Sunday, November 23, 2008

23.11.08 - Fun @ VW and En En's place ! :)

Mummy planned a fun day for us today! We are all ready to fetch daddy to work then we are going to mummy's office to play then we will go En en's place in the early afternoon! hehe then we will head home to nap before mummy and daddy goes to attend uncle Bruce's wedding!

See my kor kor's dancing pose!

We are waiting for daddy to be ready! so it's photo time. " Kor kor , dun hug me so tight!"
On the way to daddy's office , our car vibrated and shows service sign and check gearbox. So we parked at daddy's office and took a cab to Volkswagen instead. hehe daddy went to repair the car.

It's fun at mummy's office today! Kor kor gets to enjoy a nice cool ice-cream! :)

Auntie Janet , A very nice person that made mummy's first day of work wonderful and every working day better! :) She is a new found , god sent FRIEND!

I may be small but I already have an artist in ME! :)

Kor kor is enjoying himself with the paint art here!

With two Jie jie helping him!
Nice pics?
We took some pictures with the cars on display too! The beetles were on promotion! The crowd was great for the weekends!
We walked over to En en's place and auntie poohwei cooked lunch for us! :) thank you auntie poohwei!

We played and had fun together!
I bet my friends also enjoyed themselves.. En en and Jerald ( mummy's handsome boy!)

Now mummy knows I am not the only one! All three of us loves playing with the fan and playing with the switch. :) haha we are kids mah!

This kor kor of mine never understand that I dont really like him to hug me this way. It's so uncomfortable. wahaha

Angel like En en is a fast walking , when I was crawling , she was already walking and now that I am walking , she is running so fast that it feels like she can fly. hehe
Group photo time! Mummy loves the handsome's smile

From the look of our faces , u know we had FUN!

Showing love and sayang is knocking of heads for us! :)

Thank you En En for letting us play at ur place , next place of meeting would be auntie Irene's and Jerald's place nearby then it will be sengkang for them! :) wahaha
We slept all the way back home!!!!


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