Monday, July 14, 2008

14-07-08 - Out of Mummy's Bed , Day 1

Today kor kor went to school as usual and he is getting better everyday. Kor kor said to mummy :" mummy bye bye , see you later!" A hug and kiss as usual and off mummy went.

Kor kor pouring water for "Ah Zenn" hehe he loves to disturb Zenn whenever he comes to mummy's office!

Kor kor went to the playgrond today and he bought ME ALONG! :) hehe

Daddy came to pick kor kor and mummy off work but he needs to rush to Serangoon to fix a friend's computer and also go for a company function so he had to go but kor kor was a little upset and wanna follow him so mummy say

Mummy : Kor kor, after dinner at Ah ma's , I bring you to the playground ok?
Kor kor : then mei mei leh?
Mummy : mei mei and Ka ka will go home first.
Kor kor : HuH? can mei mei come too?
Mummy : of coz, You want to bring mei mei and ka ka ?
Kor Kor : YES! :)

My kor kor love me more and more and includes me in his games!

Today is a special day , kor kor had been sleeping on mummy's bed for a long long time now and mummy was always coming out with new ideas to get him back to his own bed.

1. She wanted to buy a car bed for him so he can sleep with Ka ka
2. She wanted to buy a car bedsheet with a steeling wheel so kor kor can like his bed and sleep there.

But they are either too expensive or can't find some items.

Saturday last week , mummy saw Mr bean bedsheets and decides to buy and try! Damage ? : $9.90 fr a bedsheet and pillow cover.

And Guess what , kor kor slept thou on his own bed and say he wants to sleep with Mr bean again tomolo! :) See the smile on mummy's face. haha

Oh My god! Who would know it's this easy to get kor kor to sleep himself? haha >


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