Monday, September 22, 2008

20.09.08 - OUR PARTY

All ready to welcome our guests to our birthday party! Kor kor and ME!!! :) This Day is finally here after a long long wait! hehe

Theme will be the same as our cake ... Pooh and thomas!
Today is kor kor's 3rd and My 1st Birthday! :)

See us happily playing with our toys before the guests arrive!

We pasted some thomas and friends train to lead our guests to our place!

That's me with the Green Balloon and my signature Blur Look!

Playing by myself! :)

Our Earliest Guest - Auntie Zenn! :) She gave me the dress I am wearing nOw. Thanks!

The Tiara on my head is from my lovely Xiao Yi ... hehe She also gave me a nice Hello Kitty Pink Shoes.

Look at my shame shame kor kor ... making a scene again. He's very cranky today.

After he got what he want then smile le. :( Mummy also dun knOw how to handle him anymore.

Mummy with Pretty Me and Handsome Kor kor!

My favourite Kor kor ... I simply love him.

My lovely and everforever forgiving Ah ma with me and Ah gong is also kor kor's favourite.

Gong gong will carry and play with me even though I am getting a little heavy for him! :)

Mummy with Sept mummies 2007 - mummy nateM and handsome natenate , Mummy Wiselyn , My mummy and Careen Jie jie ... is mummy's secondary school friend!

Kor kor playing with his balloons

He wet his hair with perspiration by running around with his "HANDSOME CLOTHINGS" Hai~ This vain BOY is My KOR KOR KEITH!

My Piao Jiu - Francis and his Girlfriend and My Army Botak Jiu Jiu and his Girlfriend , Kelly Jie Jie

Look at the height difference of God-grandma and Jiu Jiu ... hehe Sweet pic of Great Grandma and Kelly Jie jie!
Mummy's friends. They were her attachment students when she was still working for Newstead. Wee Hawk kor kor and Shu Juan Jie Jie had been friends with mummy for more than 3 years le.

Xiao Yi Po and Jiu Jiu with our VIPs all the way from Australia - God -Grandma , Great Grandma from London and Great aunt Marianne from Australia and Singapore Grand Grandma.

Sweet me with Great Aunt ! :)
Da Yi Po and me and Xiao Yi Po! :)
Thanks for your Ang Paos and Your Gifts!

God -Grandma , Great Aunt Teresa , his son Francis and GF.
Da Piao Yi and Kelly Jie jie

My Xiao Yi and Alfred kor kor

The White and Black handsome! haha
OUR BIRTHDAY CAKE FROM PINE GARDEN! It's Black Forest on the top tier and Lychee Maritini on the bottom tier. NICE!

Everyone singing Birthday song to ME!!!!
Angry kor kor tot we forgot about HIM! haha look at his angry face!

Candle blowing and cake cutting by kor kor!

Done ! Leave the cake cutting for the adults k? kor kor ...

Photos with Ah ma and gong gong

Our Not so nice Family Photo

Mummy's family and Daddy's Family!

Mummy's Sept Mummies 2007.
My cheeky Jiu Jiu

Jiu Jiu , You wanna kiss me? Ah yang kor kor and me!

Handsome boy boy and kor kor

Great Uncle ( Only 3 years old) Manfred!

Xiao Piao Yi and young Great aunt. haha

Favourite Mei en Jie jie and ME!!

Kor kor playing outside with jiu jiu and kelly jie jie

My silly Jiu Jiu ... Dun we look alike? Mummy had always wished for a son as handsome as my Jiu Jiu and Wishes does come true. I Think I more handsome than Jiu Jiu lor. haha

Mummy's Friends. Uncle Sara , Auntie Kavitha , Mummy and me , Auntie Nina and Uncle Edwin!
Our Party is a great success . Food was enough and cake had some leftovers. Many people loved our food , cake and decor! hehe! Thanks Mummy!


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