Saturday, June 26, 2010

19.06.10 - 1st day at Hongkong

Bright and Shine at 4.30am , getting changed , doing last minute checks that everything is in the luaggage ... checking all passports and getting all the big and small kids out of the house and into daddy's car as we were running late , late ...

Daddy drove us all except for mummy first before heading back home to park the car . Gong gong fetch mummy and daddy to the airport and Jiu Jiu for his run.

We were one of the late check in passengers and we were rushing rushing ...

A quick pic on the king's chair for our prince.

How to keep our prince and princess busy on a 3 hour plus morning flight to hongkong?

Mummy was worried as it was our first trip on the plane . Motion sickness? taking off and landing ... everything. She prepared sweets , milk , my booster , kor kor's hanky ... Ds Lite to keep them busy ...

and even brought art and craft ( scratch art ) for us ... She plan them all! :)

I even napped on the plane while kor kor had fun on his DS and watched movies on board!

Something mummy didnt like about United Airlines ...
1. No pretty Air Stewardess
2. Not very child friendly ( No colouring kit for the kids)
3. Snacks are not so nice.
4. No individual Tv set infront of us.
We took the 6.40am flight and reached Hongkong Airport at 11am .
We took a cab instead of MTR or Bus as they were more expensive than taking a cab to Disneyland. ( Cab fare was about HK120 = S$21)

We took a cab with mummy , kor kor , Xin xin ku ku and Zi Yang Shu Shu ... We left our luggages at Hollywood Disneyland Resort and took a chartered bus towards the MTR and paid HK12.50 for adults and HK9.00 for Kids below 3 years to Lautan!
The kids while waiting for our disney theme MTR!

Family Pic for us! :)

It was all Disney characters in the MTR , even the windows and handles
We took MTR to Sunny Bay and change to Tung Chung. There we purchase some bread and drinks before heacing to the cable car station (Ngong Ping 360)

We took some pics of the girls and boys while daddy queued up to buy the tickets! (
Our package :
Journey of Enlightenment PackageIncludes: Round Trip Ngong Ping Cable Car journey and entry to Ngong Ping Village's Walking with Buddha and Monkey's Tale Theatre attractions.

Adults : HK$169 / Kids above 3 : HK$86
There was a Promo of buy 3 tickets get 1 free for all Platium card holders and so we saved HK$169!

The kids enjoyed the 45mins journey up and the scenery and the breeze in the cable car!

The jokes and smiles on everyones faces were PRICELESS! Making all the planning and rushing all worthwhile!

We visited the Ngong Ping Village , Walking with Buddha (thumbs up for the different lanuage headset and radio given to us) , Monkey's Tale Theatre

Hazel loved taking photos and ask mummy to take her in this and that!

Our pretty Cin Xi Ta Hou and King!

Hazel fell asleep after all the photo-taking and running around and so daddy had to carry her and Climb the monster stairs! Keith did it all by himself! :)

The status are really hugh and beautiful! The view was also great up there

The clouds made the buddha seem like it was moving with the wind.

Keith loved the monkey ascort and queued up to take pic with him twice while Hazel wasnt keen at all.

We took this while waiting for our turn to watch the Monkey's tale

The kids enjoyed Lautan as much as the adults! (Thumbs Up!)
We shopped at Citigate chain shopping centre but as we were rushing for the fireworks at disneyland , we only brought gocceries and dinner at the supermarket! :) hehe

By 7pm , keith was too tired as he missed his naptime , he slept on the way back to disneyland!

Daddy waited for us outside as the gocceries are not allowed to be brought into disneyland and it was HK$60 just to keep them with the reception area! We proceed on. Kor kor wanted to take pic with daddy's favourite character! "Stitch!"

Our Night mode effect!

The kids before the Fireworks! We found our side a good spot infront of "Sleeping Beauty's Castle"

Fireworks started at 8pm sharp and it was Beautiful! Photos taken by Zhi xin Ku ku as mummy was busy carrying me and yang shu shu was carrying kor kor ...

The fireworks ended after about 45 mins ...
We took the disney bus back to our hotel and we ate cup noodle with duck and sweet and sour pork! I had the hello kitty noodle which is so cute!

The hotel room had disney theme from mirrors , shampoo and soap .... and tiny slippers

Mummy and daddy slept on a bed , kor kor , me and ku ku share another. San Guma and Shu shu shared a bed while KPT Gu ma slept alone. The hotel was overall clean , neat , big and comfortable! hehe

We love the first day of our holiday! We get to sleep late and wake up early!

We are looking forward to tomolo's fun day at disneyland!


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