Sunday, June 27, 2010

23.06.10 - Ocean Park Hongkong

A nice pic at the hotel before we head out for breakfast. We went to London at Nathan road for Dian Xin!

After Dian Xin at 12pm , We took a cab to Ocean Park ... There was a Jam on the way and the journey was rather long ...

There were Photographers at the entrance of Ocean Park to help us take Photos and make them into keychains at HK$100 for 2 pieces or print them up to photos with frame at a price too.

We took this pic while waiting for daddy to purchase our entrance tickets , we also equipped ourselves with maps of the park!
Adult : $250
Child above 3 : $125
Daddy bought an extra ticket for Hazel , Luckily it could be refunded! :)

Posing with their tickets!

A Shark Hat for kor kor?

We took the "Ocean Express" and there were also photographers to help us with our photo taking!

Keith was a little scare of the funny clown

We took these rides
1. Crazy Galleon
2. The Dragon
3. The Eagle
4. Ferris Wheel
5. Ocean Park Tower
6. Flying Swing
7. Headland skill games

We went to the
1. ocean theatre
2. Sea Jelly Spectacular
3. Ocean Park Escalator
4. Pacific Pier

Ocean Theatre - Nice! :)

Keith's world of pretend. wahaha

We missed alot of the park as it started to pour heavily! It was terrible! We were all wet even with umbrella while Hazel slept soundly in the rain!
We missed :
1. How to train a dragon
2. Emperors of the sky
3. The abyss Turbo Drop
4. Atoll Reef
5. Mine Train
6. Raging River
7. Space wheel
8. Whiskers Theatre
9. Goldfish Treasures
10. Panda Village
11. Merry-go-round
12. clown a round
13. Animal Story Corner
14. Interactive shadow play
15. Bungee Trampoline
16. The HKJC Giant Panda Habitat
17. Flamingo Pond
18. Whiskers Harbour Playground
19. The Aviary
20. Gator Marsh
Brought Towels and clothings and swimsuit but there was no waterplay for the kids due to the heavy heavy rain! :( A little disappointed.
We take city bus 629 to Admiralty MTR before taking a MTR back to our hotel . We had our dinner and also shopped arounf Nu ren Jie and brought fruits before heading back to rest our tired legs.


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