Keith : No
Megan : Crying out Loud
Everybody : Aiyo ... so noisy ... wat's wrong ... Aiyo
Da yi : It's not megan's fault , she sat on the chair first wat!
Mummy : She went to the toilet , keith didnt see her and sat on the chair mah! :(
Uncle Anson : Aiyo , Kids fight the adults dont have to involve one lar....
Da yi carried megan away
Mummy : Keith , move to the chair by the side, it's also the same chair.
Keith: NO!
Mummy : If u are not moving , I can going to CANE U!
Keith : NO, NO!
In Fits of Anger , Mummy took out her cane! :(
Mummy : Do you wanna move?
Keith : NO!
He had 2 strokes of the cane on his hand
Mummy : why cant u just move? why must let mummy cane u on the 1st day of cny?
Mummy: Tears started falling from her eyes.

after a while mummy explain to keith her side of the story. She love him and trust him just that she thinks that as a kor kor , he should be sensible enough to give the seat to Megan ... Keith understand , say sorry and say he will not do that again , hug mummy and cried too! :)

Whether or not he know what mummy explained to him ... she isnt sure! :S

13.02.10 - Reunion dinner at OG Ah Gong's Place

We went over to OG ah gong's place for Reunion Dinner and Ah gong prepared so much goodies for both the kids and adults.

Ka ka also brought us to the playground while mummy and daddy enjoy their dinner! :)

Happy New year and A Great Year ahead ! :)

12.02.10 - Family Reunion Dinner

The Reunion dinner is an annual feast when family members reaffirm the love and respect that binds them together as a unit. It is also known as Tuan Yuan (also known as Wei Lu , Meaning "Gathering around the family's health") Ever family member is expected to do his best to return to the family home for the dinner. Traditionally , all sons returns to the parential homes for the occasion. Married daughters shares the tables of their husband's families. For this meal , best food is served - and in abundance too. This is regardless of whether the family is rich poor , for the chinese believe that having plenty of food during Tuan Yuan would bring the family great material wealth in the new year.

Tuan Yuan delicacies includes abalone soup , chicken , mushrooms . duck , chap Chye, fish , roasted pig , prawns and more! :)

We had only Chinese new year celebration in school today too! :) But mei mei couldnt attend as she fell down and injured her hand. Doctor advised us to go to KK hospital to have an x-ray done. :(

At School , we ate new year goodies , sang new year songs and wore our traditional clothings! :) We had so much Fun!

Mummy and daddy took mummy to A & E and had an X-ray done on Hazel's hand , Thank god there isnt any Fracture. :)

Hazel wanted to go to school , so daddy fetched her there before going home to do some last min packing . Daddy took half day and went to work at 2.30pm instead!
We had a great meal at AH ma's after school and let the Photos do the talking!

The kids! :) Keith , Hazel and Megan
Everyone reported this year .... Ah ma , Ah Gong , Jiu Jiu and Gf , Biao Jiu Jiu , Xiao Yi and BF , Da Yi and Family , Our Family .... Great Grandma , Da Biao Yi , Xiao Biao Yi and Family! :) Love this warm atmostspere! :)

Da Biao Yi with Hazel , Great grandma and Hazel! :)

Our Angels ... Cleaning , helping , cooking ... washing!

Thank you Xiao Yi for painting our nails! :)

Last but not least : " HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! "HUAT AH"

Monday, February 8, 2010

07.02.10 - Pearl Jie jie's Birthday!

It was a busy day for us . We went over to auntie Zenn's place at 2.30 and had fun , good food and ice-cream before heading to daddy's office to pink him up!

We were to attending Daddy's boss's Daughter , Pearl Jie Jie 's Birthday Party! :)

We were happy to see a SWIMMING POOL! We did not bring our swimming costume , so we jumped in with our clothings on!

Kor kor is a water lover , he loves playing and splashing in the water whereas I need warm up time ... all the time! :S

After my warm up time .. I can still splash water at kor kor! :) It was fun although there was only 2 of us in the Pool!

This is mei mei Abby! She is such a cutie pie !

Our family photo ! :)

We took photo with Birthday gal Pearl Jie Jie and Doggy Xiao Bai!

Hazel , Little Yap, Keith and Kerin Mei Mei

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