Monday, July 7, 2008

07.07.08 - Milestones /Daddy and Kor kor time

You must often pause to wonder how energetic a 10-month-old can be. If your baby still hasn’t tried to walk yet, relax. Many children are only ready to begin after their 12th month.

What your child might do:

Physically and mentally

*Anticipates favourite moments e.g. clapping parts in a song (I Laugh and dance to kor kor's Wheel of the bus DVD)

*Remembers certain gestures and outcomes associated with them e.g. picking up keys indicates going out (I cry when I see mummy leaving the house and hankie on my neck = milk time)

*Perceives depth e.g. may not be willing to crawl down stairs head first (Not good in this , would always put head down to pick up something from my walker!)

*Walks while holding on to furniture (Stand and walk slowly while holding the side of my cot.)

*May walk while holding onto your hands (let baby go barefoot at home but consider getting soft shoes for outings) (Not really , still on tip toes.)

*Language and emotions ( Talk alot and shout when unhappy or not carried)

* Communicates wishes by pointing ( I can do that!)

* Responds to one or two familiar commands ( I can do this pretty well too)

* May try to imitate a barking dog or passing car ( I guess not yet )

* Shows stronger separation anxiety ( I will cry whenever there is a stranger!)


It takes time for babies to use a cup without making a mess. (not yet , can't really hold my own milk bottle)

Once your baby drinks more than she spills, try giving him/ her breastmilk in the cup.


At this age, babies typically sleep for 10 to 12 hours a night and take two daytime naps averaging about an hour and a half each. ( sleeps from 9pm - 6am - 9 hours , nap for 3 -4 times a day for 30 - 60 mins a day)

Ideal toys for this age

• Toys that encourage walking (mummy will buy a walker soon!)

• Large balls (mummy will look for one!)

• Baby-safe cooking/ tool bench toys (will let me play with kor kor's cooking sets!)

Useful tips

Separation anxiety can be frustrating for parents. If your baby is glued to you, offer plenty of practice time by leaving him/ her in the babysitter’s company and going to another room. A few minutes later, come back to say hello and leave again. Do this a few times over a few days. Your baby will soon learn that it’s safe to be without you and that you’ll always come back.

Many children are fully toilet trained by this age. However, if your child is late or has frequent accidents, don’t worry. Provide lots of encouragement and positive reinforcement and he/ she will soon be free of the diaper for good. (Kor kor is pretty much toilet trained!)

What your child might do:

Physically and mentally

• Has an active imagination (Kor kor is good with this, potato chips can be moon , helicoper , ship)

• Dresses him/ herself (may still need help with buttons and zips) (Buttons are no problem to kor kor but Zips he still need help)

• Has better hand-eye coordination e.g. able to play with more intricate snap-together toys (have to practice more on this!)

• Descends stairs a step at a time (No problem! GOing up and down the stairs)

• Knows what is safe and what is not ( He's good at wrong and right!)

Language and emotions

• Understands words like under, over, above (No problem!)

• Makes simple sentences (Good at words!)

• Imitates favourite people ( NO problem!)

• Follows simple instructions (can follow , it's whether he wants or not!)

• Recalls what to do and when to do it (No Problem!)

• Plays good-naturedly with other children (may still refuse to share) (He doesn't like sharing but he will do it outside but not at his own house!)


Your child will begin to lose most of his/ her baby fat at about this time. Take the cue from your child when he/ she is hungry and provide small but nutritious meals. (will try that coz kor kor doesnt like to eat much lately!)

Ideal toys for this age

• Play dough (Mummy will buy this!)

• Sporty toys, e.g. toy golf sets, toy basketball hoop and ball (will try to spent more time to play with kor kor!)

• Jigsaw puzzles (8-piece or less) ( Not good with puzzles as no patience!)

• Simple remote-control toys (Kor kor have many remote cars!)

Useful tips

Make your child your little helper by giving him/ her small tasks like arranging his/ her own table setting, putting away toys etc. Doing this now will encourage good habits for a lifetime. (Kor kor loves to feel important and help mummy with chores when he is in the MOOD!)

Mummy bought kor kor over to daddy's office to wait for him to finish his work so that they can go for dinner and buy daddy's Specs.

They went to compasspoint in cab and went straight to the specs shop. They didn't have the colour daddy wanted so we gave the specs a miss. :(

We went to the Pasar malam to look for some food for dinner but daddy suggested "Pizza Hut" so We went to have our dinner there.

Mummy wanted to take pictures of kor kor drinking his soup himself but everytime mummy tries to "snap" , kor kor will hug daddy and pose for a picture. He was so cute!

Kor kor drank alot of the mushroom soup and ate alot of Mushrooms ... He also patiently waited for daddy to cut a piece of pizza for him. He used a knife and spoon to "cut" his pizza. hehe and see daddy pour chili powder on his pizza. Kor kor followed him but he added cheese powder instead! :)

Kor kor had one whole pizza himelf. hehe I bet he enjoyed the pizza!

Daddy and Kor kor walked down the stairs as thou they were best of friends ... I guess when years to come , mummy's two darlings will definitely becomes best of friends !!! :)


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