Sunday, August 17, 2008


The Mega Birthday Bash was a successful one. Look at what auntie Serene and Hubby did for the decoration. It made the party so COOL and Grand! hehe ... It is Mickey and Minnie Theme!

Auntie Eileen also help to order a beautiful cake of the same theme for us!

Look at all the mummies and daddies interacting. I think they had fun too. Kor kor Keith also had fun with the balloons. :)

My Favourite uncle Clement and me! I prefer uncle Clement then Ka ka hehe.

The Photogetic Baby Contest!

A closeup of my Mei mei picture. hehe
These are some of my baby friends!

Nate Nate and Clara - Mummy Wiselyn Thinks Clara likes Nate! hehe

Mummy's Handsome boy. Xiao Yao Tao. ( better pix is with auntie Irene.)

Ms Angel Summer. She is already walking you know. Mummy likes her alot.

The Two Aydens . hehe Auntie Magdalene's and Auntie Eileen's Princes.

Kaylan. 2 nice and neat rows of teeth already!
Mei mei Maegan with a sweet smile and her big kor kor Darius.

Pretty Best Dressed En En and smily Dylan.

Handsome Edison and smily Xiao Mei Nu Faith
Birthday Gal with her cake

A family pic with the birthday gal

Another Birthday Pic with our so beautiful ME!

Ah Beng - Ryann and Kelly!
Most Kissable Lip - Ms Hazel ( Think her lips bite at almost everything.)

Kor kor drinking Root Beer and having a good rest.

Our nice Birthday cake.

Auntie Phoebe taking a pix with the cake like the babies. hehe.

Kor kor Keith helped us Babies to cut our cakes. As big brother Ayden and Big Sister Clara was both in dreamland. Kor kor Keith and Darius look on patiently for the cake to be cut by auntie phoebe.

I received my Gift for "Most Kissable Lips." and kor kor fell down and hit his head , ( Mummy says his head is heavier than his body so always hit the head first. ) and run to mummy for comfort.
Crawling contest. look at Nate nate looking so happy and En En is our first sept baby to walk at 9 months. hehe no more crawling contest for her.

I started at the starting point and ended at the starting point. HAHA .. too lazy to crawl. :)

Look at the babies trying to get a group photo. almost Impossible.

Kor kor likes baby Jerald alot.
Group photo time ...
Sitting: Mummy Florence and Hazel, Mummy Supercar and Kaylan , Mummy Peapod and Caelen , Mummy Arisz and Tristan , Mummy Chloe-Laine and Chloe , Mummy NateM and Nate

Standing: Mummy Corrine and Angelynn , Mummy Pooh wei and En En , Mummy YanPing and Faith , Mummy Irene and Jerald, Mummy Wiselyn (baby Clara was sleeping) , Mummy Emily (baby Edison was also sleeping) and Mummy Rachel and Charlene.
We have Mummy Magoo and Ayden and Mummy Phoebe and Ryann in the black and white photo (left standing) and Mummy Selena and Kelly (Left bending down)

Mummy Darmae and Maegan also Joined us (left standing)

A side view photo! :)

It's really difficult to get everyone to look at the camera so they were everywhere. taken by all the daddies. thanks! :)
Mummy Funny and Summer , Mummy Cherbie and Printzon, Mummy Popiah and Dylan left the party early so they are not in the picture. Auntie bb-piglet volenteered to be one of the photo-grapher was Ayden was sleeping so she wasn't in the photo too. :(
Anyway with many thanks to
1.Auntie Emily - who booked the function room of her condo and did the setting and clearing up of the place.
2. Auntie NateM and Pooh wei with the games as it did bring many laughters and we mummies also get to know the babies better.
3. Auntie Phoebe - for shopping and buying and wrapping the gifts with my mummy
4. Auntie Pooh wei - for using her teacher's voice to get everyone's attention and conduct everything in order.
5. Auntie bb_piglet - for ordering the beautiful and tasty cake.
6. Auntie Cherbie - for ordering Neo gardens - Nice food!
7. Auntie Selena and Hubby - for the decors especially the balloons
8. Auntie Wiselyn - for being such a good treasurer and let our budget stretched to the fullest
9. and All other Aunties - for bringing their gifts and pictures and join in the voting and contest to make everything so successful!

10. Last but not least thank you Auntie Magoo - kor kor love his new story book and cars and Auntie Darmae - Ur goodie bag sure have alot of goodies. Kor kor love his portable car set and hug it to sleep . HEHE.
I had FUN! AND EVERYONE MADE THE PARTY A SUPER HAPPENING ONE! ( more pictures to upload when mummy gets the photos from the mummies with camera. Mummy was too busy and didnt have time to take pixs ... Mayb if daddy went , we would have more pixs. :(
But I know Daddy works hard for US! :)


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