Wednesday, August 13, 2008

13.08.08 - Morning ME and Wonderwoman Mummy!

Mummy and kor kor didn't go to work or school yesterday as mummy had a bad fall the day before.

After a day of good rest , mummy and kor kor woke up early and left the house early for a brand new start of the day.

Guess who wakes up early to send them off?

ME! Bright and shine at 7am! hehe !

Mummy ask Daddy ten thousand times to fix the printer and he is full of excuses and one of his excuse is the printer is at ah ma's place. He will say he will pick it up but it will be other excuse not to pick it up from there.

Mummy ask Ka ka to bring home the printer but she say it's too heavy for her and ah ma to carry so they left it there to wait for Jiu Jiu to bring it over on Sat.

Mummy couldnt wait as she has a party on Sunday and would also love to make our invitation cards soon! :(

She went over with kor kor to bring it back herself.

Kor kor cycled home while mummy walked

Kor kor : "you can or not , mummy?"

Mummy : "can lah , you cycle and see the road k?"

Kor kor : cycling very slow behind mummy

mummy : trip on a stone and injured herself

kor kor : with a worried face : "you can or not?"

Mummy : reassuring him " can , can"

Kor kor : " I help you lah!"

Mummy : " you are too small lah. cannot push it de"

Kor kor : " You can?"

Mummy : " yes , yes"

Mummy started pushing the box alittle

Kor kor : " later the box tear leh , mummy!"

Mummy smile and say : " yah hor , mummy carry! you becareful"

Kor kor : stopped to give mummy a encouraging hug!

Mummy : " wow , kor kor's hug make mummy strong le!"

Kor kor : stopped again and give mummy a kiss.

Mummy : felt everything was worthwhile to have a son like kor kor.

Look at this monster printer. Even the picture shows 2 people carrying it ah! :(

Wonderwoman Mummy ... It reads 24kg leh. No wonder all the blue and blacks on her hands and legs

Is it the 7th month huh? My mummy is always hurting herself ah. Poor mummy!


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